Finishing Touches for Back to School ‘23

You’ve been planning and preparing your child nutrition program for the new school year, but do you still feel like you’re missing something?

From durable prep and portioning tools to playful serving and merchandising pieces to transport superstars, these finishing touches can help you dot your i’s and cross your t’s for back to school ’23!

Since there’s no time for students to pick and choose the perfect piece of fruit, the Curved Fruit Basket by TableCraft is the ideal merchandising solution. 

Its fun, vertical design takes up less space and requires the student to pick the first one out by dispensing one piece at a time.

Make quick and clean work out of wrapping fresh fruit with the TableCraft Kenkut 3 Film Dispenser

The Kenkut 3 can hold 12-18″ rolls of film or foil up to 6″ diameter (3,000 ft roll) and features both a slide cutter and metal safety blade, plus non-slip feet, for easy two-handed use. The hygienic patented design is dishwasher safe and complies with HACCP and food code standards.

Perfect for pre-portioned snacks such as trail mix, sliced fruit, and pre-cut veggies, Resealable To-Go Pouches from TableCraft offer a fun and space-saving alternative to plastic or styrofoam cups. 

They’re also easy for students to tuck into their backpacks for snacking when they have time later.

Still looking for quick, safe, and economical ways to merchandise prepackaged, grab ‘n go meals and snacks? The Mobile Flex Station by Cambro makes it possible for a single person to transport a sizeable quantity of prepackaged foods from kitchen to students for a convenient meal or snack anywhere on campus. 

Cambro offers five different pre-packaged Flex Station configurations to make it easy to order, while maximizing capacity and providing the flexibility to adapt to changing needs. Built on a durable, easy to clean, mobile Camshelving Premium Series frame, the Flex Station comes with a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. 

Never leave a scratch or mark with non-abrasive Gray Silicone Utensils from TableCraft! The one-piece construction of these dishwasher safe tools is flexible and strong, odor and stain resistant. 

This line of high heat tools is heat safe up to 400°F and is NSF listed.

Perfect Grip Utensils by TableCraft feature comfortable, ergonomic handles that resist slipping for safe use—even with wet hands. 

The Perfect Grip Line includes 24 dishwasher safe tools, including paring knives, graters, peelers, melon ballers, corers, spatulas, and more. 

Perfect Grip utensils are made of Stainless Steel, provide a hole for hanging, and are NSF listed.

Polycarbonate Portioning Spoons by TableCraft have capacity markings printed clearly on the handle to make it quick and easy for staff to identify the right size for the food product. 

Made of sturdy polycarbonate, these dishwasher safe “spoodles” are heat safe up to 212°F and NSF listed. 

They are available in 7 capacities ranging from 1 to 8 ounces, with a choice of solid or perforated spoon and long or short handle.

Perfect for portion control and ideal for use in a high-volume K-12 environment, Thumb Press Dishers by TableCraft are available in 9 capacities from 0.875 to 5-ounce sizes. 

Each size has a different colored handle for color coding, and the thumb press design ensures quick, complete, and consistent portioning. 

Dishers are made of dishwasher safe 18/8 Stainless Steel with a polyethylene handle.

Need the ideal place to store those essential utensils? 

The Camshelving Pegboard Storage System is the first NSF-listed plastic pegboard for commercial kitchens. 

The system can be used with stationary and mobile Camshelving to store and organize frequently used light duty items such as lids and utensils conveniently and hygienically. 

The ¼” thick plastic pegboard is extremely durable and secure, dent resistant, and impervious to rust and corrosion.

If you ever experience power outages or simply prefer the reliability of a manual can opener, the Edlund Edvantage #1 Manual Can Opener is an essential. 

This innovative model features a 4-sided knife that can be flipped and rotated a half turn (without tools) to ensure a sharp, efficient blade for up to 10,000 openings before it needs replaced. 

A comfortable ergonomic knob and Edvancoat™ technology make it  smooth and comfortable to operate.

TableCraft Plastic Serving Baskets are a classic that kids always love. A fun, yet practical way to serve hand-held and prepackaged foods such as sandwiches, wraps, burritos, and burgers, plastic baskets are dishwasher safe for hygiene. 

Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, they stack for space-saving storage.

Need a reliable way to quickly move a lot of heavy pans from point A to point B? 

The Camshelving GN 1/1 and GN 2/1 Food Pan Trolley is made of composite material that’s stronger than steel yet rust-free for reliable, dent-free performance. 

Wide 3″ rail spacing provides versatility and ease of use, with pan stops at each end of the rails for stability.

A reliable, long-lasting solution for sheet pan transport and holding, the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack from Cambro is made of rust-proof composite material that carries a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. 

This versatile rack supports in-classroom feeding and defrosting, staging, holding, and cooling food products in the kitchen. With heat-resistant rails that can accept a sheet pan straight from a 350°F oven, the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack’s NSF listed components are also easy to clean. 

Available in Full Size, Half Size, or Under-counter models, two caster types, and two rail spacing options (3″ or 1½”), these workhorses hold full size or half size sheet pans or trays. Cambro offers an insulated cover so this versatile rack can also safely transport hot or cold foods during transport. 

Cambro GoBoxes protect food quality and safety while keeping overall carrying weight as light as possible for staff. 

An affordable option to help you support food safety for everything from field trips to meals in the classroom to satellite feeding, expanded polypropylene (EPP) Cam GoBoxes help keep foods at safe temperatures below 41˚F or above 135˚F for over four hours of holding and transport. 

Contact us for personalized support for your school or district. We’re here to help you make the most of your resources and achieve your program’s goals all year long!