Winning Takeout Strategies

Football season is well underway, but it’s not too late to score additional revenue. Think of it as halftime, the perfect time huddle and storm back onto the field to take the “W”. The takeout trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down either, so between individual, family, and large group meals to go, opportunity is everywhere.

With labor as tight as it is, everyone is feeling the strain, so patience seems to be yet another product in short supply. If you can support your great food with solid service, you’ve got a winning combination that will keep your fans coming back and likely even earn you some new ones.

Here’s a look at the latest products and ideas that streamline workflows while strengthening your takeout game.

Smart Safety Plays

Create an Insulated Tailgate Pack by loading an insulated Cam GoBox EPP160 or EPP180 with disposable pans of hot meats and sides on the bottom and rolls; napkins; and disposable plates, serving utensils, and cutlery on top. 

The GoBox holds everything in one lightweight and easy-to-carry box, while helping cut down on disposable packaging and protecting food safety. 

Charge a deposit for the GoBox that can be refunded when it’s returned or retained if it’s not.

StaySafe Tamper Evident Labels are an effective tamper prevention solution that is quick and easy. Compatible with clam shell containers, lidded food and beverage containers, aluminum food pans, and pizza boxes, StaySafe labels are made to be applied by staff and removed by customers.

These single-use labels are perforated to break upon opening and reassure customers that their food has not been touched during transit. The StaySafe adhesive sticks to most container surfaces without unsanitary residue, including Cam GoBoxes.

A Clear Path for Cocktails to Go

Beer and football go together like salt and pepper, but according to Drinks International, in 2020, spirits consumption rose by 4.6% while “unflavored” domestic beers dropped by a surprising 4.4% amid an expanding field of players. Perhaps this is a passing trend, but demand for cocktails is at an all-time high, so why not take advantage of it?

Pack up popular cocktails to-go with TableCraft’s new Plastic Beverage Pouches. Each translucent polyethylene pouch opens at the base to stand up for quick and stable filling. Once emptied, they flatten back out for disposal or recycling. Tablecraft also offers a wide selection of biodegradable paper straws with fun designs to add a little extra flair to both cocktails and mocktails.

A Winning Strategy for Organizing Takeout Supplies

Want your takeout operation to run like a well-oiled machine? Organization is the ticket. 

The Camshelving Flex Station keeps takeout supplies organized and close-at-hand in a small footprint that takes full advantage of available vertical space.

The Flex Station gets its name from its ability to be tailored to specific operational needs. Each Flex Station is built on a Camshelving Premium Series frame. From there, combine divider bars, food pans, food boxes, and solid shelf plates to keep delivery bags, to-go packaging, and condiments tidy and within reach.

For additional, easy-access storage for small items such as condiment packets, napkins, straws, and utensils, place organizer bins on a counter or shelf or wall mount to save counter space.

Defense Against Temperature Loss

FWE Heated Holding Shelves keep takeout containers, catering boxes, and bagged meals hot, fresh, and safe. These easy to operate shelving units heat up faster than heated cabinets, reaching 175°F in less than 15 minutes. Open shelves provide quick and easy access while precise and consistent heat from radiant elements within the shelves provides uniform warmth for all food and containers.

The Hatco Flav-R 2-Go Locker System can help you manage third-party delivery and takeout orders by simultaneously holding multiple hot or ambient orders with contactless access that’s quick and secure.

Each locker has a built-in timer to safely hold hot, packaged foods for up to 45 minutes at 150ºF. For ambient holding, heat can be turned off in individual lockers as needed.

Countertop, Built-in, and Floor Mount models are offered in two depths with either one-sided or pass-through access and a wide selection of colors making it easy to customize the system to fit with your existing point of sale area layout and traffic flow. Manual operation comes standard. POS integration capabilities are also available.

Ready to kick-off a more aggressive takeout program? Consider us an extension of your team. Contact us!


Outside is the New Inside: Supporting Efficient Outdoor Dining Service

From creating outdoor dining spaces everywhere from courtyards, patios, balconies, and sidewalks to unconventional spots like alleys, streets, parking spaces and parking lots, our industry has found ingenious ways to adapt to the operational challenges brought about by the pandemic.

While many months have passed and seasons have changed, the need and demand for outdoor dining endures. 

But with continued staffing challenges and distance from the kitchen to outdoor dining areas, how do you keep staff from getting overwhelmed and service from suffering?

With help from our partners at Cambro and TableCraft, we’ve compiled some valuable ideas that can help make the most of your team’s time and support the level of service your customers expect and you strive to provide.

