Time-Saving Essentials for School Foodservice

This one is for our school lunch heroes! Last school year, you proved that you could tackle anything. You are AMAZING and will forever have our gratitude and admiration! If you missed our School Lunch Hero Day salute to you, click here.

This Back to School season, especially if you’re working with a smaller or newer team, these equipment solutions from leading school foodservice equipment manufacturers can help put time on your side. Better still, each is accompanied by a valuable offer. 

From special pricing, FREE freight, to FREE goods and proprietary recipes, now is a great time to take advantage of special offers on these time-saving essentials for your kitchen:

Time Saver: A Large-Volume Food Processor

Large-volume hand cutting, slicing, and dicing is time-consuming, tiring, and requires knife skills. Sammic CA-31 / CA-3V Vegetable Preparation Machine models perform each cutting operation in a single movement, achieving maximum production in a short time without user fatigue. The intuitive control panel provides needed information at a glance, while the head and cover can be easily removed without tools for easy cleaning and exchanging slicing discs and dicing grids.

Money Saver: FREE Shipping on a Sammic School Foodservice Processor Package

Sammic is offering FREE SHIPPING on a food processor package created just for schools. Package includes the CA-31 Food Processor, Trolley Stand, and an SCH disc pack for slicing, dicing, julienning, and grating cheese, fries, veggies, and more. 

Please note that you’ll need to act quickly on this one if you’re interested: offer is valid from May 4 to July 30, 2021.

Time Saver: Combi Ovens

Up to 40% faster than convection ovens, Convotherm combi ovens save up to 3 labor hours per day with a fully-automated self-cleaning function and no need to slack frozen food prior to cooking. This flexible oven enables you to steam, roast, bake, and oven-fry—all at once if you need to!  

Crispy, oven-fried products drive student participation while being healthier and holding longer than deep-fried products due to the lack of added fats.

Convotherm comes equipped with a proprietary cookbook that includes over 200 popular K-12 menu items. Just save your menu items in the Favorites section to guarantee that even unskilled labor will produce perfect results!

Money Saver: Save on Convotherm 4 Combi Oven Packages  

Choose from 10 complete packages which include 1 or 2 Convotherm 4 combi-ovens, stand or stacking kit, popular accessories, the proprietary Convotherm Schools cookbook, and a 3 year parts and labor warranty. Visit for details.

Packages are specially priced for this promotion through December 31, 2021. 

Time Saver: Bulk Food Holding

From serving wells to facilitate feeding programs anywhere, humidified heated holding to keep food hot and fresh, rethermalization cabinets for high volume feeding, or versatile heated bulk food cabinets built for transport, FWE will help you support any serving model and optimize your staff’s time, all while helping you serve your students quality meals.

Money Saver: Save on FWE Holding Cabinets

FWE invites you to Spring into School Savings with a School Foodservice Special Offer with special pricing and free freight on 4 different series of models (over 25 models and hundreds of configurations in all). Click here to learn more about FWE’s products and view the available current promotional solutions for your operation.

This offer is valid from April 1 to September 30, 2021.

Time-Saver: A Conveniently Located Tool or Supply Center

Keep frequently used items organized and close at hand with Mobile Flex Stations by Cambro. These portable stations maximize use of vertical space and create instant, flexible storage wherever you need it.

Easy to assemble, clean, and adjust to operational changes and serving models, Flex Stations can be outfitted with Cambro food pans, food boxes, GoBags®, and GoBoxes® to maximize capacity while keeping frequently used items such as prep tools and utensils, consumables, and condiments at close reach. They can also be adapted for use as a classroom meal delivery cart or curbside pickup station if needed.

Made of durable Premium Series Camshelving®, Flex Stations have a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. Shelf plates are embedded with antimicrobial Camguard and can be quickly sanitized in a commercial dishwasher.

Money Saver: FREE Cam GoBox with Purchase of a Camshelving Flex Station

Buy a Camshelving Flex Station and get your choice of a free Cam GoBox for milk or for holding one full-sized 8″ deep food pan. Visit for full details and offer redemption form.

This special offer is valid from April 15 to July 30, 2021, so contact us asap if you’re interested.

These are just a few of the many ways to help your team save time so they can spend it where it matters most. For help working through your school foodservice operation’s unique challenges, contact us.  


Reimagining the Buffet for Adaptable Service

The buffet is an American institution. We didn’t invent it, but we love the freedom of choice and portion size—and of course, going back for seconds at no additional charge. The events of the last year stopped buffets in their tray-railed tracks, leaving many of us wondering if they would ever come back.

