Juicy Secrets to Creating Handcrafted Burgers

Did you know that Americans eat about 50 billion burgers per year, an average of 3 burgers per person per week? Considering the burger’s enduring popularity, most eateries serve them, so the competition is fierce.

A burger lover may choose to order their favorite food everywhere they eat, but wouldn’t you prefer that they crave a burger from your menu? 

Here are a few of our favorite juicy secrets to help you create a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted burger that keeps burger lovers coming back for more.

Start with custom ground meat.

One of the best ways to differentiate your burger offering and maintain a consistent product is to grind your own meat. Beef, pork, turkey, buffalo, wild game, or a combination? It’s your call.By handling the meat grinding process in-house, you select the cuts, so you know exactly what’s in it, you control the fat content, and you can offer multiple types of specialty burgers made with your own proprietary ground meat blends. All good things!

If grinding your own meat sounds like a hassle, it’s worth taking a look at how much grinding equipment has changed. It’s no longer just a large-scale, messy, industrial process. 

Easy-to-clean, light and medium-duty meat grinding equipment has been a game changer.

The new Edlund Edvantage Series Meat Grinder, for example, is clean and modern inside and out with a heavy-duty anodized aluminum housing. 

Fully exterior-mounted grinding components eliminate the hard-to-clean “wormhole” while double-sealed interior components keep liquids safely out. A large, fan-cooled, ventilated motor stays cooler to the touch and enables longer periods of use than other meat grinders. 

Clean-up is fast, easy, and more sanitary than you might expect.

Get patties into shape fast.

Get your freshly-ground meat into perfect shape with Edlund’s new EBP Series Burger Presses, an efficient way to get consistently-formed burger patties with the thickness and pre-cooked weight you control. 

Just place the pre-weighed meat into the forming cylinder and pull the handle. Push the handle back, and your perfect burger rises, ready to cook. 

An optional scale platform keeps your Edlund Scale right where you need it. 

Presses are available in three sizes with handy slider, standard, and jumbo patty inserts to suit your menu. 

Grill it to juicy perfection…and toast your buns, too.

When you’ve got an entire menu to cook—burgers and beyond—the Wood Stone Plancha Griddle is the high performance alternative to both a standard flat top griddle and a gas charbroiler. 

Made to support a range of cooking temperatures simultaneously with thermostatically controlled and individually adjustable zones, it can cook delicate food at a low temperature in one zone while searing in another. 

That way, you can do more in less space with adjustable temperatures from 150°- 650° F (Gas models) and 300°- 700° F (Electric model). 

Quick heat-up and recovery help you cook perfectly juicy burgers every time and cook other menu items while you’re at it.

Proudly present your masterpiece burger.

Your burger, your vision. Is it wild and outdoorsy? Nostalgic? Upscale and fancy? A local treasure? For a little presentation inspiration, here are just a few ideas from TableCraft to put your masterpiece on the proper pedestal.

The Lindenwood Collection 9” Platter adds an earthy, elegant look to showcase the natural wonder that is your burger. 

The look of real wood with the durability and dishwasher-safe cleanability of melamine creates a unique, yet practical food presentation for burgers, meat and cheese boards, entrees, desserts, and more.

The Brickhouse Collection™ 9″ Oval Platter casually shows off local flavors in dishwasher safe stainless steel. 

Available in a variety of styles and sizes, this collection works beautifully for burgers, sandwiches, shareable sides, and entrees alike.

The Slider/Onion Ring Tower with Baseadds an unexpected spin to serving gourmet sliders. 

Perfect for gastropubs, diners, and fast-casual dining, these dishwasher safe stainless steel towers add height and character to your presentation while saving precious table space.

Want fries with that?

Check out Serving the Perfect French Fry for fries worthy of accompanying your signature burgers.

We’re here to help you make your signature, handcrafted  burgers—and the rest of your menu—a sizzling success. We’ve even been known to help with free taste testing! 

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