Efficient and Sanitary Outdoor Bussing

A basic bussing station gives staff easy access to frequently used items. Here’s how to make one with Cambro equipment pieces you may already have on hand:

  • Versa Organizer Bins neatly organize condiments, seasoning packets, coffee creamers, and such.
  • A Service Cart Pro outfitted withlarge or small bins that attach below the handles provides sanitary and convenient waste disposal. Heavy duty casters maneuver well on rough surfaces between outdoor spaces, kitchen, and warewashing area.
  • The KD Utility Cart, now made with antimicrobial handles, can be used with an accessory shelf panel kit to enclose three sides of the cart to conceal soiled items such as filled bus tubs or protect clean items such as napkins and cutlery.

At-the-Ready Tools for Table Service

Save steps and time by configuring a modular, mobile table service station to give servers convenient access to everything they need without running back and forth to the kitchen. With all components on casters, it’s easy to roll them inside after-hours or in inclement weather.

  • Covered pitchers protect beverages from airborne particles and insects.
  • Camtainer Insulated Beverage Servers keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold without electricity.
  • Cam GoBox with Dolly holds hot or cold foods; perfect for supporting safe serving temperatures of frequently-requested items such as lemon slices, salsa, and butter and perishable condiments such as mayonnaise. Also ideal for hot items such as fresh bread, tortilla chips, or barbecue sauce.
  • Camracks keep clean glassware close at hand while keeping it sanitary and protected from outside contaminants.

Speedy Bar and Beverage Service

Prompt beverage service sets the stage for a positive dining experience. Having a beverage station closer to the point of service shortens service time and limits the steps servers take while carrying beverages, which reduces the chance of spills and the hazards that come with them.

  • Start with a portable CamBar for a polished looking, yet affordable and functional beverage service area. The service side of the bar provides a convenient workspace, speed rail for bottle storage, and open shelves for Camrack glass racks and other important supplies.
  • Aliso Barware replicates the look and feel of glass in shatterproof Camwear. The Aliso collection includes wine, martini, and goblet styles along with mugs and pilsners for beer and cider.
  • Camtread Trays have a durable, non-slip surface for more secure drink service, indoors or out.
  • The Cambro SlidingLid Ice Caddy holds ice for a remarkable 6+ hours thanks to incredibly thick insulation and a rugged, all-weather exterior. 

Stylish and Practical Serving Solutions

The Lunara Collection 
by TableCraft keeps the “wow” factor in your outdoor dining with the look of hand-thrown stoneware, but with the durability and practicality of dishwasher safe melamine. This distinctive collection includes a variety of sizes of lightweight plates and bowls with an irregular rim shape, a matte finish with copper flecks, and a textured pattern to perfectly resemble authentic ceramic serving pieces.

TableCraft Simple Service Bowls with Inserts and Lids are a versatile serving set for outdoor dining. A white melamine outer bowl come complete with a clear acrylic lid and three 10½ ounce inserts that are perfect for shareables. Each individual piece is dishwasher safe and stacks upon itself for convenient storage. 

This is just a sampling of ideas. Each outdoor dining space and style is unique, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to talk about the specific needs of your operation. 


Three Servings of Good News for School Foodservice

You serve up smiles every day, so it’s your turn to get some news that’s sunny side up!

Read on to discover three things that have the potential to make your job easier, feed your mind and refresh your spirit, and give your budget a boost.

1. Disposable compartment tray alternatives are available!

Having a tough time sourcing disposable compartment trays or clamshell containers?

The CDC and state health departments recommended disposable food containers earlier in the pandemic, which created extraordinary demand for them across foodservice. Supplies are running low around the country and packaging waste is at an all-time high, but thankfully safety guidance is changing due to new findings.

In Arkansas, for example, the Food Service and School Meals section of the Arkansas Department of Education’s guidelines on COVID-19 published for the 2021-2022 school year states, “Given the very low risk of transmission from surfaces and shared objects, there is no need to limit food service approaches to single-use items and packaged meals.”

If you have access to a commercial dishwasher, re-usable, NSF listed options that you can wash and sanitize are more readily available, cost-effective, and sustainable than disposables.

Reusable Compartment Trays

Colorful, durable, and kid-friendly Cambro 5 and 6 compartment trays are dishwasher safe and NSF listed.

Covered Trays

The durable and hygienic Separator Tray from Cambro  has coordinating lids that snap on for stacking and safe transport to classrooms or anywhere on campus.

Reusable Takeout Containers

The OZZI O2GO container  has the look and functionality of takeout style clamshells, but this dishwasher safe dynamo can be washed and used about three hundred times. 

2.  Valuable New Grant Opportunities

GENYOUth is providing grants of up to $3,000/school for meal distribution and delivery resources. 

This grant qualifies for Cambro GoBags (and may also qualify for GoBoxes and Separator Compartment Trays with Covers mentioned above).