Things are looking up! Now that re-opening is well underway, buffets are also on the rebound. And if they have to evolve to survive, they will. After all, one of the greatest lessons we’ve all learned from this era of uncertainty is how to quickly adapt when the situation changes on a dime.

If you’re planning to re-open your buffet, transitional serving tools and equipment are the ticket to easing back into self-service while being prepared to expect the unexpected. Here are a few that look great and can be used in different ways under varied circumstances, making them well worth their weight in gold.

Serving Well Converters

Hatco Heated Well Cover.jpg

Hatco’s Heated Well Cover makes hot food bars more versatile by converting Hatco Drop-In Heated Wells into heated shelves. The cover creates a heated space to hold pre-packaged, pre-heated foods at safe-serving temperatures for self-serve purposes.

Multi-position Sneeze Guards

Delfield ShelleySteel w FlexiShield.png

Since how you serve today may change in the future, the 3-position Delfield FlexiShield, part of Delfield’s Shelleysteel serving system, easily moves from a self-serve position to a full-serve position without the use of tools.

Made to protect food without getting in the way, the primarily glass design provides an unobstructed view of food while keeping it safe.

Cold Merchandisers

TableCraft Cooling Plates and Display.jpg

TableCraft Cooling Plates keep food chilled for up to 3 hours. This versatile solution is available in three sizes (Half, Half Long, and Full). Use them separately, on stands, or in a cooling base station. The 3-Tiered Half Long Cooling Display (#CW40309B) includes three half-size Cooling Plates and Black Powder Coated Stand. Components are also sold separately.

Covered Cold Beverage Decanters

Camliter w Seal Cover WW500135.jpg

Shatter-proof Camliter Beverage Decanters are a great solution for offering pre-portioned beverages such as juice, iced tea, and milk on the buffet when self-serve dispensing isn’t feasible. Offered by Cambro in 8, 16, 33, and 50 ounce sizes, each decanter comes with a snap-tight flat lid to guard against spills and contamination. An optional pour spout lid for the two largest sizes helps protect contents from contamination while allowing free pour—perfect for providing ice water for each table.

Action Station Shields

Freestanding TableCraft Action Station Shields, available in single and double sizes, create a safe barrier between staff and customers while showcasing the food. Set up with any locally-mandated precautions in place, a shielded buffet attended by a server provides a safer alternative to self-service.

TableCraft Action Station Shield.png

Hand Sanitation Stands

Freestanding hand sanitizer stands can be placed at the buffet entrance and any other location with high touch surfaces to support hygiene and help put customers at ease. This heavy duty aluminum floor stand and hand sanitizer dispenser by NewAge Industrial holds sanitizer at a convenient height without taking up valuable counter or wall space. Base is also offered in an optional black powder coated finish.

Antimicrobial Utensils

TC Antimicrobial Tongs.jpg

Although vigilant hand hygiene and utensil cleaning practices are always a must, TableCraft antimicrobial tongs and utensils are valuable tools to have as an added layer of protection for both self-serve and attended buffets. Handles provide built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection against contamination from human contact and food residues. Microban is safe for food contact, will not wash or wear away from use or cleaning, and is proven to keep serving utensils cleaner between washings.

Individual Covered Servers

Bauscher TouchFree Dining.jpg

BauscherHepp created the Touch Free Dining Collection to enable attractive and hygienic presentation of single servings for buffets as well as in-room and grab-and-go style dining. This new line includes premium German porcelain with a clear, shatterproof cover to merchandise signature menu items. A sustainable, practical solution for hygienic presentation of an endless variety of menu items, the Touch Free Dining Collection is dishwasher safe and stacks for space-saving storage.

TableCraft Die Cast Cocottes make for a charming dining experience. These die cast single servers are ideal for appetizers, sides, soups, and desserts. Accompanying lids keep foods safely covered and add a little flair to your presentation, whether offered on the buffet or delivered to your patrons’ tables. These easy-to-clean, 8 ounce capacity servers are available in round, oval, and square shapes in three jewel-tone colors.

TableCraft Die Cast Cocottes.png

If you’re ready to reinvent your buffet and bring loyal customers back to their happy place, we’re here to help. Contact us.


Stop Summer Heat from Endangering Food

Hot weather has officially arrived! Great for summer fun, but not so great for summer food.

