Dollies of many shapes and sizes are used across different industries for storage and transport of goods. They are often designed for specific totes, pans, trays, boxes or other items. Get the most out of these dollies by adding simple yet effective accessories to them. Below, we listed some of our favorite ways to accessorize dollies. Don’t compromise, customize! 

Tow Loop with Drag Hook Tow loops, which are a section of wire, aluminum or other materials formed in the shape of a loop, can be welded to the outside, front frame of dollies. This add-on feature is typically paired with a drag hook to pull empty dollies around without bending over or pushing them using feet or hands. Certain environments where dollies are used may have slippery floors, so manually pushing them can be dangerous.

Removable Handle Allow users to push a full dolly around more easily using a removable handle. A handle is not only more ergonomic to use than a drag hook when moving more weight in a full dolly, but it’s also a lot simpler. Removing the handle makes it possible to nest the dollies on top of one another for storage.

Stack Limit Bar Often, when dollies are used for storage, users stack them up well above capacity. Eventually this causes the tray/pans to lean and puts extra pressure on the framework and casters of the units. Overloaded dollies is also a safety issue and spill hazard that can cause damage to items being stored or transported. A stack limit bar can be placed at the top of dollies to keep employees from over stacking them. This ensures that only the recommended number of trays/pans can be placed on the dollies.

Caster Locks When engaged, caster locks (often referred to as brakes), prevent caster wheels from rolling. This keeps dollies stationary for loading or unloading product to prevent rolling which can cause messes, injuries and other issues. Caster locks are also useful when using dollies to store items for long periods of time. New Age Industrial is a leading aluminum extruder and fabricator of foodservice equipment in the United States. We design and manufacture lightweight, aluminum products to meet your exact needs. We work with various industries including foodservice, supermarket, and material handling. For more information, feel free to visit our website or contact us today, and our team will help find you the perfect product that fits your needs!