While there is no cut-off date, please apply as soon as you can to have the best chance of getting funds while they’re available. Apply at

The School Nutrition Foundation has teamed up with industry partners like FWE (Food Warming Equipment) and Cambro to provide new kitchen equipment to deserving districts. Apply now for the 2022 SNF Equipment Grant Program, featuring applications for FIVE grants!

Eligible applicants have the opportunity to win equipment grants, each worth between $20,000 to $100,000 of equipment. For more information, click here

3. Professional development opportunities are available virtually and in person!

There’s nothing like spending time with your peers to recharge your creative spirit, develop new skills, and remind yourself that you’re a part of an incredibly special community.

Mississippi School Nutrition Conference in person later this month!

Registration is now open for the Mississippi School Nutrition 51st Annual Conference which is scheduled to take place in person October 29-30, in Tupelo, Mississippi. 

Click here for registration info.

Foodservice Director’s Menu Directions 2021 is going virtual!

Foodservice Director and Winsight invite you to join the best and brightest operators from all segments of noncommercial foodservice for the Menu Directions Virtual Experience

You’ll get the same incredible industry content, insights, and networking as their past live events have offered, but with a smaller time commitment, no travel and no cost to register. 

You choose which date works best for you: Oct. 19, Oct. 20, Nov. 9 or Nov. 10. Registration is complimentary, but also limited. Don’t miss out!

Need help tackling a challenge or identifying proven serving solutions? We’re here for you—and bonus good news—our services are free. Contact us.


Transforming Fries from Simple Side to Signature Item

Not many menu items can stoke the fires of culinary debate like fries. It seems like everyone has a favorite that they are willing to fiercely defend when the subject turns to who makes the best fries.

As passionate as people are about fries, shouldn’t they get more “star treatment” on the menu? Often served as a free companion to a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches, and other entrees, the mighty fry is quite capable of standing on its own as a signature side or appetizer.

Read on for expert advice on transforming fries into a signature menu item made with fresh cut potatoes.

Start with the Right Potato

According to the Idaho Potato Commission’s Dr. Potato (disclaimer: not an actual doctor), you can fry any potato, but only a few varieties have the solids and starch content to fry to the ideal color and texture. Dr. Potato is partial to the Russet Burbank with Gold Dust, Ranger, the Umatilla, the Alturas, and the Classic as runners up. To minimize labor and waste while resulting in the most uniform-sized fries, Dr. Potato recommends #1 grade potatoes, with #2 grade running a close second.

Store at the Proper Temperature

A FIFO inventory system is best for fresh potatoes. Clear Cambro Food Storage Boxes help you keep an eye on how your potatoes are holding up, and StoreSafe Food Rotation Labels help ensure foods that were the first to be received are the first to be used. 

To keep starch from turning into sugar and discoloring the potato, store potatoes in a cool, dry place with a temperature range of 45-55° F.

Wash, Cut, Rinse, and Store

The food prep experts at Sammic have designed a scalable system that enables you to schedule the process of efficiently preparing and storing freshly cut fries during downtime and only once a week. 

Your fries will stay perfectly fresh for 8 or 9 days once peeled, cut, packed and refrigerated in one single process. 

Click here to view the video of this efficient system that does everything from peeling and rinsing potatoes to slicing and vacuum sealing them.


If you choose to soak rather than vacuum seal your freshly cut potatoes, place clean, cut potatoes in a container of cold water. Make sure to fully submerge potatoes to prevent oxidation and discoloration. Dr. Potato recommends adding 1 tablespoon of white wine vinegar or lemon juice per gallon of water. Store refrigerated until ready to blanch.

clear Cambro food pan or storage container with a seal cover works well for this purpose, while using a food pan with a colander pan insert and a flat cover makes quick work of draining and rinsing pre-soaked potatoes.


Blanching is a secret to the perfect fresh-cut fry, so the extra step is worth it. If you’ve stored the potatoes in water, and the water is cloudy from excess starch, rinse them until the rinse water runs clear. This is where that colander pan comes in very handy. To prevent hot oil from splattering due to water droplets, drain, spin, or shake off excess water from potatoes before frying.

Fill fryer baskets halfway with raw, fresh-cut potatoes. Fry very briefly at 350° until the cut potatoes looked glazed and limp, but still light in color. Timing of this step will vary depending upon the type of potato used and the cut of the fry. 

Cool to room temperature (about 15 minutes) and then refrigerate for food safety until ready to fry and serve, up to about 24 hours.


Fry in half-full baskets at 350° F for 2 to 4 minutes. Frymaster’s Filter Quick with EasyTouch electric fryers help achieve a consistently high quality fry with pre-programmed recipes. They also reduce operating costs by using 40% less oil with a user-friendly system that encourages more frequent filtering, which makes oil last longer and ensures consistent, great-tasting fries and other fried foods. It even lets staff know when it’s time to shake the basket to redistribute the fries for even cooking and browning.


