In commercial kitchens, shelving is what creates order in a world of chaos. We are dependent on shelving to provide a means to store things and make them convenient and easy to find. Despite its importance, shelving is often an afterthought, and considered one dimensional. Four posts and a few adjustable shelves; just stand it in a corner along the walls, and stack stuff on it. What if we told you shelving can do and be so much more? By utilizing the right accessories it’s possible. Below are accessories you can add to shelving units to make them all they can be.

Pole Clips
To maximize shelf space in areas with runs of individual shelving units butted up against each other, pole clips are a great accessory to consider. Pole clips allow the shelves of two individual units to be “clipped” together eliminating two of the four posts. This essentially creates one common shelving unit. The elimination of the two posts adds more usable shelf space and fewer posts to work around.
How often do you clear the inventory off your stationary shelving units to move and clean underneath them? If you are like a lot of folks, not very often. It typically requires two people, heavy lifting and considerable time. Adding casters to shelving units makes this job quicker, simpler and well worth the expense. Casters also give you the ability to easily move and repurpose stationary shelving units. Turn them into  mobile meal delivery pick up stations or front of the house display racks that can be moved and stored in the back after service. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. 
Push Handles
A shelving unit can be made mobile by adding casters, but how about making it much easier to push, pull and navigate by adding a handle? Handles can be added to either or both sides of shelving units to make the task of transporting heavy loads across kitchens, hallways or parking lots a manageable endeavor. Consider it a steering wheel for your mobile rack.  
Desks and Document Trays with Handles
We saved our favorite shelving accessory for last, the Desk and Document Tray with Built-in Handle. Although this accessory is not for everyone, it’s one of the most creative and useful accessories that can be attached to a shelving unit. You might be wondering where or how an accessory like this might come in handy? Use it to create a mobile, multi-tier display unit used offsite to display and sell hot or cold food and beverages. The mobile display would be easy to push, even when fully stocked with goods, using the built-in handle. Use the document tray to hold menus and advertisements. Make sales transactions a breeze by using the slanted built-in desk built to accommodate your tablet. Let your creative and entrepreneurial juices flow to come up with more great ideas.  

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