Ready to Fry Something New?

If you’re thinking about spicing up your menu, have you considered getting your fryer involved?

Built to satisfy the craving for crunch while setting the stage for an endless array of fillings, flavors, textures, and toppings, your fryer may be the secret to creating your next best-selling menu item. 

And with so many specialty tools available now, you and your team can get more creative than ever.

Frying Baskets and Forms

The right frying tools make all the difference when it comes to achieving a uniform shape, consistency, ease of handling, and most of all, safety. Their names may describe their original purpose, but look to their shape for true inspiration to support your brand of cuisine.

Starting with the basics, the TableCraft Fryer Basket offers the flexibility to prepare French fries, chicken fingers, onion rings, and other fried favorites. 

This versatile mesh basket comes in a variety of sizes to suit your menu and volumes. 

A color-coded comfort grip vinyl handle keeps cool when in use and aids for easy identification during service.

When your goal is a uniformly-sized and shaped fried product, especially when fillings are involved, these specialty baskets and forms help you achieve more precise results.

The 17-slot Tostada Fry Basket from TableCraft has individual partitions to ensure that your 6″ tortillas don’t stick together, resulting in a perfectly flat, golden, and crispy base for your signature creations—tostadas and beyond.

Elevate your basic burrito to an exotic chimichanga with TableCraft’s nickel-plated steel Burrito Fry Basket

This gadget is made specifically for frying multiple burritos (or corn dogs or similarly sized items) all at once. 

Offered in 6- and 8-slot sizes, Taco Fry Baskets from TableCraft have a red vinyl handle for safety and a comfortable grip. Individual partitions ensure that tortillas up to 6″ don’t stick together during frying to create uniform-shaped taco shells with just the right amount of space for fillings.

The nickel-plated stainless steel Deep Taco Fry Basket transforms 8″ to 16″ tortillas into attractive edible bowls for serving salads, protein and veggie bowls, nachos, chili, dips, and more. Simply float a tortilla on top of your fryer oil, and then push it under the oil with the basket. The tortilla will form around the basket’s bottom, shaping it into a deliciously crispy bowl.

The Double Cup Tortilla Fry Basket, for 6” or 8″ Tortillas  fries two 6″ or 8″ tortillas at once to create crispy cups for guacamole, dips, or creative sides.

Prep Tools

For rolling out scratch-made tortillas, pierogi or empanada dough, dumpling wrappers, cannoli shells, and more, Silicone Bake Mats by Mercer Culinary provide the ideal work surface. 

Made of food grade silicone over reinforced fiberglass, these naturally nonstick mats have printed measurement marks for uniformity and consistency. 

Mats are offered in two sizes (16½” x 24½” and 11⅞” x 16½”) and two colors (orange and allergen safety purple).

For even greater consistency and perfect dough shaping, Mercer Culinary’s Round Fluted Nylon Cutter Set includes 9 different sizes of cutters that provide smooth, clean, and consistent cuts. 

These dishwasher-safe, nylon cutter sets are also offered in plain roundfluted squareplain squarestar, and heart shapes.

Hold shells in place for easy filling and topping with the Taco Prep Tray from TableCraft. 

It may have the word “taco” in its name, but it can also be used to prepare a variety of both savory and sweet menu items, such as keeping cannoli shells in place for filling.

Efficient Frying

Considering the skyrocketing cost of cooking oils, it’s well worth looking at your current fryer’s oil consumption, especially if it’s been around a long time. Replacing it with a newer, more efficient fryer can provide immediate savings.

Frymaster’s Filter Quick with EasyTouch electric fryers reduce operating costs by using 40% less oil. 

This easy-to-operate system encourages more frequent filtering with easy-access, closed cabinet fully automatic filtration. Longer oil life and consistent, great-tasting fried foods are the result.


Even when you need to prep-prep and hold fried foods to keep up service levels, quality doesn’t need to suffer. 

Hatco’s MPWS Multi Product Warming Station can help you keep the crunch by safely holding fried foods at optimum serving temperatures with a thermostatically-controlled heated base and six overhead ceramic heating elements.


From disposablemelamine, and brushed stainless taco taxis, to stainless and plastic baskets, plates, platters, and towers, the serving options are endless.

With access to stylish, commercial-grade options from TableCraftBauscherHepp, and Tuxton, we can help you find the perfect pieces to show off your entire menu.

Ready to fry something new? We can help you make it a sizzling success!

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