Protecting Employee Safety

Cuts, burns, slips, and trips are well-documented hazards of the foodservice industry. Accidents are unfortunately part of life and business, but with good employees getting harder to find and even more difficult to keep, the more we can do to protect them, the better.

Accidents happen most often when employees are moving too quickly, don’t have enough training, or are using the wrong product for the application. The following products were designed specifically to protect employees from potential dangers both back and front-of-house.

Cut Prevention

Cut gloves are a highly effective line of defense against cuts during prep. Mercer Culinary Cut Resistant Gloves provide excellent cut and abrasion resistance while maintaining superior dexterity and comfort for employees. Made from FDA approved materials for safe direct food contact, all styles are washable and bleach-safe. Each style is made to fit either the left or right-hand and is offered in 5 color-coded sizes to ensure an excellent fit for optimal performance.

Mercer Culinary offers glove styles in a range of ANSI cut protection levels to suit the application. The ANSI Cut Protection level relates to the amount of weight or force the material can withstand before the blade begins to cut through it. Levels 4 and up are typically recommended in foodservice, depending upon the application. To learn more about ANSI American National Standards for impact-resistant gloves, click here.

Cut Glovesprovide ANSI Level A7 cut protection for cut and abrasion resistance against heavier cut hazards with permanent antimicrobial protection for greater food safety.

Millennia Cut Glovesoffer ANSI Level A5 cut protection against medium to heavy cut hazards with stainless steel reinforced knit construction.

MercerGuard Cut Gloveshave ANSI Level A4 cut protection against medium cut hazards with permanent antimicrobial protection for greater food safety.

Millennia Fit  
and Millennia Colors Cut GlovesofferANSI Level A4 cut protection in lighter weight, more form fitting, cut-resistant gloves.

Millennia Food Processing Gloves 
are sold by the pair and provide ANSI Level A4 cut resistance in a 13 gauge cut resistant HPPE glove.
A non-absorbent nitrile coated palm and fingertips provide excellent grip and dexterity.

Board Buddyz by Mercer Culinary provide an additional layer of prep safety. 
Created to keep cutting boards securely in place during cutting to reduce knife hazards, these helpful gadgets are made of dishwasher safe, non-skid silicone and come in three color-coded sizes.

Burn Prevention

Hot liquids are safest handled in vessels designed specifically for high-heat applications. High Heat Measuring Cups by Cambro are made of heat-tolerant plastic that can withstand temperatures up to 375°F without compromising performance, making them safe for use in microwaves or ovens. 
Use the High Heat Measuring Cup to collect coffee or hot water from a dispenser, to fill chafing dishes or steam tables, to drain hot oil from a fryer, or with soups, broth, or stews in a kettle. A universal splatter-proof cover, sold separately, is self-venting and protects against hot spills and splashes.

Slip Prevention

Trays that are truly non-skid (non-slip) help servers securely transport open food and beverages to reduce the risk of spills and broken glassware. Camtread Trays by Cambro are made of durable, long lasting fiberglass with a thick non-skid rubber surface that keeps glassware and dinnerware in place for safer handling. Dishwasher-safe construction ensures easy maintenance, hygiene, and a professional look even after years of use.

Rubber floor mats decrease fatigue and the chance of dangerous slips and falls. Keeping them clean prevents slippery and odor-producing buildup. 

Labor-saving, mobile Mat Washing Carts by NewAge Industrial get mats off the floor for easy, efficient, and thorough cleaning. Ideal for power washing mats on the cart itself, the cart has central horizontal bars and hooks to secure solid or perforated mats for storage or cleaning.

Just mount mats on the pegs, roll to your cleaning area or back dock, hose down, and air dry on the cart. The cart’s primary grade aluminum won’t rust or corrode. NewAge also offers a space-saving Wall Mount Mat Washing Rack.

Preventing Strains and Sprains

With a total capacity of up to 400 pounds, the KD Utility Cart by Cambro can shoulder loads too heavy or awkward for employees to carry safely. 

Marine rails and lightly-textured polypropylene shelves keep contents in place. 

Ergonomic handles have permanently molded-in Camguard antimicrobial to inhibit the growth of mold, fungus, and bacteria.

Protecting Against Infectious Illness

Protective Face Masks
 by Mercer Culinary were designed to be effective and comfortable in a foodservice environment, so they are lightweight, flexible, and breathable. 

Masks are available in anatomical and pleated styles in a choice of polyester, polypropylene, and cotton materials.

Whether you need to supplement your current safety plan or to reassess your entire plan from the ground up, we can help you protect your employees and your business. Contact us.