In commercial kitchens, shelving is what creates order in a world of chaos. We are dependent on shelving to provide a means to store things and make them convenient and easy to find. Despite its importance, shelving is often an afterthought, and considered one dimensional. Four posts and a few adjustable shelves; just stand it in a corner along the walls, and stack stuff on it. What if we told you shelving can do and be so much more? By utilizing the right accessories it’s possible. Below are accessories you can add to shelving units to make them all they can be.

Pole Clips To maximize shelf space in areas with runs of individual shelving units butted up against each other, pole clips are a great accessory to consider. Pole clips allow the shelves of two individual units to be “clipped” together eliminating two of the four posts. This essentially creates one common shelving unit. The elimination of the two posts adds more usable shelf space and fewer posts to work around.

Casters How often do you clear the inventory off your stationary shelving units to move and clean underneath them? If you are like a lot of folks, not very often. It typically requires two people, heavy lifting and considerable time. Adding casters to shelving units makes this job quicker, simpler and well worth the expense. Casters also give you the ability to easily move and repurpose stationary shelving units. Turn them into  mobile meal delivery pick up stations or front of the house display racks that can be moved and stored in the back after service. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. 

Push Handles A shelving unit can be made mobile by adding casters, but how about making it much easier to push, pull and navigate by adding a handle? Handles can be added to either or both sides of shelving units to make the task of transporting heavy loads across kitchens, hallways or parking lots a manageable endeavor. Consider it a steering wheel for your mobile rack.  

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Desks and Document Trays with Handles We saved our favorite shelving accessory for last, the Desk and Document Tray with Built-in Handle. Although this accessory is not for everyone, it’s one of the most creative and useful accessories that can be attached to a shelving unit. You might be wondering where or how an accessory like this might come in handy? Use it to create a mobile, multi-tier display unit used offsite to display and sell hot or cold food and beverages. The mobile display would be easy to push, even when fully stocked with goods, using the built-in handle. Use the document tray to hold menus and advertisements. Make sales transactions a breeze by using the slanted built-in desk built to accommodate your tablet. Let your creative and entrepreneurial juices flow to come up with more great ideas.  

New Age Industrial is a leading aluminum extruder and fabricator of foodservice equipment in the United States. They design and manufacture lightweight, aluminum products to meet your exact needs. They work with various industries including foodservice, supermarket, and material handling. For more information, feel free to visit our website or contact us today, and our team will help find you the perfect product that fits your needs!



If your foodservice establishment uses or is considering the use of in-house drivers or third-party delivery services for take-out delivery orders, then order pick-up stations can be a real asset. If having customers receive speedy service, the correct items ordered, and the same fresh, tasty food they would receive if dining in, then keep reading. We’ll tell you how to make it happen with an order pick-up station.  

 Increased Efficiency Order pick-up stations that are set up correctly can increase order pick-up efficiency. Using a multi-tiered shelf system with removable label holders helps drivers easily identify and pick out orders. This not only speeds up service and reduces bottlenecks at the station, but it also results in the customer quickly receiving what they ordered at the correct temperature. 

Versatile Order pick-up stations with solid adjustable shelves are versatile and can be arranged to hold various sizes and shapes of packages. They can also accommodate electric heated holding shelves when needed. Add casters to the rack, and it can be easily adjusted and relocated to perform another task or role in your business.  

Space Saving For existing dine-in and take-out operators who are looking to add a driver pick-up meal delivery service, the lack of space in the facility is often an issue. Trying to carve out room in an already crowded space is a real challenge. Order pick-up stations are available in small 30” and 42” footprints. With four adjustable shelves, you have the space to hold enough packages for even your busiest days. These units don’t use front posts, which means you don’t have to work around the posts, allowing more room on the shelves. Also, the height of the rack allows a fourth shelf that is easy to reach. If a 30” footprint is still too wide, custom size aluminum racks can be designed and built to meet your specific requirements – without breaking the bank!  

New Age Industrial is a leading aluminum extruder and fabricator of foodservice equipment in the United States. We design and manufacture lightweight, aluminum products to meet your exact needs. We work with various industries including foodservice, supermarket, and material handling. For more information, feel free to visit our website or contact us today, and our team will help find you the perfect product that fits your needs!


National Restaurant Association Show Product Preview

After three long years, the National Restaurant Association Show is coming back to Chicago on Saturday, May 21! Foodservice equipment and supply companies have been hard at work designing and manufacturing the latest advancements for your kitchen!

Here’s a preview of just a few of the product highlights that will be featured at NRA 2022. We’re sure there will be some exciting surprises, too!

For those of you who plan to travel to the show, we have included all the booth numbers for your reference. All are in the South Hall unless otherwise noted. Please stop in and see us at the following booths or better still, contact us before the show so we can schedule a time to visit your favorite manufacturers with you!

BauscherHepp, Booth #6638 (North Hall)

WMF’s all new Synergy porcelain collection and Style Lights mixed material range combine multi-functionality and superior quality. These lines reflect the latest trends in stylish shapes, colors, materials, and surfaces and are sure to add character and serving flexibility to a wide range of restaurant concepts.

Playground ReNew is made from a mixture of clay and 90% recycled material for eco-conscious chefs.

Bizerba, Booth #5238

With Bizerba Remote Support, available for the entire Bizerba line, you can save time and money, increase your system availability and reduce on-site service calls.