Once golden brown, remove from the fryer and dump onto a flat surface area or food pan away from the fryer. Shake on salt or your signature seasoning or add custom toppings. 

Cambro Camview Shakers hold up to ten ounces of salt or seasoning, minimizing refills and maintenance. Clear shakers and color-coded lids provide at-a-glance content identification.

For tips on improving prep efficiency while supporting special customer requests, see Order Customization Made Easy.


When you can’t serve fries right away, holding stations designed specifically for fries are a necessity to maintain ideal color and texture. Place a Hatco Glo-Ray Fry Holding Station next to your fryer to safely hold fries at the proper serving temperature without cooking them any further while providing air flow to maintain crispy texture.


The perfect vessel serves multiple purposes by elevating presentation while preserving perfect texture that just may earn you best-fry bragging rights! 

Open baskets help fries stay crispy, and metal cups such as the stylish Tablecraft Lattice Collection Fry Cup ward off condensation for a top-quality fry that will keep your customers coming back for more.

The bold, steep-rimmed Playground Nara stoneware plate by BauscherHepp provides a dramatic backdrop for your signature fry creation.

Ready to treat your customers to signature fries that taste like real potatoes, have no additives, are consistent in size, and help set you apart from your competition? 

Contact us.


Bring Out the Best in Craft Beer with the Right Glass

Football. Oktoberfest. Seasonal craft brews. Beer season is open! Are you ready to make the most of it?

We’ve talked about how the shape of a glass can affect the flavor and enjoyment of wine, (click here to read the article), but did you know that the same is true for beer and hard cider? It is! And Luigi Bormioli proves it with the Birrateque Collection.

It’s ok to have a special place in your heart for traditional pint glasses and red plastic beer cups. But when it’s time for craft beer to shine and command a premium price tag, Birrateque is up to the task. Here’s how it works its magic.

Starting with the glass itself, the Birrateque collection is made of lead-free, high-tech Crystal Glass SON.hyx®. The transparency and sparkle of this innovative glass show off the real color and clarity of the beer and its foam. For help keeping beer ice cold, click here to get tips on storing and dispensing ice cold draft beer.

An anatomy of the Birrateque IPA Glass reveals how each design element of the Birrateque glass works together to improve the overall beer-drinking experience.

  1. The diameter of the rim was designed specifically to reduce the speed the beer is delivered into the mouth giving taste buds enough time to recognize the taste elements as intended by the brewer.
  2. A laser-cut fine rim (only 1.2 mm thick) guarantees a pleasant mouthfeel.
  3. A straight chimney balances the aromas.
  4. The aromatic chamber provides optimal headspace.
  5. Foam (head) of the beer acts as an “aromatic conveyer” to avoid oxidation and maintain intended level of bitterness.
  6. The bowl is curved specifically for each style of beer to capture the right aromas.
  7. The narrow stem is easy and comfortable to hold, and it reduces heat transfer from hand to beer.
  8. A laser etched circle, the Foam Control System, helps maintain a fine and steady stream of bubbles replenishing the head and releasing the aromas at the same time.
  9. The base is thick and stable.

Each glass in the collection is tailored to the perfect shape and dimensions to optimize aromas and flavors of specific beer styles. With eight styles in the Birrateque Collection, you’re sure to find the ideal glass for each of your customers’ favorite brews.

Birrateque glasses are machine-blown, so they have the features typical of mouth-blown glassware, but they are more durable. They’re also made to consistent specifications, so you won’t get any unpleasant surprises when it’s time to put them in new wash racks. 

When you choose your glassware, we can help you find the perfect Cambro Camracks for efficient washing and sanitary storage.

With all this talk about beer, we’re feeling inspired to go grab a cold one…but if you need help getting set up with the best gear to boost craft beer sales, we’re here for you any time. Contact us.


Blast Chilling: A Cool Way to Solve Costly Foodservice Challenges

Winter is coming. Seasonal summer ingredients will soon become harder to find, at least at a reasonable cost. With food and labor costs rising in general, and business conditions remaining unpredictable, the concerns may be many, but the solutions are also more plentiful and effective than ever. This is where new products like the Nuovair blast chiller, recently introduced in the United States by Welbilt, can make a positive impact.

Blast chilling can be the answer to conquering some common and costly business and operational challenges. The process itself rapidly reduces temperature to counteract the natural deterioration of food, decreases weight loss, and extends storage time.

Unlike more gradual chilling or freezing methods that can actually damage food, Nuovair delivers three times longer shelf life, increases yield and maintains delicious quality, perfectly preserving even delicate foods with state-of-the-art blast chilling and freezing technology.

Here’s a closer look at how blast chilling with Nuovair can help combat financial and operational challenges.


