Quick Change Cantilever Shelving is an excellent solution for spaces that need a versatile shelving unit that easily changes to meet multiple demands. Shelves lift and lock into clips secured to the uprights every twelve inches — no tools required! Freestanding units are available in 21-inch and 27-inch depths. The extended leg includes an adjustable front foot for easy leveling. Common uprights allow users to build continuous shelves that are only limited by available space.  

Cantilever Shelving maximizes shelf space by omitting the front vertical supports which creates a continuous unobstructed shelf for an unlimited length. This allows items like pipe, lumber, all thread, and other long, awkward items to be stored properly. With the optional wall/ceiling mounted cantilever shelving, the footprint can be reduced to zero, allowing all available floor space to be free.

Quick Change Cantilever Shelving systems have nearly infinite configurability. Multiple shelf type options offer various weight capacities. Heavy Duty (HD) Bar style shelving is excellent for storing and organizing larger, heavier items. T-Bar shelving provides a smooth, flat surface that is easy to clean and allows boxes to slide for easy loading and unloading. Ideal for smaller, lighter items, solid shelves feature a smooth surface that is easy to clean and allows boxes to slide effortlessly. The system is easy to assemble, and the shelves can be fitted at any height so they can easily be reconfigured by the user. 

 Our Cantilever Shelving requires a left and a right upright. Uprights include clips, spaced every twelve inches, that allow cantilever shelves to lift and lock into place. Freestanding uprights measure 72 inches in height and include an adjustable front foot for easy leveling. Uprights are available in both 21” and 27” depths. Common uprights are used to build shelving runs longer than five feet and to connect sections with different shelf lengths. All freestanding cantilever units require a pair of horizontal braces for each section of the shelving unit. Braces and shelves must have identical lengths in individual sections. 

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