Cambro, Booth #1819

The new Mobile Handwash Station increases hygiene and safety anywhere providing 200, foot pump-activated hand washings per 18-gallon tank. Built-in handle and casters make it easy to maneuver.

The Camshelving® GN 1/1 and GN 2/1 Food Pan Trolley is made of composite material that’s stronger than steel yet rust-free for reliable performance front or back of house. Wide 3″ rail spacing provides versatility and ease of use, with pan stops at each end of the rails for stability.

Pro Cart Ultra Pan Carriers for GN food pans provide energy-efficient hot, cold, or hot and cold holding and transport in a single cart. A non-electric model will also be available for use with hot or cold foods.

Champion, Booth #5007

The new ProFlight 8” touchscreen is a user-friendly control panel that displays temperatures, water levels, pump and heater status, a trouble-shooter/fault indicator, service diagnostic support, and more.

The VWS Vortex Wash System’s patented wash system features jets that deliver powerful streams of water to ensure vigorous tumbling action and agitation to clean heavily soiled ware in a power wash sink system.

Edlund, Booth #4409

Edlund  Bluetooth® Wireless Digital Pizza/Specialty Scales are the first and only pizza/specialty scales utilizing Bluetooth® connectivity, so you can eliminate the cord altogether! The new Bravo!™ BBPZ-20 gives you the choice of a 10” or 12” platform with just two buttons, while the Edvantage® EDPZ-20 provides programmability for different menu items.

Edvantage® Series Meat Grinders by Edlund are high efficiency light and medium duty grinders with a new, modern design. Full exterior-mounted grinding components make for easier cleaning, while a ventilated motor enables longer, cooler operation.

The Edvantage #1 Manual Can Opener makes can opening requirements easier to manage, with a new 4-sided knife, a more comfortable ergonomic knob, plus exclusive Edvancoat™ technology that more than doubles the wear life of the gear.

FWE (Food Warming Equipment Company), Booth #4245

FWE Heated Holding Shelves keep takeout containers, catering boxes, and bagged meals hot, fresh, and safe. Open shelves provide quick and easy access while precise and consistent 175°F heat from radiant elements within the shelves provides uniform warmth for all food and containers.

The Hands-Free Portable Hand Sink HS-24 is made for hot and cold water applications. Its stainless steel cabinet body and locking door house a 5-gallon freshwater tank and a 7-gallon soiled water tank. The included water heater quickly warms water for dispensing when needed. Marine rail, 5” casters, and a 10′ cord and cord wrap make set up easy wherever you need it.

Hatco, Booth #3612

With full-service, portable and self-service models available, Flav-R-Shield Sneeze Guards provide maximum protection, visibility, functionality, and style.

Hatco’s Maskerade™ Undercounter Induction Warmer offers a beautiful, flexible and simple solution for “invisible” hot food holding, with five precise low- to high-power warming levels that suit a wide variety of food types to be held safely and at optimum quality. Warmer can be mounted under a wide variety of countertop materials, including engineered and natural stone.

The PW Plate Warmer holds up to 25 pre-heated serving plates to help extend the holding times of most foods. Doorless, open design allows for easy plate retrieval, loading, and cleaning.

Mercer Culinary, Booth #1657

BPX Butcher sets deliver sharp, precise cuts use after use with high-carbon German steel.

Damascus Knives are beautiful works of art featuring razor sharp super steel with a full tang for balance and rounded spine for comfort.

The Renaissance Cheese Knife line has been expanded with soft and hard cheese knives. Incredibly sharp blades cut smoothly and precisely with high-carbon German cutlery steel, a full tang for balance, and smart design for clean cuts.

OZZI, Booth #4042

New Reusable Cutlery by OZZI is made of 100% recycled material, is dishwasher safe, and pays for itself in two uses.

Sammic, Booth #2880

Compact Vegetable Prep Machine CA-21 provides commercial-grade vegetable prep equipment for smaller kitchens to provide consistent, good production and efficiency in a practical size.

The new “Quick fix” Handle & Bowl Clamp supports the versatile XM-12 Hand Blender on the side of the pot or bowl for easier handling.

TableCraft, Booth #4248

Lunara and Europa Dinnerware are stylish ways to update your presentation with easy care melamine.

Solid and Perforated Portioning Spoons are available in 6 sizes from 2 to 8 ounces. All spoons have color-coded handles that are cool to the touch and labeled with their capacity.

Welbilt, Booth #4023

See the latest from the Welbilt brands in the South Hall, booth #4023. You can also see these two 2022 Kitchen Innovations awardees from Welbilt brands Frymaster and Garland in the Kitchen Innovations Showroom in the South Hall:

The Frymaster FilterQuick® Intuition FQE30U with open-pot design requires 40% less oil to cook as much food as fry pots almost twice its size, while using 10% less energy and producing less waste.

The Garland Xpress Grill with Garland Active Compression provides faster cook times and improved cooking consistency regardless of thickness variations in product going onto the grill.

Wood Stone, Booth #4212

The Bistro Line is a value-priced, compact, but mighty oven that can conveniently fit through a doorway for easy installation.

The Fire Deck Automatic 9660 Oven delivers the firepower and control that Fast Casual Pizza operators need to produce more consistent, quality pizzas per hour with a labor force requiring less training. In addition, our new debris management design virtually eliminates downtime and service calls.

