Adapting to Virtually Any School Serving Scenario

Did you know that a chameleon can change color 7 times in 2 minutes? Sounds exhausting! 

We know you’re tired of all the constant change, too.

For the past two years, we’ve been working with schools across our region to help them serve meals in the classroomsupport remote learning, and identify equipment and supplies that can adapt to a wide variety of serving models. Much as we wish we weren’t still talking about toggling back-and-forth between on and off-campus serving models at a moment’s notice, the need marches on.

Thankfully, a valuable group of foodservice equipment items have proven they won’t be spending any time sitting idle in storage, regardless of how you’re serving. 

For your precious budget dollars, these are the workhorses you need on your team for sanitation; hot, cold, and shelf stable food holding and transport; electric holding and transport; meal distribution; and grab’n go vending.

Inside, outside, curbside, classroom, cafeteria, and so on, the following equipment items were designed to adapt, much like our friend the chameleon—and you.

For more details, click on the item you’d like to learn more about.


Portable Handwashing Stations

Freestanding Sanitizer Stands

Trash Can Dollies

Passive Insulated Food Transport for Hot or Cold Foods

Insulated Passive Carriers (hard sided)

Insulated Delivery Bags

Lightweight Passive Carriers

Large Insulated Carts 

Electric Hot Food Holding and Transport

Electric Heated Transport Carts

Electric Hot and Cold Holding and Transport

Hot/Cold Insulated Electric Carts

Ambient Transport, Storage, and Organization

Utility Carts

Speed Racks-Composite

Speed Racks-Metal

Mobile Shelving

Meal Distribution and Grab’n Go Vending

Ambient Flex Stations

Hot/Cold/Ambient Systems

Vending Carts

See some ideas that look like a good fit for your school nutrition program? We’re not in the reptile business, but everything else is fair game. Contact us!