Fried Egg on Pavement.jpg

Naturally, foodborne illness occurs most in the summer when outdoor dining and events are in full swing, and cold, refreshing foods are a menu staple. We all know about the importance of safe holding temperatures any time of year, but after months of cooler weather, most of us could use a refresher on how quickly hot summer weather can make good food turn bad.

According to the USDA, bacteria grow fastest at temperatures from 90 to 110°F which makes summer weather the perfect breeding ground for food poisoning. recommends no longer than a 1-hour period of food sitting outside without an active cold source. That hour goes fast.

How can you make sure the food you serve is kept safe at all times? An active cold source, whether electric or nonelectric, is a best practice to follow every step of the way, starting at receiving.

Refrigerate right away.

Process food deliveries as quickly as possible, transporting cold, perishable products from receiving to your walk-in or reach-in cooler within one hour.

Service Cart Pro for Receiving.jpg

Make sure your walk-in is serviced and in tip-top shape for summer and keep the area around evaporators clear to prevent obstruction and ensure proper airflow throughout the cooler. To prevent downtime, spoilage, or both, contact your service agent right away if you notice any temperature inconsistencies, ice build-up, or other concerns. See Is Your Walk-in Haunted? for more on this topic.

Delfield’s Coolscapes with GreenGenius line provides reach-in refrigeration options that increase the capacity and workflow of your kitchen, putting fresh foods right where they’re needed while keeping them safely out of dangerous heat. Coolscapes reach-in’s offer exclusive features like full integral door length handles, self-closing doors up to 90˚, LED interior light, easy-to-read electronic display, and the GreenGenius reach-in refrigeration system that helps preserve the environment, save energy, and decrease utility costs.

Delfield GBF2P.png

To help you configure your reach-in to fit your space and operational needs, Delfield offers a variety of sizes designed to maximize storage space while minimizing footprint.

Keep it chilled on the go.

FWE URS-10.png

Mobile commercial refrigeration units are the perfect solution for holding cold foods and transporting from central kitchens or commissaries, an application that puts too much stress on stationary or reach-in models with casters not designed for transport. FWE refrigerated transport cabinets are built tough to easily handle the demands of transport, making them ideal for satellite operations, on-site catered events, and backup cold holding for buffets and cafeterias. With excellent “pull-down” times that are required to reach safe operating conditions, they feature extra insulation to hold cold temperatures and protect perishables wherever they travel, from hot kitchen to transport vehicle to serving location.

Non-electric Cambro insulated transporters help maintain safe temperatures for at least four hours, whether for cold food or hot food. This versatility makes them a valuable investment year-round. To ensure maximum temperature retention, make sure gaskets, latches, hinges, door pins, and venting caps are clean, in place, and in good working condition. Pre-chilling transporters before loading is recommended for best results and to extend cold holding time.

CamCarrier 1318CC Cropped.jpg

Commercial grade re-usable chiller plates like the Cambro Camchiller provide an extra line of defense against cold loss. The Camchiller can be used to pre-chill Cambro carriers or carts before loading, maximize cold food holding by using with chilled food, and minimize temperature gain when door is opened and closed.

CP1220159 Camchiller.jpg

Prior to use, freeze the Camchiller flat for 8 hours. To pre-chill a carrier or cart, slide a frozen Camchiller (or a full-sized, uncovered pan of ice water) onto the top rails and close the door for 15-30 minutes. If you use the Chiller during transport and holding, be sure to move it down to the lowest open rail as pans are removed to minimize open space and maximize performance.

Lastly, if you have the space in your walk-in, it’s also effective to pre-chill transporters in your walk-in overnight with doors open or lids off.

Serve safely.

Coldfest Pans and Crock.jpg

ColdFest Pans are ideal for use in Versa Salad Bars and buffets, or to help keep condiments and creamers chilled on service counters or outdoor events. ColdFest pans and crocks have an impact-resistant shell filled with non-toxic refrigerant gel to help keep cold foods cold. Prior to use, freeze ColdFest upside down overnight and fill with pre-chilled foods to keep contents cold for hours. Clear, flat covers are available to help prevent cross contamination while keeping contents visible and accessible.

Buffet Camchillers can be used in a variety of serving applications to support cold food temperatures. This ingenious device can be flipped one direction to act as both a chiller and a riser for a 2″ deep food pan so it’s level with the rail or flipped the other direction to snugly hold a 4″ deep food pan, all without the hassle or mess of ice. Like other Camchillers, freeze Buffet Camchillers overnight prior to use.