We hope to see you at the show! To schedule a time to visit specific booths or see specific products at the show, contact us.


Tips for Safe Outdoor Serving

Summer is almost here, and demand for all kinds of outdoor dining is ramping up!  Outdoor dining can provide a refreshing change of pace for diners and staff alike, but it also creates a new set of operational considerations.

When resources and facilities aren’t as accessible as they are for indoor dining and events, maintaining safe food temperatures, hygiene, and overall sanitation for outdoor dining takes a little extra planning.

Whether you’re in the restaurant, catering, fair, or festival business or noncommercial foodservice, here are a few ideas to make serving outdoors safer and easier.

Eye-catching Disposable Serving Alternatives

When ware washing isn’t feasible, disposables can save the day, yet they typically fall short when it comes to sophistication and environmental friendliness. With these versatile serving options, there’s no need to choose between single-use convenience and a stylish presentation.

Easily serve a wide variety of tasty finger foods, sides, and snacks with Pine Wood Disposable Serving Boats from TableCraft. These single-use boats offer a fun, appealing, and environmentally-friendly alternative to paper or plastic food trays. 

Available in packs of 50 in 5 sizes with dimensions ranging from 3.375″ x 2.25″ x 1″ to 7.75″ x 3.75″ x 1.75″, use them for fries, chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, and other popular fried favorites, or with cold items such as fresh veggies, fruit, and pasta salad.

Bamboo Plates by TableCraft offer an elegant and eco-friendly alternative to disposables. Available in varying sizes in both round and square in packs of 25, these attractive plates look perfectly at home indoors or out. 

Great for outdoor dining, banquets or buffets, or even grab‘n go and food truck serving, they make clean-up a breeze without compromising on presentation or sustainability.

Keep Hot or Cold Food and Beverages Safe

Direct sunlight, hot air, and high humidity can do a number on a wide variety of food and beverages. And unfortunately, today’s consumers aren’t always as forgiving of the effects of the elements on their food as one might expect. Even if your kitchen is miles away, you can still serve your signature items at the right temperature and just-prepared quality.

Cambro GoBoxes are made of high-tech expanded polypropylene material (EPP) to protect food quality and safety while keeping overall carrying weight as light as possible for staff. 

An affordable option to help you support off-premise and outdoor serving, Cam GoBoxes help keep foods at safe temperatures below 41˚F or above 135˚F for over four hours of holding and transport. 

Use with Camchillers to extend cold holding time even further.

Sturdy, modular Cam GoBox Beverage Holders safely transport and hold hot or cold drinks without spills or temperature loss. 

Interlocking units connect to hold up to 15 drinks in any Full-Size Top Loader GoBox or up to 6 drinks in any Half-Size Top Loader GoBox. 

Durable expanded polypropylene material maintains hot or cold temperatures for 3 hours. 

Tapered compartments fit multiple cup sizes of hot or cold cups from 8 to 32 ounces.

The Ultra Pan Carrier UPC300 by Cambro is the latest generation of a holding, transport, and finishing secret caterers have treasured for decades. 

With a compact footprint and unrivaled durability, this carrier easily fits in most smaller vehicles and requires no electricity to work its magic. Thick, high density insulation safely holds hot or cold foods for 4+ hours to protect food safety and freshness.

For even longer use, especially with frequent opening and closing, try Camchillers or Camwarmers. Molded-in rails securely hold up to three 4” deep full-size GN 1/1 pans, six GN ½ pans, or up to nine GN 1/3 pans. Stacks with Cambro 1318CC, 300MPC and 1318MTC.

For a chance to win $3,000 in Cambro catering products, click here to enter!

Protect Plated Foods from Contamination

Depending upon where you’re serving, open plates of food can be exposed to everything from car exhaust to dust, insects, and people. Traditional metal plate covers work, but they’re noisy and make it impossible to see what you’re serving.

Clear Camwear Plate Covers show off food while protecting it from outside contaminants and minimizing temperature loss. 

These quiet and lightweight covers stack for easy storage and are offered in multiple sizes in clear and three neutral colors.

Provide Convenient Hand Washing

Ideal for any off-premise operations where handwashing is needed for either foodservice staff or guests, the Mobile Handwash Station from Cambro is a truly-portable handwashing unit that requires no plumbing or electrical hookups to operate. 

With a foot pump that activates the flow of water, the Mobile Handwash Station can provide approximately 200 hand washings per tank.

For smaller-scale, portable handwashing solutions from Cambro, click here.

Keep Outdoor Service and Bussing Areas Organized

A wide variety of economical solutions are available to keep outdoor service areas organized with mobile equipment that can handle the elements. To learn more about service carts, portable bars, and organizers that can help you quickly create efficient outdoor service areas, click here:  

Outside is the New Inside: Supporting Efficient Outdoor Dining Service

We’re here to help with all your foodservice equipment and supply needs indoors and out. For solutions tailored to your operation, contact us!


Save Resources and Cut Costs in Your Kitchen

Every day is a good day to find new ways to save money and natural resources in foodservice. Yet, over time, it’s easy to become numb to established processes or long-running equipment that are quietly sapping the budget and working against the environment while they’re at it.

Money wasters are often hidden in plain sight because staff are used to seeing them every day. Our team has visited a LOT of kitchens over the years, and since we’re seeing them with a fresh set of eyes, we notice different things.

