Feeling Cheesy?

The leaves are beginning to turn, and temperatures are finally cooling off. Cozy clothes and comfort foods are on their way back!

Few ingredients are as common in comfort food as cheese. Rich flavor, bold color, varied texture, and even a little fun. It’s all there!

Getting cheesy can be easy with tools, equipment, and serving pieces that bring out the best in this versatile ingredient.

Achieving “Grateness”

From enhancing presentation and texture of tacos and salads to supporting a consistent melt across mac ’n cheese, shrimp and grits, enchiladas, or lasagna, grating is a simple technique that yields tempting and delicious results.

For small volumes or quick finishing jobs, FirmGrip® Graters by TableCraft are available in three sizes with small, medium, and large-sized holes to help you achieve the desired shred.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, these graters effortlessly shred through ingredients to speed up your prep and serving times. FirmGrip® handles support speed, comfort, and safety. 

An essential in any kitchen, these dishwasher safe graters are ideal for everything from cheese to chocolate.

For larger grating, shredding, and cutting jobs, automate the task with Sammic Combi Veg Prep and Food Processor Machines

High precision settings and a wide range of discs and grids of superior cutting quality help you achieve the ideal cut or shred across your menu. 

These indispensable machines are available in five models to accommodate production needs from 110 to 1,300 pounds per hour.

Storing grated cheese in sealed containers in your walk-in cooler enables staff to shred larger batches for quick replenishment and faster service during peak periods. Cambro Camwear or Translucent Food Pans sealed tightly with a Seal Cover protect fragile, grated cheese by keeping air, moisture, and other contaminants out. 

Cambro food pans also fit directly into your prep table, so staff don’t need to spend valuable time transferring contents from container to container. 

Swap out the Seal Cover with a FlipLid on the prep table and you’re equipped with an instant sneeze guard.

Heart-melting Deliciousness

Consistency is everything, from a smooth melt to uniform browning across the dish.

No matter who’s cooking, your employees will get it right every time with a Merrychef eikon® Oven

Depending upon the model, these high speed ovens utilize a combination of convection, microwave, and tuned air impingement cooking to produce perfect texture and temperature 10 to 20 times faster than a conventional oven.

EasyTouch® icon-driven touchscreens with pre-programmed recipes makes them easy for staff to operate, making them perfect for baking cheesy favorites like toasted sandwiches and wraps, pizzas and flatbreads, and au gratin style dishes. Ventless operation and a clean, sleek appearance make eikon ovens a valuable asset wherever you need them, back or front of house. 

The Hatco Electric Salamander Grill is ideal for finishing dishes to achieve consistent melting and golden brown results. It was designed for versatility in the kitchen with the capability to cook, grill, reheat, and keep a variety of foods at their optimum serving temperatures, so it can melt and brown plus a whole lot more. 

Most importantly, it comes from Wisconsin, which means it knows how to handle cheese!

This versatile grill features a touch control panel with a hold function that has eight programmable heat levels. 

Its plate detection feature activates Instant-On heating elements when a food plate comes into contact with the plate detection bar, and automatically deactivates when the plate is removed. Three independently controlled Instant-On, quick-heating infrared ribbon elements conserve energy.

Say “Cheese!”

The right backdrop and cutting tools will complete your picture-perfect presentation with your own signature style.

TableCraft’s distinctive Acacia Wood End-Grain Serving Board creates a rich, warm backdrop for charcuterie, breads, centerpiece displays, and much more. A hand-size indent makes it easier for servers to carry securely. 

To add height to your serving presentation, use with a TableCraft Black Powder Non-Slip Riser.

For a beautiful cheese board, look to Renaissance Cheese Knives by Mercer Culinary. 

These knives never met a cheese they couldn’t handle with precision cutting from the hardest cheddar to the softest brie.

Sold separately or in a 3-piece set, they are made of high-carbon German cutlery steel with a triple riveted, comfortable olive wood handle.

Add a cozy, farm-to-table look with TableCraft’s Creamy White with Black Rim Enamelware Collection™. Made the traditional way with vitreous enamel-coated steel, this collection offers a durable, dishwasher and heat-safe serving option that puts your customers in their happy place. The collection includes a broad selection of plates, fractional sheet pans, family-style serving pans and bowls, tumblers, and mugs.

A fun, rustic option for nostalgic favorites like macaroni and cheese, cast iron provides a “home-cooked meal” feeling to your serving presentation. The TableCraft Cast Iron Cookware 18 Oz Round Mini Server is pre-seasoned, naturally non-stick, easy to clean, and provides hot holding up to 500°F. TableCraft offers a variety of sizes and shapes of cast iron servers to suit your style and menu.

Tuxton’s Duratux Welsh Rarebit complements an endless variety of dishes with an elegant, versatile eggshell background. Oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe, it’s perfect for finishing au gratin style dishes and is available in 8, 12, and 17 ounce sizes. Lead-free and fully vitrified, these durable dishes come with a lifetime edge chip limited warranty.

Whether you’re looking for more ideas for serving comfort foods or need a solution to a specific operational challenge, we can help. Contact us!