Why Choose Aluminum Foodservice Equipment?

Did you know that aluminum was once worth more than gold? It’s the most abundant metal on Earth, but early on in its history, it was difficult and expensive to extract from ore, refine, and process.

Lucky for us, 19th century physicists, chemists, and engineers paved the way for efficient processes that led to the development of the strong, lightweight, noncorrosive, recyclable material we know—and depend on more than we realize—today.

This rare combination of properties makes aluminum a natural fit for foodservice equipment, and New Age Industrial has got it down to a science!

1. It’s lightweight and easy to push.

Aluminum weighs 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter, which is less than half the weight of iron, (7.8 grams per cubic centimeter). 

New Age Industrial Utility CartsDolliesPlatform TrucksMixer and Slicer Stands and Dollies help your team transport heavy loads without adding to them.

2. It’s versatile.

An important advantage of aluminum is its ease of formability. An interesting aspect compared to competing materials is the availability of extruded, open and closed profiles, with intricate shapes, in different wall thicknesses. 

New Age specializes in outfitting foodservice operations with equipment designed to meet even the most unique needs. 

School Merchandising and Share Carts are great examples of simple solutions to address new and changing needs. 

Learn more about New Age Industrial’s custom solutions capabilities here.

3. It’s cost effective and recyclable.

Life cycle cost analysis of equipment is more important than ever. New Age Industrial products carry a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion as well as a 5-year guarantee against material and workmanship defects. 

In addition, aluminum can be recycled again and again, saving about 95% of the energy required for primary production.

Aluminum New Age Sheet PanSteam Table, and Pizza Pan Racks are just a few ways to improve efficiency and capacity in your operation while staying on-budget.

4. It’s durable.

Aluminum resists rust and corrosion. No galvanizing coating or painting is required unlike other materials. 

It is not weakened or embrittled by heat, cold, or ultraviolet radiation in sunlight.

New Age FIFO #10 Can RacksKeg CarriersCantilever Shelving, and Wall Shelves are built tough and hygienic.

If you’ve got tough transport and storage demands, and you’re looking to make the most of your space, labor, and budget, contact us to learn more about aluminum equipment solutions from New Age Industrial.