Look What’s New!

Making the most of limited space and labor, maintaining food quality, reinforcing safety, keeping up with design trends…the goal of new products is to meet your most pressing needs. The latest crop does not disappoint!

Whether you’re curious to see what’s new or you’ve been waiting for a solution to a thorn-in-your-side challenge, here are just a few of the latest equipment and supply introductions that may provide that long-awaited fix.

Just in time for the holidays, festive Barfly Colored Mixing Glasses evoke the heyday of craft cocktails in dramatic, iridescent shades of blue, gold, and rose.

Made for use with 11 13/16″ spoons and julep & spring strainers, these nostalgic beauties feature a retro reflective seamless interior, integral pouring spout, and a heavy, weighted base. 

Each dishwasher safe mixing glass has a two-drink capacity.

Impress your customers with the great looking Olive Wood Steak Knife by Mercer Culinary. 

This precision-forged 5″ knife cuts through prime cuts of meat effortlessly. 

High-carbon cutlery steel resists rust, corrosion, and discoloration. A taper-ground edge allows for easy honing, lasting sharpness, and excellent cutting efficiency. A full tang runs the entire length of the ergonomic olive wood handle for superior balance and comfort.

TableCraft Sierra Collection™ Salt and Pepper Shaker Sets were designed to resemble modern, ceramic pieces, yet they’re made of dishwasher safe melamine. 

These shakers add subtle elegance to your tablescape with the added benefits of durability and hygiene. Neutral, natural white “porcelain” color goes with any décor. Each shaker has a 1 ¼ ounce capacity and features a rubber stopper for easy cleaning and refilling from the bottom. 

Coordinating creamersugar packet holder, and sugar jar are also available.

Sneeze guards and clear safety barriers of all types and sizes have proven to be a necessity in modern foodservice to protect employees, guests, and food. 

When it comes to installing them as permanent fixtures, the safety, appearance, durability, and equipment compatibility of the sneeze guard or barrier itself takes on a whole new importance. 

Enter Hatco!

The new Hatco Flav-R-Shield Sneeze Guard Collection is a comprehensive line of barriers and pass-over, self-serve, and portable sneeze guards that are designed, machined, and finished in the United States. 

NSF listed, 304 brushed stainless steel posts and thick ¼” or 3/8” tempered glass (depending upon the length and model) assure ease of cleaning, safety, and long term durability. Customize even further with Hatco LED light bars and strip heaters.

Hatco has made it a snap to create a customized Sneeze Guard to your exact specifications, with a powerful online configurator.

The Heated Fry Dump Station by FWE maximizes hold times of fried and crispy coated products in bulk or individual portions. Long wave infrared heating elements keep product within the ideal heat and humidity range to keep the outside coating crisp, while maintaining internal temperature and moisture of items like fried chicken and French fries. 

Reliable one-hour holding at optimum temperature and texture for service enables your crew to batch cook and stage prior to rush periods while maintaining peak quality. 

The FWE Fry Dump Station is available in 14″ and 24″ widths that come with a removable divider for holding multiple products at once. A top-mounted area can be used to conveniently store almost anything needed for your fry station so it’s out of the way, yet within easy reach.

The Camshelving Universal Storage Rack is an accessory that offers a new level of organization never available to commercial kitchens until now. Customize your PremiumElements, or Basics Plus Camshelving by adding up to 4 panels per shelf (2 starter kits) to maximize and optimize the storage of food pans, sheet pans, dough boxes, and food boxes.

Panels maximize your storage by providing easy access to containers without having to disrupt and handle other containers on the shelf. They also easily adjust to fit your menu’s changing needs. Each panel is designed with 7 rails spaced 2” apart. 

Each 2-panel set is able to hold four 2″ or 4″ deep full-size food pans with flat lids, two 3″ or 6″ deep half-size food boxes with lids, four 3″ deep half-size food boxes without lids, seven 18″ x 26″ sheet pans or trays, or four 3″ deep pizza dough boxes

To customize your own Camshelving Universal Storage Rack, check out the Camshelving Universal Storage Rack System Planning and Buying Guide.

To learn more about how these and other exciting new product solutions can help your foodservice operation, contact us.