Flutes and Coupes: The Shapes of Champagne and Celebration

When you think of champagne, what image comes to mind? A column of fine bubbles racing to the surface of a tall crystal flute? A vintage coupe filled to the rim with fizzy liquid joy?

Just like water, champagne (or sparkling wine) takes the shape of its vessel. It is after all, a celebration in a glass, so the glass had better be exceptional!

Each vessel has a story to tell about its contents, the person drinking from it, and the establishment serving it. And much like the insights we shared in Can a Glass Make Wine Taste Better?, glass design also influences the appearance and flavor of sparkling wines and champagnes.

No one knows how to make the glass rise to the occasion and tell a captivating story like the 25th generation Italian glassmakers at Luigi Bormioli. What story would you like your sparkling wine stemware to tell?

The Something-Amazing-Just-Happened Glass

The Vinea Pinot Nero/Franciacorta Flute (11387/01) pairs sophisticated contours with technical features. 

Tall, yet lightweight and comfortable to hold, it highlights refined bubbles and floral notes of sparkling wines. 

This winning combination of form and function make it a perfect glass for celebrating life’s special moments, both planned and unplanned.

Recommended wines: Sparkling wines such as Champagne

For the modern-minded, the Supremo Champagne Flute’s (11276/01) distinctive and sophisticated bowl shape gives the glass an alternative, contemporary flair that’s edgy, yet elegant. 

It’s extremely light and delicate, with a comfortable grip and a thin, smooth rim.

Recommended wines: Prosecco, Spumante, Champagne

The Everyday Class Glass

The Vinoteque Perlage Flute (09648/06) dazzles with numerous, constant, refined and persistent bubbles that form a crown on the surface. 

An indentation at the base of its bowl is responsible for this bubbly show that culminates in a release of pleasing aromas. 

This showy glass has a way of saying, “I don’t always drink champagne, but I usually do.”

Recommended wines: Prosecco, Spumante, Champagne

The Old Soul Glass

The Vinea Moscato/Spumante Coupe (11899/01) pays homage to a vintage shape—a la Great Gatsby—with the addition of elegantly modern touches. 

The shallow bowl emphasizes perlage (a fancy name for bubbles) while enhancing the aromatic complexity of dessert sparkling wines, bringing out their floral, fruity, pastry, and spicy notes. 

It’s like time travel in a glass!

Recommended wines: Sparkling wines such as Champagne

The Trendsetter and Trailblazer Glass

The Tentazioni Prosecco Tester Flute (12500/01) explores a new design frontier. 

Rounded at the base, it opens into a wide bowl and narrows to direct aromas up its long chimney. 

Elegant and delicate in appearance and to the touch, it displays bubbles, while emphasizing hidden fragrances with unconventional style. 

This one’s a great conversation piece that begs the question, “What are you drinking?”

Recommended wines: Prosecco

How to Keep Glassware Sparkling

If you notice bubbles sticking to the inside of fresh glasses of sparkling wine or champagne, it may be a good time to reassess how they’re washed. Bubbles don’t stick to the glass itself, but they do stick to soil, oil, grease, and detergent residue.

Cambro Camracks’ inside compartments allow water to circulate thoroughly between glasses and help them dry faster, while their closed outer walls keep contaminants out. 

Stack racks on a Camdolly and pop on a Camrack cover, and glassware stays clean and sanitary after washing, no matter where it’s moved or stored. 

This enclosed storage system is especially convenient with champagne glasses since they typically aren’t used as often as other glassware.

The goal is to fit as many glasses as you can in each rack to improve washing efficiency, but give each glass just enough space to prevent breakage during loading, washing, and unloading. 

The easiest way to do that is to contact us when you choose your glassware. We’ll set you up with properly-fitting Cambro Camracks to keep your stemware investment safe, sanitary, and sparkling clean.

Need more information about commercial-grade stemware and glassware options? We can help you find the perfect materials and styles to show off your sparkling wines and impress your guests. Contact us!