Here are just a few of the places we find the repeat offenders and what you can do if you unearth them in your operation.

Where to Look for Savings: Dry and Cold Storage Areas

Does your dry storage area look like the paper products aisle at a grocery store? There’s no denying the convenience of single-use cups, containers, plastic wraps, and foils, but they cost a fortune, especially when you add up the cost of the product itself, the large amount of space it occupies, and how often it needs to be purchased and replenished. On the environmental side, disposables take up massive amounts of landfill space and in the case of styrofoam, can take several decades to decompose.

If you’re using disposable cups
 in the dining room, try Newport or Laguna Tumblers by Cambro. 

They look like clear glass, but they’re made of unbreakable plastic and can be topped with tight-fitting lids, especially great for kids. 

Personalization is also available.

If you’re covering food pans or containers with plastic wrap or foil, try Cambro Food Pans with Reusable Seal Covers

These covers are worth their weight in gold! They’ve been proven to extend shelf life of produce and proteins by up to three days by keeping contaminants out. 

They also have just the right amount of rigidity to support stable, hygienic stacking to make the best use of precious storage space.

If you’re using any type of single-use takeout container, try OZZI O2GO Reusable Takeout Containers

Each of these NSF listed, dishwasher-safe containers can be used a whopping 300 times

The O2GO system makes it easy to transition to a more sustainable packaging alternative that also supports safety protocols and makes a positive financial impact.

This year, OZZI is offering up to a $2,000 bonus in celebration of Earth Day. 

When you order an OZZI System Start-Up Package by April 30, 2022, you will receive an extra 500 Made in the USA O2GO reusable containers ($2,000 value)! When you order the Drop N’ GO Start-Up Package, you will receive an extra 250 O2GO reusables ($1,000 value)! Contact us to learn more.

Where to Look for Savings: The Dish Room

Dish Rooms are notorious for feeling like a rainforest, but some of today’s dish machines have solved that problem. There’s no need for your staff to suffer from excess heat and humidity while you pay for wasted electricity.

If you’re using an older dish machine
 that’s making your warewashing area unbearable and using an excessive amount of electricity, try Champion’s 44-PRO VHR High-Temperature Rack Conveyor Dishmachine. The system captures 100% of the operating exhaust heat and vapor and converts it into useable energy to heat the wash water and assist in heating the fresh rinse water. 

It’s ventless, so it can save several thousand dollars on vent hood purchase and installation on the front end. After that, it keeps on giving by saving up to $3,000 in wash tank and rinse water heating cost annually. It’s no wonder it was awarded a National Restaurant Association Kitchen Innovations (KI) Award in 2016.

If you’re using traditional open outer-walled ware washing racks, try the Camrack System by Cambro. 

Racks with open outer walls leave contents wide open to fingers, germs, dirt, and other contaminants, while Camracks have closed outer walls that keep them out. The inside compartments are open to provide thorough circulation of water and promote quick drying.

When used with a Camrack cover and stacked on a Camdolly, the system is completely enclosed. 

Glassware stays clean and sanitary after washing wherever it’s stored or transported. There’s no need to wrap or rewash racks or worry about cleanliness of glassware that’s left vulnerable to contamination. Thanks to the time and resource savings the Camrack System provides, most operators find that it pays for itself well within a year.

This year marks the Camrack system’s 25th anniversary. The system is used everywhere from small, independent restaurants to some of the largest hotels and convention centers in the world, a testament to its effectiveness and budgetary and environmental value.

Where to Look for Savings: Hot Holding

If you’re electric hot holding equipment is blazing hot on the outside, odds are good it has inadequate insulation, is running too often, and using more energy than it should. FWE offers a broad range of Energy Star® qualified equipment to help you conserve electricity and lower your energy bill. This efficient line is made with high density insulation fully secured inside every side of the cabinet, including the base, to keep heat in and minimize electrical consumption.

In fact, test data has shown that with the same temperature setpoint and the same capacity, FWE’s UHS-12 Universal Heated Holding Cabinet is twice as efficient as a competitor’s model. This added efficiency presents an annual savings of $375 per cabinet.

FWE also recommends planning equipment downtime and turning it off when not in use to conserve energy. 

Keeping up with preventative maintenance and regularly cleaning components that may accumulate buildup (such as gaskets and heating elements) also helps keep energy costs down.

When it comes to saving natural resources and operating costs, these are just a few ideas. For more tips and specialized recommendations for your foodservice operation, contact us.


Small Bites, Flights, and Buffets: The Versatility of Small Servers

Small, individual serving pieces are surprisingly versatile, supporting a wide variety of applications. They can help you make the best use of available labor and enhance safety at the same time.

Whether used for serving side dishes, tasting flights, mix-and-match samplers, or on a buffet, small serving vessels present a wide range of benefits:

Efficient use of labor: Kitchen staff can pre-prep and hold at the appropriate temperature prior to serving.
Portion control and uniformity: No additional measurement is required to ensure consistent presentation and portion size.
Enhanced presentation: The vessel serves as attractive packaging, adding elegance or a fun factor to even simple or monochromatic dishes without the need for advanced plating skills.
Reduced food waste: Smaller portions are more likely to be finished, so less time is spent scrapping and less food goes to waste.
Increased buffet hygiene: Single serve portions can be picked up without serving utensils that have been handled by multiple people.

