Tips for Safe Outdoor Serving

Summer is almost here, and demand for all kinds of outdoor dining is ramping up!  Outdoor dining can provide a refreshing change of pace for diners and staff alike, but it also creates a new set of operational considerations.

When resources and facilities aren’t as accessible as they are for indoor dining and events, maintaining safe food temperatures, hygiene, and overall sanitation for outdoor dining takes a little extra planning.

Whether you’re in the restaurant, catering, fair, or festival business or noncommercial foodservice, here are a few ideas to make serving outdoors safer and easier.

Eye-catching Disposable Serving Alternatives

When ware washing isn’t feasible, disposables can save the day, yet they typically fall short when it comes to sophistication and environmental friendliness. With these versatile serving options, there’s no need to choose between single-use convenience and a stylish presentation.

Easily serve a wide variety of tasty finger foods, sides, and snacks with Pine Wood Disposable Serving Boats from TableCraft. These single-use boats offer a fun, appealing, and environmentally-friendly alternative to paper or plastic food trays. 

Available in packs of 50 in 5 sizes with dimensions ranging from 3.375″ x 2.25″ x 1″ to 7.75″ x 3.75″ x 1.75″, use them for fries, chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, and other popular fried favorites, or with cold items such as fresh veggies, fruit, and pasta salad.

Bamboo Plates by TableCraft offer an elegant and eco-friendly alternative to disposables. Available in varying sizes in both round and square in packs of 25, these attractive plates look perfectly at home indoors or out. 

Great for outdoor dining, banquets or buffets, or even grab‘n go and food truck serving, they make clean-up a breeze without compromising on presentation or sustainability.

Keep Hot or Cold Food and Beverages Safe

Direct sunlight, hot air, and high humidity can do a number on a wide variety of food and beverages. And unfortunately, today’s consumers aren’t always as forgiving of the effects of the elements on their food as one might expect. Even if your kitchen is miles away, you can still serve your signature items at the right temperature and just-prepared quality.

Cambro GoBoxes are made of high-tech expanded polypropylene material (EPP) to protect food quality and safety while keeping overall carrying weight as light as possible for staff. 

An affordable option to help you support off-premise and outdoor serving, Cam GoBoxes help keep foods at safe temperatures below 41˚F or above 135˚F for over four hours of holding and transport. 

Use with Camchillers to extend cold holding time even further.

Sturdy, modular Cam GoBox Beverage Holders safely transport and hold hot or cold drinks without spills or temperature loss. 

Interlocking units connect to hold up to 15 drinks in any Full-Size Top Loader GoBox or up to 6 drinks in any Half-Size Top Loader GoBox. 

Durable expanded polypropylene material maintains hot or cold temperatures for 3 hours. 

Tapered compartments fit multiple cup sizes of hot or cold cups from 8 to 32 ounces.

The Ultra Pan Carrier UPC300 by Cambro is the latest generation of a holding, transport, and finishing secret caterers have treasured for decades. 

With a compact footprint and unrivaled durability, this carrier easily fits in most smaller vehicles and requires no electricity to work its magic. Thick, high density insulation safely holds hot or cold foods for 4+ hours to protect food safety and freshness.

For even longer use, especially with frequent opening and closing, try Camchillers or Camwarmers. Molded-in rails securely hold up to three 4” deep full-size GN 1/1 pans, six GN ½ pans, or up to nine GN 1/3 pans. Stacks with Cambro 1318CC, 300MPC and 1318MTC.

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Protect Plated Foods from Contamination

Depending upon where you’re serving, open plates of food can be exposed to everything from car exhaust to dust, insects, and people. Traditional metal plate covers work, but they’re noisy and make it impossible to see what you’re serving.

Clear Camwear Plate Covers show off food while protecting it from outside contaminants and minimizing temperature loss. 

These quiet and lightweight covers stack for easy storage and are offered in multiple sizes in clear and three neutral colors.

Provide Convenient Hand Washing

Ideal for any off-premise operations where handwashing is needed for either foodservice staff or guests, the Mobile Handwash Station from Cambro is a truly-portable handwashing unit that requires no plumbing or electrical hookups to operate. 

With a foot pump that activates the flow of water, the Mobile Handwash Station can provide approximately 200 hand washings per tank.

For smaller-scale, portable handwashing solutions from Cambro, click here.

Keep Outdoor Service and Bussing Areas Organized

A wide variety of economical solutions are available to keep outdoor service areas organized with mobile equipment that can handle the elements. To learn more about service carts, portable bars, and organizers that can help you quickly create efficient outdoor service areas, click here:  

Outside is the New Inside: Supporting Efficient Outdoor Dining Service

We’re here to help with all your foodservice equipment and supply needs indoors and out. For solutions tailored to your operation, contact us!