What did the prehistoric inventor of the wheel have in mind when carving one of the greatest inventions known to mankind out of a block of stone? Surely it was to attach the invention to a platform and use it to transport heavy objects such as rocks, sand, and stone, from one place to another using less time and effort. Fast forward to today, and you will see 21st century versions of the 3500 B.C. invention being used in commercial kitchens to transport trays and pans. Say Hello to Dolly! Below are some of the benefits of using pan dollies in your commercial kitchen.

Built for the pan at hand

Pan dollies that are designed and built for the pan at hand can help avert disaster! How?

Pan dollies are designed and built to safely hold and transport standard size pans such as 18” x 26” sheet pans, 12” x 20” steamtable pans, and even oval trays. To avoid the cleanup and possible embarrassment of a tall, uneven, or leaning stack of steamtable pans crashing to the ground while being pulled across the kitchen on a dolly designed for sheet pans, select a dolly built for the pan at hand. In the case above, using a steamtable pan dolly to handle steamtable pans ensures the pans fit snugly and squarely from the bottom to the top as they are stacked in the dolly to avoid a disaster.

Designed for the job at hand

Pan dollies designed for the job at hand help ensure the job gets completed safely and efficiently. How? The great thing about pan dollies is that they come in many shapes and sizes and are capable of tackling both small and large jobs. For example, if you need a dolly to transport sheet pans from the dish room to the adjacent kitchen, a sheet pan dolly without side supports or handles would probably be a great fit. However, using the same dolly to transport a large stack of sheet pans across a convention center parking lot would more than likely not end well. Select the dolly that is fit for the job at hand. Pan dollies are available with side supports, push handles, extra bays, multiple tiers and more. Also, dollies can be customized with features tailored to your specific needs.

Lightens the load

By themselves, food pans are light and easy to carry. Stack up a few and carrying them by hand from place to place might not be out of the question yet. Anything beyond that will have you saying, “Hello Dolly!” Pan dollies are built to hold and transport large quantities of pans safely and easily. Dollies with all welded aluminum frames can handle loads from 800 to 1000lbs depending on the type being used. The 5” non-marking platform casters welded to the aluminum frames make this possible and provide a smooth ride. Attaching an accessory like a drag hook with a pull handle will make the job even easier.

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