Versatile Serving Options

Treat your guests with delicious desserts, appetizers, and drinks with break-resistant Mini Dessert Glasses from Cambro. Made with durable Camwear plastic, these 4-ounce glasses replicate the look and clarity of glass without the breakage. A heavy base adds stability during service. Mini glasses can be washed safely in a 49-compartment Camrack (49S318) in any high heat commercial dishwasher, but we’re partial to Champion.

The Touch Free Dining Collection by BauscherHepp enables attractive and hygienic presentation of single servings for buffets, outdoor serving, grab-and-go style dining, and more. 

The base is made of premium German porcelain while a clear, shatterproof cover protects food while showing it off. 
The Touch Free Dining Collection is dishwasher safe and stacks for space-saving storage.

TableCraft’s Mini Roasters serve up a fun and casual presentation for individual soups, mac and cheese, or sides. Small handles can be used to hold utensils and make it easy to transport from kitchen to table without accidentally touching food. 

Made of 200 series Stainless Steel, Mini Roasters hold up to 14 ounces of food, are dishwasher safe, and can withstand temperatures up to 500°F.

If Mini Mason Jar Cocktail Glasses by TableCraft could talk, they would say, “Relax. You’re about to have a great time and enjoy food and drink that will bring you joy.” 
Craft beers, cocktails, salsa, snacks? The possibilities are endless with this dishwasher safe, 4.5 oz crystal-clear glass. 

Glasses are 2.875″ x 2.125″ x 3.25″ and fit TableCraft tasting flight paddles Bamboo FLIGHT1, Acacia FLIGHT2 and Stainless Steel 20002.
TableCraft’s bamboo paddle tasting flight holds mini tasting glasses or ramekins of dipping sauces or condiments. For durability and flexibility, this 17″ x 4″ x .625″ paddle is reversible with four square cut-outs on one side and four circular cut-outs on the other. A slot is built into the handle to conveniently display your flight tasting cards. Hand wash only.

Hot and Cold Display

For hot foods, Hatco’s HBG Portable Rectangular Heated Base Glass Shelf features a heated ceramic glass surface that blends cleanly into your buffet display or serving area. 

This base helps keep hot foods at safe-serving temperatures for short-term food holding. 

Uniform heat across the entire surface ensuring that even multiple single-serve portions are getting the heat they need to stay safe and delicious. It’s made of approved food-safe materials, so it’s safe for direct food contact. Adjustable thermostatic controls allow for easy control of the surface temperature with a range from 100°F-195°F.

For cold foods, TableCraft Cooling Plates keep food chilled for up to 3 hours. This versatile solution is available in three sizes (Half, Half Long, and Full). Use them separately, on stands, or in a cooling base station. 

The 3-Tiered Half Long Cooling Display shown here (#CW40309B) includes three half-size Cooling Plates and Black Powder Coated Stand to save space and improve product visibility. Components are also sold separately.

We can help you find the perfect serving pieces and equipment to match your style and support how you serve. Contact us!


Finding Space for Merchandising Grab and Go

A lot has changed in the last couple of years, but one thing seems to have returned to normal: people are back to being overscheduled. 

Whatever type of foodservice you’re in, you’re feeling it: school lunches crammed into short meal periods; employees of all kinds squeezing in a quick bite between work, meetings, and appointments; parents wedging a frenzied dinner between school, work, and the kids’ practices; and so on.

Grab ‘n go rose to historic popularity at the height of the pandemic for safety reasons, but it’s here to stay for that and so much more. It’s convenient for both time-crunched customers and labor-crunched foodservice operators. Grab ’n Go items are prepped, packaged and merchandised in advance of busy periods for self-service that doesn’t require open tables. This enables back-of-house and front-of-house staff to be assigned tasks that make the best use of their time to generate revenue.

If you’ve been reluctant to offer grab ‘n go due to space or availability of electricity, you may be surprised by new merchandising equipment that can help you overcome those limitations. These flexible options make it easy to work with your existing infrastructure and repurpose underutilized space to increase revenue with grab ‘n go meals and snacks.

Hot Grab ‘n Go Merchandising

Hatco’s Flav-R-Savor® Heated Air Curtain Merchandiser gives customers access to temperature-controlled hot food without having to open doors to get to it. Warm air at the top front of the cabinet is forced downward to form a “curtain” of heated air, some of which is drawn toward the rear of the cabinet. 

This air flow pattern effectively and safely keeps foods at ideal serving temperatures without doors getting in the way of efficient service.

Hold times of a cabinet paired with the accessibility of a merchandiser makes for quicker and more hygienic service of packaged hot grab ‘n go items or unwrapped food products.

What you need:

  • 2 to 3 1/2 feet of counter space that’s at least 28 inches deep
  • 110V outlet

Cold Grab ‘n Go Merchandising

The Reveal Refrigerated Self-service Mobile Case by Structural Concepts is a refrigerated self-service display on casters for flexible merchandising of cold grab ‘n go foods and beverages. 
Features like handrail/bumper, cord management, leveling and locking casters, and evaporator pan splash guard make this a truly mobile merchandiser to help you make the most of available space and traffic flows.

LED top and shelf lights make grab ‘n go items look appealing and easy to identify, while Reveal’s EnergyWise Refrigeration System minimizes energy consumption.

