Bakeries come in all shapes and sizes and very few have the exact same equipment needs. Some use rotating rack ovens while others use standard convection ovens. Smaller bakeries might use stand mixers while others need large capacity floor mixers. Furthermore, some display their items in large bakery cases while smaller bakeries simply need mobile display cases. Keep reading to learn about essential bakery aluminum equipment that can help your small or large bakery roll in the dough without breaking the bank.

Rotating Oven Racks Rotating Rack Ovens are used by both small and large bakeries.  As the name implies, items are baked in the oven on a rotating sheet pan rack. This method allows a high volume of items to be baked at one time, along with ensuring more even baking as compared to using a standard convection oven. Special sheet pan racks, with brackets mounted on top and high temp casters, are slid onto a lift inside the oven that lifts and rotates the products. Each brand of oven requires a specific bracket to work with their lift and must be custom made.  That, plus the high temp casters and traditional stainless-steel build, places these racks in the premium price bracket. A great alternative to expensive stainless-steel oven racks are heavy-duty all-welded aluminum rotating racks. Often they are a fraction of the cost and can withstand the high heat. They can be built to fit any brand rack oven and will not rust or corrode.

Bowl Dollies and Mixer StandsIf you use a large capacity floor mixer, you know that a bowl full of dough can be a challenge to unload. Sometimes it’s impossible to hand carry one across the kitchen. To make this job a breeze, aluminum mixer bowl dollies are the ticket. These dollies are built out of heavy duty, yet lightweight, all-welded aluminum and have a weight capacity of up to 800 lbs. Just unlatch and lower the mixer bowl onto the dolly, and then it’s off to the races. For small jobs, stand mixers are often used. Yes, a stand mixer can be sat on a table. BUT if you want to be able to move the mixer out of the way, near an electrical outlet, or have a place to keep your attachments readily available, then look no further than aluminum mixer stands to do the job. These stands have stainless steel tops and under-shelves that can be sanitized. They also have 5” welded plate casters that can handle nearly any surface or terrain. A removable attachment pole, or accessory tree, keep attachments readily available, and an optional cord wrap keeps the mixer cord out of the way when stored or on the move.

Donut Screen and Display Racks If Donuts are on the bakery menu, there are a couple back of the house and front of the house items that will serve you well. As we all know, donuts are not baked in an oven on sheet pans, but rather are deep fried, then placed onto special donut screens. The screens are then slid into mobile donut screen racks sized to accommodate the special donut screens. They can be moved from the back of the house to the front, so the donuts can be loaded into a display case or rack. A high-quality, aluminum donut screen rack will normally have 3” runner spacing, welded angle guides, lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion, and be NSF Certified. If donuts need to be displayed in a stand alone case, then aluminum donut display racks might be the ticket. The cases can be powder coat painted and have features such as LED light bars with the power supply built into the base, along with slanted, stainless steel removable shelves to put donuts in the best light. The display racks are easily customizable and are guaranteed to never rust or corrode.