6 Tricks to Beat Summer Heat in Your Operation

There’s so much to love about summer, but too much heat can put a damper on any foodservice operation. It’s been a while since we’ve used the word “unprecedented,” but since this summer’s record-breaking heat fits the bill, we’re bringing it back.

It’s hot, and it’s going to continue to be hot, for several more weeks. What can you do to help your team—and your customers—keep their cool? From simple fixes to new, higher-tech solutions, here are a few ideas

1.     Keep ice water close-at-hand.

Hydration is the most fundamental and simple, yet often forgotten rule of summer. Providing easily accessible hydration for both employees and customers, indoors and out, makes everyone more comfortable, safer, and shows your business cares.

The Ultra Camtainer by Cambro is a heavy duty, insulated beverage server perfect for keeping cold beverages cold and refreshing for hours, even outdoors. 

This impact resistant carrier is dishwasher safe and features a dripless recessed faucet that evenly dispenses in two pouring positions. Available in a variety of colors and three capacities: 2.75, 5.25, and 10.5 gallons.

Everything from plain ice water to colorful punch and fruit infusions look tempting in the clear glass Beehive Collection beverage dispenser by TableCraft.

Durable and easy to hand wash clean, this 2½ gallon dispenser is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, while bringing character and charm to your drink station. It even comes with a chrome plated faucet and a chalkboard necklace for labeling your drinks. 

To see TableCraft’s full line of cold beverage dispensers, click here.

Make cold water refills conveniently self-serve right at the table with the TableCraft 36 ounce Resealable Water Server

The clear construction and elegant shape add style to the table while saving servers the steps and time it takes to keep water glasses topped off. A resealable top keeps contents protected. Made of dishwasher safe polycarbonate plastic.

2.     Bring on the ice.

Summer temps melt ice and warm drinks in a flash, so additional, hygienic ice storage and transport comes in handy. 

All-weather SlidingLid™ Ice Caddies by Cambro are made of a rugged, rotomolded shell filled with thick CFC-free foam insulation that can literally hold ice for days! The lid slides back and under for both convenience and hygiene during use, while a recessed well and drain shelf keeps ice out of water to minimize melting. 

Caddies come in tall and undercounter heights and in capacities from 100 to 200 pounds.

Help your guests enjoy every sip of chilled bottles of wine and champagne with the 2¾ Quart Plastic Wine Bucket by TableCraft. 

The clear design will add style to your drink presentation and improve satisfaction of guests who invest in an entire bottle. Made of dishwasher safe SAN plastic.

3.     Outfit the team with cooler culinary apparel.

Designed for today’s hard working kitchen crew, the Mercer Culinary Millennia Air Unisex Short Sleeve Cook Jacket integrates modern fabrics into traditional style for durability, comfort, and value. 

Cool, comfortable, and machine washable with 100% cotton front and moisture wicking polyester mesh back, the Millennia Air cook jacket is  available in black, red, and white in sizes XS to 5X.

Metro Edge Work Shirts add casual style and comfort for your work crew, front of house or in the kitchen. 

Cool, comfortable, and machine washable with 65/35 poly cotton poplin front and moisture wicking mesh back, Metro Edge work shirts are available in black, white, navy blue, and gray in sizes XS to 5X.

4.     Recycle heat from warewashing.

Most of the heat and moisture from the average commercial dish machine escapes through the vent hood, but some also finds its way into the dish room, wasting energy and making it hot, humid, and uncomfortable for employees. 

Champion’s DH6000 Ventless Hood-type Dishwashing Machine recoups 100% of the operating exhaust heat and vapor and converts it into useable energy. The “recycled” energy heats the wash water and assists in heating the fresh rinse water. 

This ventless ENERGY STAR certified model makes the working environment much more comfortable for employees, while reducing installation and ongoing operating costs.

5.     Add blended and iced drinks to your menu.

Fresh Blends by Multiplex prepares fresh, delicious, made to order cold beverages through a user-friendly system that’s easy to install and maintain. 

With a footprint of just 20″ x 38¾“, one machine can make eight types of freshly blended and iced drinks in up to 600 possible combinations. All drinks are made with natural fruit purees and dairy bases, with no artificial sweeteners. 

To watch a short demo video, click here.

6.     Generate less heat from cooking.

This may sound impossible, but it’s not. Induction ranges use an electromagnetic field to heat only induction-compatible cookware and its contents, but not the cooking surface itself. In other words, no additional heat from the cook surface outside the pan escapes into the air as it does with gas and electric cooking.

Hatco’s Rapide Cuisine® Countertop High-Powered/Heavy-Duty Induction Ranges provides industry-leading features and true back-of-house power in a commercial kitchen-proof package with a heavy gauge stainless steel housing, side impact protection, and a scratch-hiding cooktop surface. Its Magnetic Power System delivers the highest power in its class for commercial foodservice. 

Pan Sense Technology activates the unit only when an induction-compatible pan is placed on top.

Tuxsteel Pro Cookware is an induction-ready steel collection for back-of-house or front-of-house cooking. Hollow handles provide a heat-dissipating, wide comfort grip. 

The collection includes 4 frypan sizes, from 7″ to 12,” in natural or with Duratux Nonstick Coating; 4 saucepan sizes, from 3 to 7 quart; 2 brazier pot sizes: 15 and 20 quart; 2 sauce pot sizes: 16 and 22 quart; and 2 stock pot sizes: 11 and 18 quart. Matching steel lids are available separately.

For more ideas and help matching the right solutions to the unique needs of your operation this summer and all year long, contact us.