Cut prep time: Nuovair enables weekly bulk prep to be done in advance, eliminating many daily cooking tasks, alleviating scheduling challenges, and reducing labor costs by up to 30%.

Reduce food waste: Blast chilling or freezing with Nuovair keeps food fresh for a long time—as if it had just been prepared—until it can be served. This operational shift cuts down on food waste. 


Prevent overcooking: Nuovair has the industry’s highest air-flow rate (9m3/hr.) and an electronic expansion valve, which delivers up to 25% faster cooling than a manual valve. This can rescue overcooked food in moments by immediately stopping the cooking process to retain flavor and quality. 

Increase yields:  Most blast chillers require you to cool food 20 to 40 minutes before blast chilling it. This waiting period results in greater evaporation and lower yield since 80% of evaporation occurs within the first 15 minutes of the chilling process. Nuovair chills quickly from high temperatures to stop evaporation in its tracks with the industry’s largest evaporator (10 sq. ft.). This rapid process retains the food’s original size and shape.

Avoid bacterial growth that can cause foodborne illness: With Nuovair, there is no 20 to 40 minute wait time for food to cool prior to blast chilling. Instead, food is chilled from 200°F which minimizes bacterial growth by fast-tracking food right past the temperature danger zone. The result? Safe, higher quality food with a longer shelf life.

Improve food quality: Gradually reducing food temperature to freezing causes macrocrystals to form from the food’s water content and breaks down cell structure, which can result in a mushy finished product. Nuovair’s MICROcrystal technology maintains cell structure throughout the freezing process to ensure frozen food has the same quality and texture as fresh. Chilled foods maintain fresh-like quality for 5 to 6 days, with frozen produce maintaining quality for months.

Welbilt is the exclusive distributor in the United States and Canada of roll-in blast chillers from Nuovair, the Italy-based specialists in high-quality blast chillers. Since a trolley of freshly cooked food can be rolled directly from oven to blast chiller, Nuovair is the perfect companion to Welbilt’s Convotherm 20.20 roll-in combi oven.

To learn more about Welbilt Equipment financing and tax advantages of buying or leasing new equipment, the article Can new equipment lower your tax bill? provides more helpful information and links.

If operational challenges are costing you time and money you can’t afford to waste, contact us. We can provide tailored recommendations to fit your business’s specific needs.


Back to School and Ready for Anything

Food. There’s nothing we need more, except water. No one understands this better than you, the school nutrition professional. 

You have moved mountains to feed our children and communities through adversity and uncertainty. You are unstoppable! 

There aren’t enough words to thank you for the heart and soul you’ve put into your work.

As we prepare for another unpredictable back to school season, the good news is that we now have more tools to help you be ready for anything. None of us can know for sure what’s going to happen from one day to the next, but we can reduce the stress of sudden change with equipment that can be used in different ways on any given day.

One of the positives of the last 18 months was learning the problems we can solve and the amazing things we can do when we put our heads together. This 96-meal set-up was created to support in-classroom feeding models. Implemented and proven effective last year by school districts in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas, it enables a single person to deliver 96 meals at proper serving temperatures—all in one cart.

When used together, a combination of six insulated Cambro GoBags helps keep hot meals hot, and two insulated Cam GoBoxes keep cartons of milk cold for in-classroom feeding of up to 96 students. Separately, every single component of the system can be used in other ways to support a variety of serving models (classroom, cafeteria, or curbside) and other applications around campus or on field trips. Read on to see what else they can do for you.

[96 meal Graphic with component callouts here]

A. Cambro GoBag® GBP518110

This insulated bag holds 16 takeout containers (9″ x 9″). Two GoBags fit across each of the top three shelves of a Camshelving® Mobile Unit for a total of six bags per unit.

Also use for:

B. Bag Support Insert DRC2020180

Fits snugly across the bottom of the bag to keep containers in place. Also use for covering stacks of Camrack warewashing racks to protect clean ware from contaminants.

C. O2GO® Reusable Clamshell Container by OZZI®

Designed for hundreds of uses, these BPA-free #5 plastic containers are NSF listed and 100% recyclable. Also use for:

  • Family-style meals for curbside and delivery
  • Outdoor eating areas
  • Field trips
  • Staff meals

Disposable containers were recommended by the CDC and state health departments earlier in the pandemic, but much has been learned since then.

According to the Food Service and School Meals section of the Arkansas Department of Education’s new guidelines on COVID-19 published for the 2021-2022 school year, “Given the very low risk of transmission from surfaces and shared objects, there is no need to limit food service approaches to single use items and packaged meals.”

If the cost of disposables was cutting into your equipment and supply budget, this is great news! Click your state below to see 2021-22 back to school guidance documents and information:




Tennessee (Shelby County)

D. Camshelving Premium Series Mobile Unit CPMU214867V4480

This mobile shelving unit has a heavy-duty frame with steel-reinforced polypropylene posts, vented antimicrobial shelf plates, 4 swivel casters w/brake, and a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion.

