School Foodservice Equipment to Support Remote Learning

If your school nutrition program has had to quickly adapt to supporting a remote learning model of any kind, odds are good you’ve been down this road before. Odds are also good that it was challenging and stressful.

If you’re looking for ways to streamline your meal distribution process to make it easier this time, please keep reading.

From brand new products, adaptations of existing models, and ways to re-purpose equipment you may already have, here are a few ideas to consider.

Hand and Surface Sanitizing

The new Mobile Handwash Station from Cambro provides completely touchless, sanitary hand washing without the need for plumbing or electrical hookups. 

With a foot pump that activates the flow of water, the Mobile Handwash Station can provide approximately 200 hand washings per tank. 

You can even add an optional personalized graphic on the front of the station.

NewAge Industrial’s Foot-Activated Sanitation Stands are 100% touchless. Hands-free operation protects against cross-contamination by allowing the user to apply hand sanitizer without having to touch the bottle or the stand. 

This free-standing rust-proof aluminum station has an adjustable bottle holder that can be moved in ½” increments to fit any standard 1-gallon plastic pump container.

Nu-Foamicide is a highly concentrated solution that packs 32 gallons of cleaning and disinfecting solution into a single, one-gallon container. Once diluted with water according to the manufacturer’s instructions, it can be used in a bucket or basin, trigger spray bottle, or an electric sprayer. 

Approved by the EPA to fight against COVID-19, it cleans and sanitizes hard, non-porous surfaces reducing 99.999% of bacteria and viruses. It’s made in USA by Glissen Chemical and distributed by TableCraft.

Drive-up Grab and Go

NewAge Industrial Bagging Carts are like an extra set of hands to help your team quickly load and transport school meals and groceries for curbside pickup or delivery. Stainless steel hooks on both sides of the cart can be spaced to accommodate any size of handled bags. 

Ergonomic, adjustable handle and four, 5″ swivel stem casters with brakes make it easy to transport this durable aluminum cart from kitchen to serving area or distribution station.

The Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack by Cambro provides efficient, flexible, and economical transport of individually-packaged, shelf-stable meals or full grocery bags of food.  Cambro offers an insulated cover so this versatile rack can also safely transport hot or cold foods during transport. 

This rust-free rack also supports in-classroom feeding and defrosting, staging, holding, and cooling food products in the kitchen.

The Cambro Vending Cart CVC75 creates an instant pick-up station that can be used now for meal pick-up and later for de-centralized student feeding programs, breakfast, grab and go snacks, and concessions. 

With a pre-assembled 12″ safety barrier that brings the total height of the cart to 53 1/8″, this cart is designed for safe serving from the start. 

Optional 6″ and 12″ extenders are also available to add height. Side barriers enhance safety and protect merchandise.

When it comes to capacity, the cart’s top open well can be used for staging or holding up to five full-sized food pans, while three spacious storage compartments below hold back stock and supplies. You can also outfit the cart with new graphics at any time to keep it looking fresh.

Food Holding, Transport, and Delivery

With a long history of success in the restaurant delivery world, Cambro GoBags are a safe bet to support your off-site delivery program. They can be used for hot or cold foods and are easy to clean. 

In the future, they’ll come in handy for summer programs, field trips, and special events.

Cambro GoBoxes are lightweight, insulated carriers that hold foods at safe hot or cold temperatures for 4+ hours. 

Use now for curbside pick-up or delivery, and use later for field trips, back stock for merchandising carts, and special events. 

Transport these economical carriers on GoBox dollies or Mobile Camshelving.

Camshelving Mobile Units and Flex Stations are multi-purpose stations that can also be used with shelf plates to create a mobile shelving unit to transport insulated Cambro GoBags and GoBoxes to delivery vehicles. 

Use later to create anything from grab and go snack stations to mobile storage.

With the ability to safely hold and transport hot and cold foods in a single insulated cart at the same time, the Cambro Pro Cart Ultra Model PCUHC is a transport dream-come-true. Adjustable and removable rails enable you to safely hold and transport bags or boxes of food now and 1826 sheet pans, food pans, or large pizza boxes later.

The Pro Cart Ultra is available in a variety of hot and/or cold models. With 110V electric with low amp draw, it can be connected to a long extension cord for drive up service. 

Use at other times for holding in the kitchen, transport from kitchen to cafeteria or satellite locations, or meals in the classroom.

Designed for 300+ uses, O2GO® Reusable Clamshell Container by OZZI® are NSF listed, BPA-free #5 plastic and 100% recyclable. Use for single meals of family-style meals for curbside and delivery. 

Wash and sanitize in Camrack peg racks for a safe and sustainable delivery solution.

We’re here for you! We can help you fill in equipment gaps and assess options that can serve the needs you have now and continue to serve you later as circumstances change. Contact us