Cambro Buffet Chiller CPB1220159.jpg

This summer is coming in hot, and it’s not letting up any time soon. Whether you’re dealing with urgent operational needs to keep cold food safe, or you’re planning ahead for fall and back to school (more important than ever this year), help is just a click away. Contact us.


Catering 2021 Style: Wedding Reception Trends to Embrace

Outdoor Reception.jpg

After a year that postponed countless weddings, testing many marriages before they even began, weddings are finally back. Hooray!

We looked to the experts at Catersource and Brides to get their take on catering and wedding trends nationwide as we all adapt to this new era. Traditions thankfully live on, but some of them look a little different, at least for now.

According to the Catersource Wedding Forecast 2021 by Kathleen Stoehr and Brides’  50+ Pandemic Wedding Trends That Are Here to Stay for Good by Colleen Sullivan, the following are just a few of the pandemic trends that have emerged and are expected to continue:

  • Smaller guest lists
  • Elegantly plated and coursed meals with a higher cost per guest
  • Greater formality with a focus on the guest experience
  • Increase in outdoor venues
  • Commitment to pandemic-era safety practices
Mercer plating brush in action.png

Engaged couples will be looking for a caterer who can help them pull off a dream reception that is both safe and unforgettable for themselves and their cherished guests. Do you have all the tools you need to unleash your creative genius and keep the party going?

Creative Plating

With more elaborate, plated meal service, beautiful presentation is an essential. Mercer Culinary has developed a wide range of plating tools that will inspire you to create and impress your guests with a dining experience for all the senses. Brushes, wedges, tongs, and spoons can be used separately or together to create a limitless array of designs. With a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes—sold separately or in complete sets—these refined instruments are designed to help you expertly finish your own masterpiece.

The Mercer Culinary 8-piece Plating Set provides all the essential items needed for attractive presentations and comes with a heavy-duty roll for easy storage and transport. 

Mercer 8 piece plating set.jpg

The Mercer Culinary 6-piece Silicone Brush Set is dishwasher safe and features color-coded brush heads and tips for easy identification of brush style. Tapered, textured handles provide a sure grip for and comfort for smooth control to show off your artistic flair. This 480°F heat-tolerant set also comes with a heavy-duty roll for easy storage and transport.

Mercer 6 piece silicone brush set.jpg

Then show off that gorgeous presentation with a clear plate cover. No-hole Camcovers shield meals completely to help maintain safe temperatures and reduce contamination risk. Clear covers not only showcase your elegant presentation, but they also stack securely and provide a quieter meal service than traditional metal, with no polishing required. Safe for high heat commercial dishwashers, Camcovers® can be completely sanitized between events.


Looking for an elegant alternative to a traditional buffet? Appetizers, cake slices, sushi, and individual charcuterie boxes are just a small sampling of ideas to serve guests safely with Touch Free Dining from BauscherHepp. A sustainable, practical solution for a hygienic presentation of an endless variety of menu items, this new line includes premium German porcelain from Bauscher with a clear, shatterproof cover that shows off your creations.

BauscherHepp Touch Free Dining.jpg

Attended Buffet and Action Stations

Set up with any locally-mandated precautions in place, action stations remain a popular way to safely entertain and serve guests. For clients who prefer buffet-style dining, a shielded buffet attended by a server provides a safer alternative to self-service.  Freestanding TableCraft Action Station Shields, available in single and double sizes, create a safe barrier between staff and guests while showcasing the culinary team and their creations.

TableCraft Action Station Shield.png

Bar Service

Outdoor celebrations call for portable bars that can handle the elements while still looking elegant. Attractive, easy to work, and easy-to-clean CamBars from Cambro come in three sizes for professional bar service indoors or out. Large Bar 730 is ideal for ballrooms and reception halls, midsize Bar 650 fits into standard hotel elevators for property-wide use, while smaller Bar 540 is ultra-portable for transporting between events at different locations.  Available in a wide variety of colors, designer options, and equipment packages.

Cambro Chicago Cambar.jpg

As a caterer, you’re an expert at fulfilling unusual requests and meeting lofty demands. We’re right there with you! From fine china to prep and plating tools to insulated bulk food holding equipment and beyond, our team has decades of experience equipping caterers to help make their clients’ dreams come true. Contact us.


School’s In! FREE Virtual School Nutrition Conference

Congratulations to all our friends in school nutrition! You made it through a school year that can’t even be put into words. You’ve given so much of yourself, now it’s time to get something back!