Also use for:

E. Cambro GoBox® for Milk EPPMBWSTSW110

This lightweight insulated carrier keeps up to 70 single-serve milk cartons safely chilled for 4+ hours. Two GoBoxes fit across the bottom shelf of the Camshelving Mobile Unit. Also use for:

  • Curbside pick-up or bus delivery for non-congregate feeding
  • Field trips

Together, we can help you create simple, flexible, and reasonably-priced systems to support curbside/drive-up, in-classroom, and hybrid serving models, so you can be ready for anything the new school year dishes out. Contact us.


Time-Saving Essentials for School Foodservice

This one is for our school lunch heroes! Last school year, you proved that you could tackle anything. You are AMAZING and will forever have our gratitude and admiration! If you missed our School Lunch Hero Day salute to you, click here.

This Back to School season, especially if you’re working with a smaller or newer team, these equipment solutions from leading school foodservice equipment manufacturers can help put time on your side. Better still, each is accompanied by a valuable offer. 

From special pricing, FREE freight, to FREE goods and proprietary recipes, now is a great time to take advantage of special offers on these time-saving essentials for your kitchen:

Time Saver: A Large-Volume Food Processor

Large-volume hand cutting, slicing, and dicing is time-consuming, tiring, and requires knife skills. Sammic CA-31 / CA-3V Vegetable Preparation Machine models perform each cutting operation in a single movement, achieving maximum production in a short time without user fatigue. The intuitive control panel provides needed information at a glance, while the head and cover can be easily removed without tools for easy cleaning and exchanging slicing discs and dicing grids.

Money Saver: FREE Shipping on a Sammic School Foodservice Processor Package

Sammic is offering FREE SHIPPING on a food processor package created just for schools. Package includes the CA-31 Food Processor, Trolley Stand, and an SCH disc pack for slicing, dicing, julienning, and grating cheese, fries, veggies, and more. 

Please note that you’ll need to act quickly on this one if you’re interested: offer is valid from May 4 to July 30, 2021.

Time Saver: Combi Ovens

Up to 40% faster than convection ovens, Convotherm combi ovens save up to 3 labor hours per day with a fully-automated self-cleaning function and no need to slack frozen food prior to cooking. This flexible oven enables you to steam, roast, bake, and oven-fry—all at once if you need to!  

Crispy, oven-fried products drive student participation while being healthier and holding longer than deep-fried products due to the lack of added fats.

Convotherm comes equipped with a proprietary cookbook that includes over 200 popular K-12 menu items. Just save your menu items in the Favorites section to guarantee that even unskilled labor will produce perfect results!

Money Saver: Save on Convotherm 4 Combi Oven Packages  

Choose from 10 complete packages which include 1 or 2 Convotherm 4 combi-ovens, stand or stacking kit, popular accessories, the proprietary Convotherm Schools cookbook, and a 3 year parts and labor warranty. Visit for details.

Packages are specially priced for this promotion through December 31, 2021. 

Time Saver: Bulk Food Holding

From serving wells to facilitate feeding programs anywhere, humidified heated holding to keep food hot and fresh, rethermalization cabinets for high volume feeding, or versatile heated bulk food cabinets built for transport, FWE will help you support any serving model and optimize your staff’s time, all while helping you serve your students quality meals.

Money Saver: Save on FWE Holding Cabinets

FWE invites you to Spring into School Savings with a School Foodservice Special Offer with special pricing and free freight on 4 different series of models (over 25 models and hundreds of configurations in all). Click here to learn more about FWE’s products and view the available current promotional solutions for your operation.

This offer is valid from April 1 to September 30, 2021.

Time-Saver: A Conveniently Located Tool or Supply Center

Keep frequently used items organized and close at hand with Mobile Flex Stations by Cambro. These portable stations maximize use of vertical space and create instant, flexible storage wherever you need it.

Easy to assemble, clean, and adjust to operational changes and serving models, Flex Stations can be outfitted with Cambro food pans, food boxes, GoBags®, and GoBoxes® to maximize capacity while keeping frequently used items such as prep tools and utensils, consumables, and condiments at close reach. They can also be adapted for use as a classroom meal delivery cart or curbside pickup station if needed.

Made of durable Premium Series Camshelving®, Flex Stations have a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. Shelf plates are embedded with antimicrobial Camguard and can be quickly sanitized in a commercial dishwasher.

Money Saver: FREE Cam GoBox with Purchase of a Camshelving Flex Station

Buy a Camshelving Flex Station and get your choice of a free Cam GoBox for milk or for holding one full-sized 8″ deep food pan. Visit for full details and offer redemption form.