What you need:

  • Floor space that’s 3 to 6 feet wide (3’, 4’, 5’, and 6’ models) and at least 5 feet deep (including space for rear air intake)
  • 54” of vertical space
  • 110V outlet (208-240V for 72” model)
  • Ambient temperature below 80° F

Ambient Merchandising

The Mobile Flex Station by Cambro maximizes use of vertical space and creates instant, flexible merchandising (or storage) wherever you need it. 

With five different pre-packaged configurations, Mobile Flex Stations can be accessorized with Cambro food pans, food boxes, GoBags, and GoBoxes to maximize capacity and meet changing needs. 

Place CP814159 Camchillers in the bottom of food boxes for short-term merchandising of cold foods.

Flex Stations are made of durable Premium Series Camshelving and have a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. 

Locking swivel casters make the cart easy to maneuver where you need it and stay put once it’s there. 

Cambro also offers two signage packages (sold separately) to jazz up this ultra-portable merchandiser,

What you need:

  • Floor space that’s 4 feet wide and 2 feet deep
  • 68”-76” of vertical space, depending on the model

Cold Beverages

The CVC75 Vending Cart  Base Unit by Cambro provides attractive, mobile merchandising for cold beverages with a large open serving well that holds approximately 72, 12-ounce bottles or cans in ice. An in-well drain on both sides and a ball valve drain release underneath the cart provide efficient drainage. If you’d rather not deal with ice, the well also fits 5 full-sized, 6″ deep hotel pans sitting directly on Cambro Buffet Camchillers to help keep beverages (or food) cold.

Three storage compartments on the service side are sized to hold insulated carriers such as Cambro GoBoxes or Ultra Pan Carriers to keep your back stock cold and ready to merchandise. Made of roto-molded polyethylene, this cart is built to last through years of heavy use. 

Cambro also offers a wide variety of design options.

What you need:

  • Floor space that’s 75” wide and 34” deep
  • 39” of vertical space

Protect Packaged Grab’n Go Items Prepared Onsite

StaySafe Tamper Evident Labels by Cambro are easy for your kitchen staff to apply to items prepared and packaged onsite. 

These single-use labels give your customers peace of mind and are perforated to break cleanly upon opening. 

Labels are compatible with clam shell containers, lidded food and beverage containers, aluminum food pans, and pizza boxes.

We can help you make the best of your space to maximize revenue. For recommendations tailored specifically to your foodservice operation, contact us.


Keep Food Hot Without Sacrificing Quality

It’s happened to us all. You were dining out, anywhere from a restaurant or buffet to a catered event, and you ran into a food that was woefully overcooked. Rubbery chicken, gray steaks, biscuits hard as hockey pucks, and mushy foods often trace back to one thing: improper holding.

When managed correctly, hot holding is a powerful tool for foodservice operators. Preparing food ahead of time for serving during busy periods is smart. It makes efficient use of available labor, simplifies workflows, and improves service.

How do you ensure that proper temperature is maintained at all times, food remains safe to eat, and the quality is up to your standards?

How hot is too hot?According to USDA and food safety experts, bacteria multiply the fastest in foods between 40° and 140°F (aka the Danger Zone), doubling in as little as 20 minutes.

For hot foods, a holding temperature range of 150-190°F is a safe bet. It’s hot enough to keep food safely above 140°F, but not so hot that it will continue to cook food and compromise its quality. Temperatures above 190 will likely cook further and impact food quality.

If your holding equipment has a pre-set temperature range, it will likely end up in the middle of that range due to door opening, closing, and recovery. 

If your equipment has a dial to give you more control but specific temperatures aren’t listed, the middle is a good place to start. Then adjust accordingly to get the desired results. 

The FWE temperature dial shown here ranges from a low 90°F for proofing up to a hot holding range between 150 and 190°F that’s highlighted with a red border. 

High density foods such as meats will continue cooking after they are removed from an active heat source as heat from their exterior naturally continues to move to the less-hot interior. The experts at Cambro recommend removing these types of foods from the oven when they’re “a few degrees short of done” to prevent overcooking from carryover cooking during holding. They will finish beautifully in a passive, insulated carrier or cart.

How long is too long?

From a food safety perspective, hot foods can be held above 140°F for quite a while. The quality perspective is quite different, however. Holding two hours or less is typically recommended to maintain quality, although some foods can hold well up to 4 hours.

If you’re not sure about a particular menu item, try taste testing it at hourly intervals of holding to help you set a standard maximum holding time.

What type of equipment produces the best results?

That depends on the food and the application.

Plated Foods

While not technically hot “holding” equipment, these items play an important role in maintaining hot food quality from kitchen to table.

Hatco Decorative Heat Lamps provide radiant heat to briefly hold food warm at kitchen work areas, wait staff pickup stations, or customer serving points. 

Heat lamps are designed specifically for the important job of reducing heat loss between plating and serving, so “briefly” is the key word for this type of product. They also enhance your décor, which is a nice bonus.

Hatco Strip Heaters are easy to install and work well for a kitchen’s back-of-house areas, waitstaff pickup stations, and customer serving counters. Especially good for protecting foods that cool quickly, these infrared heaters keep hot food hot with radiant heat from above to provide a warm landing area for plated food. 

Temperatures between 140-160°F slow the natural cooling process and hold food at optimal temperatures for longer but without continuing the cooking process.

Menu Item Holding

The Hatco HDW-B Built-In Warming Drawer keeps a variety of foods hot and fresh for serving. 