As a way of saying thank you for everything you’ve given your students and community, Cambro has put together a special free, virtual event just for you. School’s In! is kicking off on June 16, at 8 AM. Chock-full of entertaining and expert speakers, it’s an event you won’t want to miss.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you’ll want to take advantage of this opportunity:

  1. Get to experience Maureen G. Mulvaney’s keynote Let’s Create the New Normal. Maureen, also known as MGM, is the #1 rated school nutrition speaker, a top-rated motivational speaker, and best-selling author! Click here to learn more about Maureen and why you won’t want to miss her fun and inspiring presentation.
  2. Learn from industry experts about topics that impact your job success like communicating with your school’s community via social media, increasing student participation, specifying and purchasing equipment, allergen safety, and so much more.
  3. Registration automatically enters you to win $3,000 worth of Cambro products for your school’s nutrition program.
  4. All registered attendees will receive a commemorative School’s In! hat and t-shirt.
  5. All of this entertainment, education, souvenir hat and t-shirt, and a chance to win $3,000 worth of Cambro products is absolutely FREE!

Ready to sit back for a couple hours, celebrate your successes, and get inspired?

Register today at


Protecting Your Fresh Food Investment from Farm to Table

Consumers ate a LOT of frozen food in 2020. According to Supermarket News, frozen food sales in 2020 were up 21% in dollars and 13.3% in units over 2019. Packaged food sales also got a big boost (up to 87.5% the week of March 15, 2020) as fresh food supply chains felt the strain of the pandemic.

Now that we’re on the other side, we’ve gained a whole new appreciation of fresh food and connection to our local communities, which sets the table for farm-to-fork concepts to thrive like never before. Whether you feature just a few farm-to-table menu items or an entire menu that is locally sourced, consumers are hungry for fresh, nutritious, flavorful food that helps support the local economy.

Unlike foods that are picked before they are ripe so they can travel up to thousands of miles before consumption, locally grown produce is picked at its peak ripeness. This practice ensures the most flavorful and nutritious product, which is a good thing, but it can impact shelf life.

Here are a few ways to keep local produce fresh and protect your valuable investment.

Weed out “Bad Apples” at the Point of Receiving

Can one bad apple truly spoil the bunch? Yes! The riper fruit gets, the more ethylene gas it produces. The ethylene gas from a single bad piece of fruit causes other nearby produce to ripen and rot faster, putting the entire carton at risk of quickly going bad.

To safeguard against overripe produce sneaking in under the cover of cardboard, transfer food from original cartons to clear food storage boxes in the receiving area. Cambro Camwear Food Storage Boxes placed on Dunnage Racks hold food safely 12″ above the ground which also makes unloading and loading more comfortable for employees.

A convenient way to physically sort through newly received product to ensure acceptable quality and condition while rejecting the occasional “bad apple”, this practice is also a good way to keep pests and dirt from finding their way into your kitchen. 

To ensure that food that goes in first gets used first and lot numbers are properly recorded, dissolvable food rotation labels such as Cambro’s StoreSafe Labels make it easier to consistently serve the freshest food while reducing waste. StoreSafe labels completely dissolve in the dishwasher or after 30 seconds under running water, leaving no residue behind.

Food Storage Box w Fruit and SS Label.jpg

Sharp Ideas for Longer Shelf Life

The benefits of a sharp blade go far beyond quicker and easier slicing and dicing. Brace yourself for a little science here. Dull blades have been proven to put more stress on the food at a cellular level, causing electrolyte leakage and increased ethylene production, both of which have a negative impact on texture, color, flavor, and nutritional value. In other words, dull cutting blades lead to shorter shelf life. Click here to see the full report from the study published in the Journal of Food Science.


Sharp, quality knives are vital to prolonging the shelf life of fresh foods and color-coding for safety is a big plus. Valuable components of any HACCP food safety system that are easy for employees to use, the Millennia series by Mercer Culinary are essential prep tools with color-coded handles for dedicated use applications such as produce, poultry, or meats, to reduce risk of cross-contamination.

A reliable knife sharpener can help keep knives working and looking as if they were brand new. Edlund’s Model 401 Electric Knife Sharpener re-creates a factory fresh knife and maintains the integrity of the entire edge, tip to handle, restoring the blade each time it’s sharpened. A precision guidance system helps maintain a perfect edge to sharpen knives from 3 ⁄16″ to cleaver blades and scalloped-edge bread knives.

