Is Autonomous Retail Merchandising the Answer?

If you’re in hospitality or noncommercial foodservice, the idea of expanding fresh food offerings, adding service locations, and increasing revenues without adding staff may sound like a pie-in-the-sky fantasy. 

With autonomous retail merchandising, what once seemed impossible is now a piece of cake!

The term “autonomous” may sound high tech and intimidating, but don’t let the big word scare you. Autonomous retail merchandising is simply self-serve merchandising that requires no staffing to complete food and beverage purchase transactions any time of day. 

The Elevate Refrigerated Autonomous Retail Merchandiser from Structural Concepts is the only refrigerated display case to offer a complete, smart solution for autonomous shopping that will offset labor challenges, streamline inventory management, and deliver a quick ROI for increased profitability, even in remote locations. Thanks to built-in security features and an integrated POS system, no cashier or attendant is needed with Elevate ARM.

With the capacity to hold up to 39% more food, Elevate is designed to generate twice the recurring profits of leading competitive models. Its clear, LED-lit case attractively merchandises prepackaged food and beverage selections in a refrigerated environment that’s safe and secure.

How does the Elevate Refrigerated Autonomous Retail Merchandiser work?

  1. The consumer approaches the Autonomous Retail Merchandiser and presents a payment method (badge, ID, app, or credit/debit card) to the integrated, user-friendly POS ordering tablet.
  2. Once the payment method is authorized (typically a $10-$35 hold that can be adjusted by the operator), the door unlocks, and the consumer is free to take the item(s) they desire off the shelves.
  3. When satisfied with their selections, the consumer closes the door, and the door instantly locks.
  4. Load cell shelf sensors identify each of the customer’s selections by pre-programmed weight and price to calculate the final, total purchase price.
  5. The consumer can either tap the “Pay” button on the tablet screen to see the final transaction amount, or they can just walk away and the final transaction amount will automatically be processed once the door is closed. 

To see the Elevate Autonomous Refrigerated Retail Merchandiser in action, click here

Is it truly secure?

  • Security is fully integrated with an electronic locking door and built-in camera monitoring.
  • The consumer must present payment and receive a pre-authorization (with a $10-$35 hold) before the electronic door will unlock.
  • Each item removed is charged to the consumer unless it is replaced before closing door.
  • The door is self-closing in the event it’s left open.

What about food safety?

  • Reliable R290 self-contained refrigeration maintains an average product temperature of 40°F or less.
  • The system sends operator alerts on dated product and can automatically set up discounts for aging goods so you can sell more and waste less.
  • Operator can remotely monitor equipment performance.

How easy is it to keep stocked?

  • The entire system is Cloud-Based with alerts preprogrammed to notify the operator in the quickest way possible.
  • Restocking is as easy as replacing sold goods on the shelf without the need for an external app or computer.
  • Real-time inventory allows the operator to deploy what each machine needs.
  • Shelving is removable and adjustable on 1” center to accommodate a wide variety of product offerings.

Is it compatible with POS systems?

  • Elevate’s out-of-the-box solution is capable of integrating with multiple payment methods.
  • It also integrates with meal plans.

Since 1972, Structural Concepts has set the standard for the most innovative, turnkey refrigerated and heated food display solutions in the market. Elevate Autonomous Retail Merchandisers are built with that same proven reliability and are available in multiple exterior colors and finishes to blend in with most retail formats and décor. They can also be scaled with individual or multiple units to accommodate any size of operation.

To learn more about how autonomous retail merchandising can help your foodservice operation expand service and increase profitability contact us