Ideal for keeping rolls, tortilla chips, or proteins like fried chicken at the correct temperature and ready to serve, each warming drawer has a food pan, a recessed individual thermostatic control, temperature monitor, adjustable vent slides, and its own power switch. 

Warming drawers are also available in free-standing models.

The MercoMax™Visual Holding Cabinet takes the worry out of maintaining food quality while holding a wide range of foods safely for serving during busy periods. 

User-friendly touchscreen makes it easy to program pre-set temperatures and maximum holding times for each food. Employees can easily operate the cabinet with the touch of a pre-programmed button.

Heated airflow cascades over food to maintain an optimal holding environment and consistent food temperatures. 

Use with or without integrated tray seals to maintain desired humidity. 

When food has reached its maximum holding time and is no longer suitable for serving, audible and visual alarms inform the crew it’s time to remove any remaining product.

Bulk Food Holding

FWE offers full-sized hot holding cabinets for a wide variety of applications from short term staging to prolonged holding periods while maintaining “just-cooked” quality.  Models vary to accommodate the type of storage vessels used such as hotel (steam table) pans, sheet pans, baskets, pizza boxes, plates, and more. Every cabinet FWE makes includes a full range actual temperature thermostat, to give you full control over your product.

The FWE Universal Heated Holding Cabinet model UHS-12 is equipped with the patented Humi-Temp heat and humidity system to keep food fresh and hot for hours. With this system, humidity can be added to condition circulated heat. Hot, moist air gently circulates throughout the interior of the cabinet for consistent temperatures.

This versatile cabinet holds 18” x 26” sheet pans or GN food pans on fully adjustable tray slides. Controls are up-front, easy to read and set, and include a full-range thermostat that continuously reads cabinet temperature – even without a power source.

No place to plug in? No problem! The insulated, non-electric Cambro Pro Cart Ultra Tall safely holds 18” x 26” sheet pans or GN food pans for up to 4 hours. 

Its two compartments are separated by thick insulation, so it can be used for hot or cold foods or both. 

Hot foods can be held in the top compartment while cold foods are held in the lower compartment. This rugged non-electric cart is also great for safely transporting food.

For frequent opening and/or holding over 4 hours, electric Cambro insulated carts are also available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

We can help you use hot holding to your advantage to optimize labor, improve service, and maintain excellent food quality.

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Make Your Breakfast Menu the Talk of the Town

There are so many reasons to go out for breakfast or brunch, especially now…catching up with a friend, birthdays, meetings, wedding showers, after church, or just because.

Breakfast basics like bacon, eggs, pancakes, and toast are all important menu foundations, but what does it take to be the breakfast spot that everyone is talking about?

Here are a few ideas to differentiate your menu with specialties most customers can’t make at home and will love showing off on social media.

Serve the Unexpected

Waffles are so wonderful. A rich and fluffy inside surrounded by crispy, golden brown valleys flowing with delicious butter, syrup, or warm fruit compote can tempt even the savory breakfast crowd. 

Topped with decadent nuts, berries, whipped cream, and powdered sugar, they’re a sweet breakfast lover’s dream.

Why not treat your waffle aficionados to an unexpected and whimsical waffle experience with bubble waffles?

The Hatco/Krampouz KWM18-BU Electric Bubble Waffle Maker is the perfect tool to expand your menu with bubble waffles for breakfast or rolled into a cone and topped with a variety of toppings for dessert or savory wraps. 

With precise temperature control adjustable from 120°F to 570°F and even heat distribution for consistent cooking and browning, your waffles will turn out golden and gorgeous every time. The Easy Clean System allows for instant removal of the waffle plates making for quick and hassle-free clean-up.

Add International Flair

As the story goes, the crepe was invented by accident in 13th century Brittany, France, when a home cook spilled some porridge onto a flat, hot cooktop. Not wanting it to go to waste, after the porridge was cooked through, she ate it and found it to be quite delicious!

After 1,000 years of experimentation, these versatile, ultra-thin pancakes can be made with readily-available kitchen staples and filled with everything from sweet custards, nut butters, and berries to savory ingredients like mushrooms, herbs, cheese, eggs, seafood, and chicken.

The Hatco/Krampouz KCME Electric Crepe Maker provides the ideal cooking surface to create consistently-perfect, quality crepes. 

Coiled and insulated heating elements create the all-important, even heat distribution across the surface of the plate needed for consistent cooking. An adjustable thermostatic control with a temperature range of 120°F to 570°F gives you the flexibility to cook batters of varying consistencies and ingredients.

Make Sauces Work to Your Advantage

Cold syrup or sauce can bring down hot food temperature in a hurry, and breakfast items are already notorious for losing heat in record time. Heating sauce prior to topping or serving contributes to better serving temperature, food quality, and the overall dining experience.

The Hatco/Krampouz KSW Electric Sauce Warmer keeps bottles of sauces and hot toppings toasty warm and ready for use. Offered in 1, 2, and 3 bottle sizes, each sauce warmer comes with a matching number of 3-valve sauce bottles. Bottles protect sauce from contamination and evaporation while making dispensing clean and easy. 

Adjustable thermostatic control from 105°F-195°F holds syrups and a variety of sweet and savory sauces at the ideal temperature, flavor, and consistency.