This special offer is valid from April 15 to July 30, 2021, so contact us asap if you’re interested.

These are just a few of the many ways to help your team save time so they can spend it where it matters most. For help working through your school foodservice operation’s unique challenges, contact us.  


Reimagining the Buffet for Adaptable Service

The buffet is an American institution. We didn’t invent it, but we love the freedom of choice and portion size—and of course, going back for seconds at no additional charge. The events of the last year stopped buffets in their tray-railed tracks, leaving many of us wondering if they would ever come back.

Things are looking up! Now that re-opening is well underway, buffets are also on the rebound. And if they have to evolve to survive, they will. After all, one of the greatest lessons we’ve all learned from this era of uncertainty is how to quickly adapt when the situation changes on a dime.

If you’re planning to re-open your buffet, transitional serving tools and equipment are the ticket to easing back into self-service while being prepared to expect the unexpected. Here are a few that look great and can be used in different ways under varied circumstances, making them well worth their weight in gold.

Serving Well Converters

Hatco Heated Well Cover.jpg

Hatco’s Heated Well Cover makes hot food bars more versatile by converting Hatco Drop-In Heated Wells into heated shelves. The cover creates a heated space to hold pre-packaged, pre-heated foods at safe-serving temperatures for self-serve purposes.

Multi-position Sneeze Guards

Delfield ShelleySteel w FlexiShield.png

Since how you serve today may change in the future, the 3-position Delfield FlexiShield, part of Delfield’s Shelleysteel serving system, easily moves from a self-serve position to a full-serve position without the use of tools.

Made to protect food without getting in the way, the primarily glass design provides an unobstructed view of food while keeping it safe.

Cold Merchandisers

TableCraft Cooling Plates and Display.jpg

TableCraft Cooling Plates keep food chilled for up to 3 hours. This versatile solution is available in three sizes (Half, Half Long, and Full). Use them separately, on stands, or in a cooling base station. The 3-Tiered Half Long Cooling Display (#CW40309B) includes three half-size Cooling Plates and Black Powder Coated Stand. Components are also sold separately.

Covered Cold Beverage Decanters

Camliter w Seal Cover WW500135.jpg

Shatter-proof Camliter Beverage Decanters are a great solution for offering pre-portioned beverages such as juice, iced tea, and milk on the buffet when self-serve dispensing isn’t feasible. Offered by Cambro in 8, 16, 33, and 50 ounce sizes, each decanter comes with a snap-tight flat lid to guard against spills and contamination. An optional pour spout lid for the two largest sizes helps protect contents from contamination while allowing free pour—perfect for providing ice water for each table.

Action Station Shields

Freestanding TableCraft Action Station Shields, available in single and double sizes, create a safe barrier between staff and customers while showcasing the food. Set up with any locally-mandated precautions in place, a shielded buffet attended by a server provides a safer alternative to self-service.

TableCraft Action Station Shield.png

Hand Sanitation Stands

Freestanding hand sanitizer stands can be placed at the buffet entrance and any other location with high touch surfaces to support hygiene and help put customers at ease. This heavy duty aluminum floor stand and hand sanitizer dispenser by NewAge Industrial holds sanitizer at a convenient height without taking up valuable counter or wall space. Base is also offered in an optional black powder coated finish.

Antimicrobial Utensils

TC Antimicrobial Tongs.jpg

Although vigilant hand hygiene and utensil cleaning practices are always a must, TableCraft antimicrobial tongs and utensils are valuable tools to have as an added layer of protection for both self-serve and attended buffets. Handles provide built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection against contamination from human contact and food residues. Microban is safe for food contact, will not wash or wear away from use or cleaning, and is proven to keep serving utensils cleaner between washings.

Individual Covered Servers

Bauscher TouchFree Dining.jpg

BauscherHepp created the Touch Free Dining Collection to enable attractive and hygienic presentation of single servings for buffets as well as in-room and grab-and-go style dining. This new line includes premium German porcelain with a clear, shatterproof cover to merchandise signature menu items. A sustainable, practical solution for hygienic presentation of an endless variety of menu items, the Touch Free Dining Collection is dishwasher safe and stacks for space-saving storage.

TableCraft Die Cast Cocottes make for a charming dining experience. These die cast single servers are ideal for appetizers, sides, soups, and desserts. Accompanying lids keep foods safely covered and add a little flair to your presentation, whether offered on the buffet or delivered to your patrons’ tables. These easy-to-clean, 8 ounce capacity servers are available in round, oval, and square shapes in three jewel-tone colors.

TableCraft Die Cast Cocottes.png

If you’re ready to reinvent your buffet and bring loyal customers back to their happy place, we’re here to help. Contact us.


Stop Summer Heat from Endangering Food

Hot weather has officially arrived! Great for summer fun, but not so great for summer food.

