Maximize Revenue During Peak Periods, Part 2

School’s in, fall is almost here, and busy is back!

Last week, we talked about how your business can take advantage of increased demand for meals prepared outside the home with higher production and efficient service.

In case you missed part 1 of the series, to learn more about supporting serving speed with expedited cooking and hot holding, click here.

This week, we’ll focus on how streamlined prep areas with quick access to frequently used supplies can support accurate and efficient service.

Maximize Serving Speed with an Efficient Prep Station

A well-designed prep station provides easy access to toppings and supplies, ample workspace, and storage below for quick replenishment.  

Dual Rail Prep Tables from Delfield maximize toppings and efficiency. A second, elevated rail improves production by doubling capacity without taking up additional space. Pans are mounted flush with the work surface for improved ergonomics and speed, while a 6” pan depth reduces the need for replenishment that can interrupt service. 

The Dual Rail Prep Table’s refrigerated rail and base with adjustable shelves keep food fresh and appealing with temperatures below 41°F. 

To learn more about Delfield Prep Stations, click here.

Using a variety of sizes of food pans to accommodate fast and slower-moving toppings helps balance fill levels while reducing waste of less popular ingredients on your prep table.

If you need to squeeze in a lot of toppings, the Cambro 1/8 Size Food Pan was designed to support menu expansion, customization options, and LTO’s within existing prep and storage space. An ideal size, it’s wide enough to comfortably fit open tongs and utensils, yet small enough to create space for more options.

The Cambro Camwear FlipLid acts as an instant sneeze guard on your prep line, protecting food while in the lowered position but without slowing service. 
Unlike traditional covers that need to be set aside, the FlipLid has a built-in hinge that allows the lid to be easily lifted from its frame and tilted back for access to food and quickly flipped back down into the protective, lowered position.

Inverted squeeze bottles with color coded end caps help staff quickly identify and dispense the correct condiment, sauce, or dressing. 

TableCraft offers a variety of sizes of timesaving InvertaTop Bottles and 6 colors of end caps, along with holders and well templates to keep them organized and easy for staff to access.

Keep Important Ingredients and Supplies Organized and Close At-hand

The new Camshelving Universal Storage Rack can be customized for space-efficient storage of food pans, sheet pans, dough boxes, and food boxes. This flexible system transforms stacked pans and gaps of wasted space in your walk-in cooler into easy-access, vertical product storage. 

Kitchen staff can easily access containers without having to disrupt other containers on top or below them. They can also adjust each panel to fit your menu’s changing needs. Food pans and food boxes can be used as “drawers” for frequently accessed ingredients. Each rail set holds up to 30 lbs. (120 lbs. max per storage section). Rails are safe for containers with temperatures between -40˚F to 350˚F.

Keep frequently used items like takeout supplies, disposable gloves, utensils, and smallwares organized and within easy reach with a Mobile Flex Station by Cambro. 

The Flex Station maximizes use of vertical space and is easy to assemble, clean, and adjust when needed. Customize with Cambro food pans, food boxes, and vented or solid shelves to maximize capacity of frequently used items that save your team time and improve service. 

Premium Series Camshelving® Flex Stations have a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion.

Edlund Knife Racks keep knives clean and accessible. Each rack holds 8 chef’s knives, plus 2 smaller knives, 1 steel, and scissors in the same space as the previous model. Stainless steel construction makes these time-saving racks corrosion resistant. 

Two skirted models protect the knives and operators from accidents: model KR-699 has a 12” skirt and open back. KR-700 has a 14” skirt and stainless steel back for increased sanitation.  

KR-698 features a shorter skirt for quick and easy knife selection. 

All rack models feature exclusive v-slot design holds knives upright and more securely.

Add a Grab ‘n Go Merchandiser

To support your most time-crunched customers, grab’n go merchandising might be worth a look. The Reveal Refrigerated Self-service Mobile Case by Structural Concepts is a refrigerated self-service display on casters for flexible merchandising of cold grab ‘n go foods and beverages.  
LED top and shelf lights make grab ‘n go items look appealing, while being fast and easy to identify. An integrated bumper/handrail, cord management, leveling and locking casters, and evaporator pan splash guard make this mobile merchandiser an excellent solution for expediting service while making use of available space. 

To learn more about how these solutions can help your business keep pace with peak serving periods and maximize revenue, contact us.

And if you’re looking for the answer to our trivia question about which famous person said, “A place for everything, everything in its place,” the answer is Benjamin Franklin.