Edlund 401_Electric_Knife_Sharpener-387x464.jpg

And most importantly, sharp knives require equally sharp attention to safety. Support kitchen safety while cutting fresh foods with Board Buddyz™, the non-skid cutting board solution recently introduced by Mercer Culinary. These handy gadgets are made of dishwasher safe, non-skid silicone and come in three color-coded sizes to keep cutting boards securely in place during cutting to reduce knife hazards.

Mercer Board Buddyz.jpg

Mercer Millenia Colors Cut Gloves offer an additional layer of cutting safety for kitchen staff. The Level A4 Cut Glove is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene knit to provide ANSI level A4 cut protection. Heavier-duty cut gloves are also available. All styles are machine washable and made of FDA approved material for food contact.

Mercer Green A4 Cut Glove.jpg

Keep Out Natural Enemies During Storage

Oxygen, moisture, and enzymes are natural enemies of fresh foods, causing them to degrade more quickly, especially once they’ve been cut. The trick to prolonging a fresh appearance and flavor while maximizing shelf life is to control the food’s environment as much as possible to keep these destructive forces of nature out.

Clear or translucent food storage containers and lids serve the important job of making contents visible. When it’s easy to see what’s inside, how much there is, and what shape it’s in, exposure of contents to air, moisture, and potential contaminants is reduced. The Seal Cover for Cambro food pans is made of translucent polypropylene, so it provides content visibility, a tight seal, and a stable stacking platform all at the same time.

Cambro Seal Covers Translucent Pans.jpg

Durable enough for years of use, the Cambro Seal Cover will be around far longer and cost far less over time than disposable foils and films. It’s also been laboratory tested to provide 2-3 extra days of shelf life of produce and proteins, which helps you take advantage of a bumper crop while protecting your inventory until it can be served. Seal Covers for Camsquares and Rounds will produce the same results of extended shelf life, stacking capability and most importantly, protection against cross-contamination.

Farm Fresh Presentation

Now it’s time to show off the fruits of your labor. TableCraft’s Enamelware Collection™ complements farm-to-table fare perfectly, adding a finishing touch of wholesome authenticity. Creamy white dinnerware and serving pieces with a black rim are made of durable porcelain enamel coating on steel.  

Enamelware TableCraft.png

Whether you’re looking to appeal to health-conscious customers, reduce your carbon footprint, serve authentic, regional cuisine, or all of the above, the farm-to-table model is a gift that keeps on giving within the community. We’d love to help you get started or build on your existing farm-to-table concept. Contact us.


Generating Additional Revenue with Grab-and-Go

Now more than ever, busy consumers have a lot of catching up to do. With things to do, places to be, and people to see, they want and need the convenience of grab-and-go menu options.

No matter what type of foodservice operation you run—convenience store, grocery, restaurant, K-12 school, university, healthcare facility, employee feeding, military installation, correctional facility, and beyond—grab-and-go menus present valuable business benefits that optimize staff and maximize revenue:

  • Food is pre-prepped, pre-portioned, and pre-packaged during off-peak hours
  • No plating, serving, or bussing
  • Staff and tables are freed up for on-premise dining
  • Expedites service with minimal interaction
  • Provides convenient options for customers when the kitchen is closed
  • Increases total sales

What should you look for when setting up your grab-and-go operation? Here are some key things to consider followed by a few of our favorite cold, hot, and mobile merchandising recommendations for grab-and-go:

  • Appealing display that will attract customer attention
  • Keeps items orderly and presentable
  • Easy to re-stock
  • Supports proper food temperatures
  • Mobile if needed

Cold Food Grab-and-go Merchandising

Open-front display cases provide quick and easy access to fresh, refrigerated food without the hassle of doors. Structural Concepts’ energy efficient, American-made model lineup includes air screen units with a built-in look, free-standing models, islands, end caps, and under-counter units.

Easy to stock, these units keep a large volume of cold grab-and-go options visible, organized, and safely chilled below 40°F.

Hot Food Grab-and-go Merchandising

Heated holding shelves instantly adapt traditional foodservice settings into a modern grab-and-go market. Shelves are open, providing quick and easy access to pre-packaged pastas, bowls, and other hot meals or sides.

Delivering precise and consistent heat from the radiant elements, FWE Heated Holding Shelves preheat to a factory preset of 175° F in under 15 minutes to provide uniform warmth for all food and containers. With brackets on the wall-facing side of the shelves, shelves remain safe and securely fastened to the wall.

Have an existing buffet? For a quick transformation, turn existing heated wells into grab-and-go shelves by adding Hatco heated well covers (here’s how!).