Cook Every Menu Item to Perfection

Offering a diverse breakfast menu doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or invest in multiple pieces of cooking equipment. The Wood Stone Plancha Griddle gives you the power to support the breadth of your menu and do more in less space with adjustable temperatures from 150°- 650° F (Gas models) and 300°- 700° F (Electric model). 

This high performance alternative to both a standard flat top griddle and a gas charbroiler was designed to support a range of cooking temperatures at the same time. 

With thermostatically controlled and individually adjustable zones, this Plancha Griddle can cook delicate food at a low temperature in one zone while searing in another. Steak and eggs, anyone?

Pour on the Premium Coffees

The last two years have increased home-based coffee drinking by necessity. Those who enjoy specialty coffees, but don’t have the equipment to make their favorite latte, espresso, or cappuccino at home, are ready to treat themselves. 

The fact that specialty coffees can yield 10-15% higher profits than a regular cup of coffee due to their higher price tag and only a slightly higher cost of goods makes them worth considering.

The Crem Unity1 is a fully automatic coffee machine that creates barista-quality, specialty coffees at the push of a button. With minimal training, your staff will be able to offer a variety of pre-programmed coffee favorites to every guest, any time of day. Watch a demonstration here.

Elevate the Presentation

Set an elegant, inviting spread at breakfast or any time with the Create Noble China Collection by Bauscher. This white dinnerware collection combines traditional and modern design with delicate embossing along the rim of its coupe plates, platters, and bowls. From breakfast to dinner and dessert, this versatile look makes every menu item look special. It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe.

We’re to help you differentiate your breakfast offering and increase profitability in the process. 

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Are your warewashing racks helping or hurting your business?

Poor warewashing racks. They have a dirty job, and they’re not very exciting.

It’s easy for them to be an afterthought borne out of necessity. 

But those boring warewashing racks may actually be causing trouble in your kitchen, the kind of excitement you don’t want…

Here’s a short “quiz” to see if your warewashing racks are secretly hurting your business:

  1. Do your staff wrap racks in plastic or vinyl covers?
  2. Do staff need to polish or re-wash glasses before use?
  3. Have any of your employees gotten cut by a broken glass in a rack?
  4. Is it difficult to take accurate inventory of glassware?
  5. Do you replace glassware more often than you think you should?
  6. Has a customer or health inspector ever complained about glassware cleanliness or where it was stored?

If you said “yes” to any of the above questions, read on to see how the right warewashing racks can help your business in unexpected ways.

From neighborhood bars and restaurants to large hotels and convention centers, Camracks have been saving businesses time and money for 25 years. Here’s how they can help you.

Wash Thoroughly, Transport and Store Safely

Cambro Camracks’ open inside compartments help water circulate thoroughly between glasses for efficient and effective washing. 

Closed outer walls are part of a smart system that keeps contaminants out of racks during storage and transport. 

Just stack racks on a Camdolly and place a Camrack cover on top. 

Now you have a mobile and sanitary storage “closet” that protects glassware from outside contaminants, wherever you need to move or store them.

Reduce Labor Costs

In order to keep washed glassware clean when not in use, traditional racks with open exterior walls need to be covered in vinyl or wrapped in plastic film. This process can be time consuming and wasteful. 

On the other hand, glassware in unprotected traditional racks will need extra attention before it can be safely used again. It may need to be rewashed or polished which uses expensive labor that may already be in short supply.

Camracks eliminate the extra steps. Just take off the cover, and the pre-washed glassware is ready for use.

Reduce Glassware Breakage and Replacement Cost

Since water comes from the top and bottom of the rack in the dish machine, open sides don’t serve any real purpose. 

All they do is provide lots of places for fingers to get in to pick up the rack. Not only do all those openings let fingers, insects, germs, and a host of contaminants in, but they also increase the risk of employees cutting themselves on broken glass. 

Camracks have smooth, rounded handles on all four sides for safe and comfortable carrying. Closed walls keep fingers outside the rack and away from clean glassware.

Correct rack compartment sizing also extends the life of glassware. 

The goal is to fit as many glasses as you can in each rack to improve washing efficiency, but give each glass just enough space to prevent breakage during loading, washing, and unloading. We’re happy to help measure your glassware to make sure you have the right-sized racks to protect it.

Know What You Have and Where to Find It

No one has time to look for the right type of glasses. 
Cambro offers Camracks with 10 different base colors for color coding by contents or location. 
Camrack Extender ID Clips help staff identify contents at a glance. Each clip includes black text and corresponding symbol on a white background. 

Available in 34 pre-printed options including popular glass styles like beer, pilsner, red wine, shot glass, margarita, and hurricane, along with many others, these convenient plastic clips make inventory management a snap.

Racks for Every Ware

Cambro offers a broad selection of Camracks for flatware, plates, bowls, pots, pans, and oversized items such as trays, cutting boards, bun pans, and Camshelving shelf plates.

We’ve proudly recommended Camracks since their introduction in 1997, and congratulate Cambro for 25 years of helping foodservice operators save time and money with the Camrack line. 

To read the Cambro blog celebrating 25 years of Camracks and the valuable benefits of this 4-in-1 system, click here.

We can help you reduce costs and save time with the right racks for all your warewashing needs. 

We can also help you make sure your warewashing system is set up for maximum hygiene and efficiency with everything from Hatco Booster Water Heaters to ventless Champion Dish Machines.

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