Sauce Secrets

Served hot, cold, doused or drizzled with artistic flair, it’s the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, the finishing touch. 

What are we talking about? Sauce!

Even when served on the side, many would agree that it’s the sauce that makes the meal. 

If it truly completes the dish, shouldn’t it get the royal treatment?

From holding proper temperature and maintaining consistency to creative plating, here are some secrets to maximizing the impact of sauces, both savory and sweet.

Heated to Perfection

The Hatco/Krampouz Electric Sauce Warmer keeps sauces, condiments, and toppings warm and ready for use in commercial kitchens (both back and front of house). Adjustable thermostatic control from 105°F-195°F holds everything from maple syrup to barbecue sauce at the perfect temperature, flavor, and consistency. 

Available in 1, 2, and 3 bottle sizes, each model comes with the appropriate number of 3-valve sauce bottles to protect sauce from contamination and evaporation while making dispensing clean and easy. 

Cool and Refreshing

ColdFest Insulated Rounds and Sauce/Condiment Pumps keep cold or perishable sauces, condiments, and dressings chilled at or below HACCP guidelines of 41°F without ice. 

Crocks have an impact-resistant shell filled with non-toxic refrigerant gel. When frozen overnight, they keep contents cold for up to six hours. 

Top with one of three condiment pump options to smoothly dispense a variety of consistencies: fixed nozzle pump, standard pump, and maxi pump for thicker sauces and condiments.

Speedy Dispensing

TableCraft InvertaTop™ Squeeze Bottles have an easy-clean ValveTop™ that works with fast-flow and slow-flow liquids, sauces, and condiments. Bottles come in 12 and 16-ounce sizes. Each bottle fills from the top and dispenses from the bottom for serving speed and convenience.

TableCraft’s corresponding Squeeze Bottle Templatefits into a third size pan to keep up to six 3” diameter bottles organized and upright.

To top it off, color-coded InvertaTop End Caps help team members identify color-coded sauces at-a-glance for quicker prep.

Creative Plating 

It’s no wonder why an artistic brushstroke of colorful, boldly-flavorful sauce instantly elevates the perception of a meal. Elaborate food presentation has been used as a display of wealth for thousands of years. Mercer Culinary puts the power to impress in your hands with easy-care, commercial grade tools.

Available in a variety of styles, sizes, shapes, and finishes, Mercer Culinary Plating Spoons are refined instruments designed to help you expertly finish your culinary masterpiece. 

The 7-Piece Plating Spoons Set provides all the essential items needed for attractive presentations. Complete with slotted, perforated, spouted, and solid round spoons, this versatile set comes with a heavy-duty roll for easy storage and transport. 

The Mercer 6-piece Silicone Brush Set  is dishwasher safe and features color-coded brush heads and tips for easy identification of brush style. 

Tapered, textured handles provide a sure grip for and comfort for smooth control to show off your artistic flair. 

This 480°F heat-tolerant set also comes with a heavy-duty roll for easy storage and transport.

On the Side

Whether you always serve sauces or dips on the side or only on occasion by request, even a simple sauce, dressing, or condiment can look more refined in a serving piece that reflects your establishment’s style, whether it’s casual or elegant.

TableCraft and BauscherHepp offer dozens of stylish sauce ramekins and cups in a wide variety of durable materials to top off your meal presentation.

For help with all your prep and plating needs, contact us.