Hatco’s Modular/Ganged Heated Well Cover converts heated wells and into heated shelves creating a heated space to hold pre-packaged, pre-heated foods at safe serving temperatures for self-serve grab-and-go.

The Hatco Flav-R 2-Go Locker System can help you safely handle third-party delivery and to-go orders by simultaneously holding multiple hot or ambient to-go food orders with quick and secure, contactless access.

Each locker features a timer to safely hold hot, packaged foods for up to 45 minutes at 150ºF. Heat can also be turned off in individual lockers for ambient holding. Customers can arrive, access their specific locker, grab their meal, and go.

Mobile Vending

Designed for mobility and high capacity with spacious compartments for insulated carriers and supplies, the Cambro Vending Cart CVC75 has everything you need to transport and serve grab-and-go items indoors or out.Each cart comes standard with your choice of an eye-catching vinyl wrap or personalized with your own artwork for a nominal, one-time design fee. Large open serving well fits 5 full-sized, 6″ deep hotel pans of hot or cold menu items.

Grab-and-Go Security

Tamper evident labels reinforce your commitment to safety and give your customers peace of mind. Designed for kitchen staff to apply and for customers to remove, single-use StaySafe Tamper Evident Labels by Cambro are perforated to break upon opening, ensuring at-a-glance confidence. Labels are compatible with clam shell containers, lidded food and beverage containers, aluminum food pans, and pizza boxes.

Whether grab-and-go service is at the heart of your business model, a supplemental revenue stream, or started as an emergency measure, it’s here to stay, and we’re here to help you make it a profitable revenue stream. Contact us.


Summer ’21 Money-saving Promo’s for School Foodservice

Summer ‘21 Money-saving Promos for School Foodservice

Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on prepping for your summer program or planning ahead for Back to School, we want to help you stretch your budget as far as possible. Here are some valuable offers from leading school foodservice equipment manufacturers offering all kinds of savings from special pricing, FREE freight, to FREE goods and proprietary recipes:

FREE Cam GoBox with Purchase of a Camshelving Flex Station

Buy a Camshelving Flex Station and get your choice of a free Cam GoBox for milk or for holding one full-sized 8″ deep food pan. Camshelving Flex Stations are perfect for grab-n-go, breakfast in the classroom, staging for off-site delivery, and much more.

This special offer is valid from April 15 to July 15, 2021. Visit for full details and offer redemption form.

Special Pricing, 3-year Warranty, and FREE School Cookbook on Convotherm Packages

Choose from 10 complete packages which include 1 or 2 Convotherm 4 combi-ovens, stand or stacking kit, popular accessories, the proprietary Convotherm Schools cookbook with over 200 menu profiles, and a 3 year parts and labor warranty. Packages are specially priced for this promotion through December 31, 2021. Visit for details.

Free Freight and Special Pricing on Select FWE Equipment

FWE invites you to Spring into School Savings with a School Foodservice Special Offer that covers special pricing and free freight on 4 different series of models (over 25 models and hundreds of configurations in all). From serving wells to facilitate feeding programs anywhere, humidified heated holding to keep food hot and fresh, rethermalization cabinets for high volume feeding, or versatile heated bulk food cabinets built for transport, FWE has your back with their new special offers. This offer is valid from April 1 to September 30, 2021.

CLICK HERE to learn more about FWE’s products and view the available current promotional solutions for your operation.

Free Shipping on Sammic School Foodservice Processor Package

Sammic is offering FREE SHIPPING on a food processor package created just for schools. Package includes the CA-31 Food Processor, Trolley Stand, and an SCH disc pack for slicing, dicing, julienning, and grating cheese, fries, veggies, and more. This offer is valid from May 4, 2021 to July 30, 2021.

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5 Sustainability Initiatives That Cut Foodservice Operating Expenses

It’s Earth Week! This is the time of year when the world turns its attention to conserving natural resources to protect our planet. We all want to do our part, but environmental- sustainability initiatives aren’t always as economically sustainable as we would like.

We’ve hand-picked 5 sustainability initiatives that actually reduce operating expenses year-round once they’re implemented. Curious? Read on…

Use Less Water

Traditional open-walled ware washing racks leave contents open to germs, dirt, and other contaminants, so they are often wrapped in plastic film between uses or rewashed before use to be safe.

Camracks have open inside compartments to provide thorough circulation of water and promote quick drying, while closed outer walls keep fingers, germs, and other contaminants out. When used with a Camrack cover and stacked on a Camdolly, the system is completely enclosed, so glassware stays clean and sanitary after washing no matter where it’s stored or transported—with no wrapping or rewashing! 

