Introducing the Most Efficient Food Storage System Ever

If you’ve resolved this year to get your walk-in more organized, to breeze through health inspector visits, to reduce food costs, to minimize labor costs while keeping your team happy, or all of the above, we have big news that can help you make it happen.

Cambro has introduced CamSquares® FreshPro, a new and improved food storage system that takes freshness, food safety, efficiency, and overall ease of use to a whole new level. Here’s how FreshPro can give you more shelf life in less space.

Freshness and Food Safety

Next to refrigeration, nothing protects stored food better than a tight-sealing cover. 

CamSquares FreshPro Easy Seal Covers are designed to seal tightly to keep food fresh while still being easy to remove. 

Food stays fresher, longer, and the chance of spills is significantly reduced.

Drain shelves for Camwear® Pans have proven so effective at prolonging shelf life that Cambro has created a set specifically for CamSquares FreshPro containers. 

These drain shelves, the first-ever designed specifically for food storage containers, can extend the shelf life of ingredients by two days when used with an Easy Seal Cover.

Efficient Use of Storage Space

Square food storage containers have become the standard in so many kitchens because they make the most of nearly every cubic inch of storage space. 

CamSquares FreshPro have taken space savings one step further with recessed handles that provide a whopping 25% more storage capacity. Where only three 12 qt. to 22 qt. traditional square food storage containers can fit on a shelf, four new CamSquares FreshPro can fit comfortably.

FreshPro is made with the same durable Camwear material used in Classic CamSquares, so you can trust in their reliability and clarity.

Ergonomic and Easy to Work With

CamSquares FreshPro containers are designed with curved, lightly textured corners for more secure handling and safer 4-sided pouring. 

Recessed handles on every size—2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 18, and 22 quart sizes—add to the ease of handling. Easy Seal Covers are easy on and easy off, even with just one free hand.

Since no one has time to go on a scavenger hunt looking for the right lid, CamSquares FreshPro eliminate the time-wasting searching and guesswork. 

Each CamSquare FreshPro container is designed with colored graduations that match their corresponding Easy Seal Cover and Drain Shelf. 

Chefs are able to quickly identify what they need and get back to cooking—just that easy!

CamSquare FreshPro containers can be personalized with recipes, ingredient names, allergen warnings, and more.

Hygienic Drying

Easy Seal Covers and Drain Shelves feature built-in peg holes to promote sanitary, organized drying on a pegboard

Handles have drain holes to prevent pooling and speed drying. 

Simply cross-stack containers for hygienic drying.

To learn more about Cambro CamSquare FreshPro containers and see how they can help you improve efficiency in your operation, contact us.