Are your warewashing racks helping or hurting your business?

Poor warewashing racks. They have a dirty job, and they’re not very exciting.

It’s easy for them to be an afterthought borne out of necessity. 

But those boring warewashing racks may actually be causing trouble in your kitchen, the kind of excitement you don’t want…

Here’s a short “quiz” to see if your warewashing racks are secretly hurting your business:

  1. Do your staff wrap racks in plastic or vinyl covers?
  2. Do staff need to polish or re-wash glasses before use?
  3. Have any of your employees gotten cut by a broken glass in a rack?
  4. Is it difficult to take accurate inventory of glassware?
  5. Do you replace glassware more often than you think you should?
  6. Has a customer or health inspector ever com
  1. plained about glassware cleanliness or where it was stored?

If you said “yes” to any of the above questions, read on to see how the right warewashing racks can help your business in unexpected ways.

From neighborhood bars and restaurants to large hotels and convention centers, Camracks have been saving businesses time and money for 25 years. Here’s how they can help you.

Wash Thoroughly, Transport and Store Safely

Cambro Camracks’ open inside compartments help water circulate thoroughly between glasses for efficient and effective washing. 

Closed outer walls are part of a smart system that keeps contaminants out of racks during storage and transport. 

Just stack racks on a Camdolly and place a Camrack cover on top. 

Now you have a mobile and sanitary storage “closet” that protects glassware from outside contaminants, wherever you need to move or store them.

Reduce Labor Costs

In order to keep washed glassware clean when not in use, traditional racks with open exterior walls need to be covered in vinyl or wrapped in plastic film. This process can be time consuming and wasteful. 

On the other hand, glassware in unprotected traditional racks will need extra attention before it can be safely used again. It may need to be rewashed or polished which uses expensive labor that may already be in short supply.

Camracks eliminate the extra steps. Just take off the cover, and the pre-washed glassware is ready for use.

Reduce Glassware Breakage and Replacement Cost

Since water comes from the top and bottom of the rack in the dish machine, open sides don’t serve any real purpose. 

All they do is provide lots of places for fingers to get in to pick up the rack. Not only do all those openings let fingers, insects, germs, and a host of contaminants in, but they also increase the risk of employees cutting themselves on broken glass. 

Camracks have smooth, rounded handles on all four sides for safe and comfortable carrying. Closed walls keep fingers outside the rack and away from clean glassware.

Correct rack compartment sizing also extends the life of glassware. 

The goal is to fit as many glasses as you can in each rack to improve washing efficiency, but give each glass just enough space to prevent breakage during loading, washing, and unloading. We’re happy to help measure your glassware to make sure you have the right-sized racks to protect it.

Know What You Have and Where to Find It

No one has time to look for the right type of glasses. 
Cambro offers Camracks with 10 different base colors for color coding by contents or location. 
Camrack Extender ID Clips help staff identify contents at a glance. Each clip includes black text and corresponding symbol on a white background. 

Available in 34 pre-printed options including popular glass styles like beer, pilsner, red wine, shot glass, margarita, and hurricane, along with many others, these convenient plastic clips make inventory management a snap.

Racks for Every Ware

Cambro offers a broad selection of Camracks for flatware, plates, bowls, pots, pans, and oversized items such as trays, cutting boards, bun pans, and Camshelving shelf plates.

We’ve proudly recommended Camracks since their introduction in 1997, and congratulate Cambro for 25 years of helping foodservice operators save time and money with the Camrack line. 

To read the Cambro blog celebrating 25 years of Camracks and the valuable benefits of this 4-in-1 system, click here.

We can help you reduce costs and save time with the right racks for all your warewashing needs. 

We can also help you make sure your warewashing system is set up for maximum hygiene and efficiency with everything from Hatco Booster Water Heaters to ventless Champion Dish Machines.

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