The Bottom Line

If you currently wrap your glass racks, the Camrack system will save you on disposable film and labor. If you re-wash, you’ll reap savings on labor, water, electricity, and chemicals. Either way, most operators find that the system pays for itself well within a year.

Prevent Food Waste

According to a University of Arizona study prior to the pandemic, 4-10% of food purchased by full-service American restaurants—an estimated 49 million pounds per day—was getting thrown out. Much of that was due to premature spoilage.

A Cambro Seal Cover on a coordinating food pan extends shelf life 2-3 days on average by keeping out air, moisture, and other contaminants that cause food to spoil more quickly.

The Bottom Line

If 33% of your costs is food—and anywhere between 4 and 10% of that food is ending up in the trash or compost bin due to premature spoilage —1 to 3% of your total budget is being wasted. Proper storage can help add 1 to 3% back to the bottom line.

Reduce Trash


Single-use takeout container consumption has skyrocketed over the past year. Styrofoam containers can take decades to degrade in a landfill, if ever, while compostable fiber trays that end up in a landfill may never properly decompose due to the lack of light and oxygen needed to support the biodegradation process.

OZZI© O2GO is a system that eliminates traditional disposable takeout containers with reusable containers that are made with FDA-approved material, NSF listed, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe for hundreds of uses. The O2GO system can support safety protocols and make a positive financial and environmental impact wherever disposable containers are being used: restaurants (for takeout, delivery, and “doggie bag” applications), schools for in-classroom or hybrid feeding programs, university takeout and delivery, correctional facilities, employee feeding, and more.

The Bottom Line

The University of Wisconsin-Madison implemented the O2GO system, conducted an in-depth study, and concluded that each O2GO container saves up to $88.40 in disposables. Single-use containers also take up a significant amount of trash space causing high waste disposal costs which can be avoided by using reusable containers.

Use Less Oil

Historically, serving fried, bone-in chicken of consistently high quality has required a LOT of fresh oil. Created for the unique challenges of cooking high volumes of fresh-breaded, heavy sediment, bone-in chicken products, Frymaster’s FQE30U electric fryers employ a unique automatic filtration system. The sloped-bottom fry pot has multiple oil-return ports that are sequentially controlled to funnel high pressure oil spray throughout the fry pot for effective washdown without clogging.

The Bottom Line

The Frymaster FQE30U with open-pot design requires 40% less oil to cook as much food as fry pots almost twice its size, while using 10% less energy and producing less waste. Frymaster’s ESG35T is a 35-lb. High-Efficiency Value Gas Fryer that has the same cooking capacity as a 45-lb fryer, saving 10 lbs. of oil every time the fry pot is filled. These Frymaster models are ENERGY STAR® certified fryers, so rebates may be available in some areas. Check the ENERGY STAR® Rebate Finder to see offers in your area.

Lower Energy Consumption


Looking for ENERGY STAR® certified kitchen equipment is always a good idea. Old equipment is notorious for “guzzling” gas, electricity, and water. Replacing it with newer, efficient equipment can be the ticket to substantially lowering your utility costs. offers the following advice for foodservice operators, “When replacing old appliances, or buying new ones, look beyond the sticker price. Ongoing costs of utilities and maintenance greatly outweigh the initial purchase price of a piece of equipment. Buying and installing equipment that has earned the ENERGY STAR® could trim thousands of dollars from your annual utility bills.”

For more tips, check out the ENERGY STAR® Guide for Cafes, Restaurants, and Institutional Kitchens.

The Bottom Line

Champion brought home a National Restaurant Association Kitchen Innovations (KI) Award for the Ventless Rack Conveyor Dishmachine in 2016. The system is designed to capture 100% of the operating exhaust heat and vapor, converting it into useable energy to heat the wash water and assist in heating the fresh rinse water. The Ventless Rack Conveyor allows operators to save up to $3,000 in wash tank and rinse water heating cost annually. It also saves foodservice operators as much as $7,500 on the capital investment of purchase and installing a vent hood.

We are proud to represent a portfolio of equipment manufacturers of a broad range of resource-saving equipment and supplies, with too many solutions to list in a single article. In fact, Welbilt, parent company of leading brands, Convotherm, Delfield, and Cleveland, to name a few, was just awarded the 2021 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year—Sustained Excellence from the EPA and Department of Energy, for the 12th year in a row.

We can help you implement sustainability initiatives that benefit both the planet and your profits. Contact us!