If your foodservice establishment uses or is considering the use of in-house drivers or third-party delivery services for take-out delivery orders, then order pick-up stations can be a real asset. If having customers receive speedy service, the correct items ordered, and the same fresh, tasty food they would receive if dining in, then keep reading. We’ll tell you how to make it happen with an order pick-up station.  

 Increased Efficiency Order pick-up stations that are set up correctly can increase order pick-up efficiency. Using a multi-tiered shelf system with removable label holders helps drivers easily identify and pick out orders. This not only speeds up service and reduces bottlenecks at the station, but it also results in the customer quickly receiving what they ordered at the correct temperature. 

Versatile Order pick-up stations with solid adjustable shelves are versatile and can be arranged to hold various sizes and shapes of packages. They can also accommodate electric heated holding shelves when needed. Add casters to the rack, and it can be easily adjusted and relocated to perform another task or role in your business.  

Space Saving For existing dine-in and take-out operators who are looking to add a driver pick-up meal delivery service, the lack of space in the facility is often an issue. Trying to carve out room in an already crowded space is a real challenge. Order pick-up stations are available in small 30” and 42” footprints. With four adjustable shelves, you have the space to hold enough packages for even your busiest days. These units don’t use front posts, which means you don’t have to work around the posts, allowing more room on the shelves. Also, the height of the rack allows a fourth shelf that is easy to reach. If a 30” footprint is still too wide, custom size aluminum racks can be designed and built to meet your specific requirements – without breaking the bank!  


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