Protecting Your Glassware and Dinnerware Investment

Stylish and upscale glassware and dinnerware are two of the many allures of dining out, providing luxuries most don’t have at home. 

These key elements of the overall customer experience—along with great food and service—help motivate customers to dine on-premise and become loyal patrons.

Important investment that it is, how do you protect your table ware in a fast-paced environment with employees of varied experience levels? Keep it like-new and maximize return with the following tips.

Start with Commercial-Grade Glassware and Dinnerware

The beauty of commercial grade glassware and dinnerware is that it’s designed to look elegant, sometimes even delicate, yet it’s made with materials and processes that support extensive use and commercial warewashing.

Luigi Bormioli pioneered a machine-blown process to replicate handmade glassware, resulting in glassware that combines artisanal elegance with robust practicality and consistency. 

Luigi Bormioli’s crystal SON.hyx® material is strong and maintains transparency and brilliance over 4,000 commercial dishwashing cycles. A patented titanium reinforcement process uses nanotechnology to permanently increase the stem’s resistance to breakage by 140%. 

To browse Luigi Bormioli’s durable glassware styles ranging from classic, to farm to table, to modern, click here.

Tuxton’s AlumaTux Collection pairs classic styling with commercial durability in everything from plates, bowls, and serving pieces to specialty items. 

These lightweight and elegant pieces provide a classic white backdrop for your signature dishes.

The TuxTrendz collection offers striking patterns and contemporary colors for inspiring and unique plating.

Order the Correct Quantity and Follow Care and Handling Recommendations

Tuxton puts every item through rigorous testing in order to provide you with long lasting chinaware, but proper usage and care are still needed to ensure long product life. For Tuxton’s expert advice, see their recommendations for Proper Care and Handling and suggested china Par Levels to help you plan and budget.

Use the Correct Warewashing Rack

When it comes to glassware washing, open outer walls of traditional ware washing racks leave contents vulnerable to germs, contaminants, fingers, and breakage. If not covered or wrapped in plastic film between uses, glassware may need to be rewashed or polished, requiring more labor and handling, which increases the risk of breakage.

Camracks have open inside compartments to provide thorough circulation of water and promote quick drying, while closed outer walls keep fingers and other contaminants out. 

When used with a Camrack cover and stacked on a Camdolly, the system is completely enclosed, so glassware stays clean and sanitary after washing no matter where it’s stored or transported. 

It’s important to fit the glassware to the rack to maximize the number of glasses per rack, which improves efficiency and reduces labor. 

It’s equally important to make sure glassware fits into compartments with just enough “wiggle room” to remove the glass. Compartments that fit too tightly can break glassware, especially when all compartments are filled and glasses are pushing against compartment walls from both sides.

Camrack Peg and Tray Racks support and separate chinaware and serving pieces for through washing and drying. While the 9 x 9 peg rack PR314 is designed for plates and platters, the 5 x 9 peg rack PR59314 holds shallow plates and trays in one direction and deeper plates and bowls in the other. The Open End Tray Rack OETR314 has one open side for larger items to safely extend outside the rack during washing.

We can help you find the perfect Cambro Camracks for proper fit and efficient washing of all your tabletop and kitchen wares.

Wash in a High Temperature Dishwasher

High temperature dishwashing serves two important purposes: sanitation and faster evaporation for quicker air-drying. According to NSF, water needs to be 180°F to effectively clean and destroy bacteria and harmful microorganisms.

If your dishwasher’s final rinse water is below 180°F, a booster water heater can be a cost-effective way to ensure your wares are fully sanitized and dry quickly.

Hatco dishwasher water heater boosters connect with any low or high-temp dishwasher to elevate the temperature of the final rinse water to 180°F. 

They also provide the valuable, time-saving benefits of effective removal of food residue and rapid self-drying for sparkling clean, spot-free wares. 

Available in 18 different sizes, Hatco water heater boosters supply appropriate amounts of high temperature hot water for most makes, models, and sizes of dish machine.

If it’s time to think about replacing your existing machine, Champion’s Ventless Rack Conveyor DishMachine is the total package with financial, environmental, and employee comfort benefits. A National Restaurant Association Kitchen Innovations (KI) Award winner in 2016, its system captures 100% of the operating exhaust heat and vapor, converting it into useable energy to heat the wash water and assist in heating the fresh rinse water. 

Ventless design saves thousands of dollars on installation and water heating costs while making the warewashing area cooler and less humid for staff.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your customers’ dining experience with new tabletop ware, would like to get longer life out of what you have, or both, we’re here to help.Contact us.