If the old adage is true, that we eat with our eyes and not our stomachs, we have three items that every bakery should seriously consider.

Slant Display Racks Slant display racks allow baked items to do all the talking. These mobile, full-service racks are normally placed behind the counter where enclosing the rack is not necessary. The open design and slanted tray slides provide the highest product visibility. Designed to accommodate full-size sheet pans with increased runner spacing, customers can easily see the delicious goods behind the counter and choose their favorite. The all-welded aluminum construction and lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion, along with angle guides with stops and NSF certification, makes these display racks winners.

Enclosed Slant Display Racks If requirements don’t allow for an open-design display cabinet, we have it covered. These cabinets provide exceptional product visibility. They also offer the protection of vented Lexan side panels that allow humidity to escape, along with a hinged Lexan door. Like the open display rack, enclosed cabinets accommodate sheet pans, have slanted runners with stops, and are guaranteed to never rust or corrode. Because enclosed racks are normally used to transport and display products, heavy-duty plate casters are added to handle any terrain.

Bonus Item! As an added bonus, for those who serve donuts in their bakery, we couldn’t leave out a display rack built specifically for donuts, keeping donut lovers in mind. The open-design powder coat painted rack really makes donuts pop by using attention grabbing LED light bars on each slanted and removable stainless-steel shelves. The built-in power supply located in the base paired with 5” plate casters, allows these racks to be transported and located anywhere. Adding the fact that these racks are fully customizable and guaranteed to never rust or corrode, and it makes these racks a real bonus for any donut operation.  

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