Fried Egg on Pavement.jpg

Naturally, foodborne illness occurs most in the summer when outdoor dining and events are in full swing, and cold, refreshing foods are a menu staple. We all know about the importance of safe holding temperatures any time of year, but after months of cooler weather, most of us could use a refresher on how quickly hot summer weather can make good food turn bad.

According to the USDA, bacteria grow fastest at temperatures from 90 to 110°F which makes summer weather the perfect breeding ground for food poisoning. recommends no longer than a 1-hour period of food sitting outside without an active cold source. That hour goes fast.

How can you make sure the food you serve is kept safe at all times? An active cold source, whether electric or nonelectric, is a best practice to follow every step of the way, starting at receiving.

Refrigerate right away.

Process food deliveries as quickly as possible, transporting cold, perishable products from receiving to your walk-in or reach-in cooler within one hour.

Service Cart Pro for Receiving.jpg

Make sure your walk-in is serviced and in tip-top shape for summer and keep the area around evaporators clear to prevent obstruction and ensure proper airflow throughout the cooler. To prevent downtime, spoilage, or both, contact your service agent right away if you notice any temperature inconsistencies, ice build-up, or other concerns. See Is Your Walk-in Haunted? for more on this topic.

Delfield’s Coolscapes with GreenGenius line provides reach-in refrigeration options that increase the capacity and workflow of your kitchen, putting fresh foods right where they’re needed while keeping them safely out of dangerous heat. Coolscapes reach-in’s offer exclusive features like full integral door length handles, self-closing doors up to 90˚, LED interior light, easy-to-read electronic display, and the GreenGenius reach-in refrigeration system that helps preserve the environment, save energy, and decrease utility costs.

Delfield GBF2P.png

To help you configure your reach-in to fit your space and operational needs, Delfield offers a variety of sizes designed to maximize storage space while minimizing footprint.

Keep it chilled on the go.

FWE URS-10.png

Mobile commercial refrigeration units are the perfect solution for holding cold foods and transporting from central kitchens or commissaries, an application that puts too much stress on stationary or reach-in models with casters not designed for transport. FWE refrigerated transport cabinets are built tough to easily handle the demands of transport, making them ideal for satellite operations, on-site catered events, and backup cold holding for buffets and cafeterias. With excellent “pull-down” times that are required to reach safe operating conditions, they feature extra insulation to hold cold temperatures and protect perishables wherever they travel, from hot kitchen to transport vehicle to serving location.

Non-electric Cambro insulated transporters help maintain safe temperatures for at least four hours, whether for cold food or hot food. This versatility makes them a valuable investment year-round. To ensure maximum temperature retention, make sure gaskets, latches, hinges, door pins, and venting caps are clean, in place, and in good working condition. Pre-chilling transporters before loading is recommended for best results and to extend cold holding time.

CamCarrier 1318CC Cropped.jpg

Commercial grade re-usable chiller plates like the Cambro Camchiller provide an extra line of defense against cold loss. The Camchiller can be used to pre-chill Cambro carriers or carts before loading, maximize cold food holding by using with chilled food, and minimize temperature gain when door is opened and closed.

CP1220159 Camchiller.jpg

Prior to use, freeze the Camchiller flat for 8 hours. To pre-chill a carrier or cart, slide a frozen Camchiller (or a full-sized, uncovered pan of ice water) onto the top rails and close the door for 15-30 minutes. If you use the Chiller during transport and holding, be sure to move it down to the lowest open rail as pans are removed to minimize open space and maximize performance.

Lastly, if you have the space in your walk-in, it’s also effective to pre-chill transporters in your walk-in overnight with doors open or lids off.

Serve safely.

Coldfest Pans and Crock.jpg

ColdFest Pans are ideal for use in Versa Salad Bars and buffets, or to help keep condiments and creamers chilled on service counters or outdoor events. ColdFest pans and crocks have an impact-resistant shell filled with non-toxic refrigerant gel to help keep cold foods cold. Prior to use, freeze ColdFest upside down overnight and fill with pre-chilled foods to keep contents cold for hours. Clear, flat covers are available to help prevent cross contamination while keeping contents visible and accessible.

Buffet Camchillers can be used in a variety of serving applications to support cold food temperatures. This ingenious device can be flipped one direction to act as both a chiller and a riser for a 2″ deep food pan so it’s level with the rail or flipped the other direction to snugly hold a 4″ deep food pan, all without the hassle or mess of ice. Like other Camchillers, freeze Buffet Camchillers overnight prior to use.

Cambro Buffet Chiller CPB1220159.jpg

This summer is coming in hot, and it’s not letting up any time soon. Whether you’re dealing with urgent operational needs to keep cold food safe, or you’re planning ahead for fall and back to school (more important than ever this year), help is just a click away. Contact us.