Tools for Quicker Cross-training

Have you ever noticed how some trends are flash-in-the-pan trendy while others take long-term hold? 

Turnover and absenteeism have long been a challenge in foodservice, but the off-the-charts levels of the last couple of years have made cross-training a necessity and probable long-term trend.

Tools that cut training time help employees work independently and contribute more quickly, so they’re worth their weight in gold. 

Some of the best ways to minimize cross-training time involve improving organization, providing additional layers of employee safety, and simplifying processes with automation, technology, and other time-saving tools.


We’ve all been there. The very first step to taking on new responsibilities in any job is knowing where to find the tools you need.

The Camshelving Pegboard Storage System by Cambro is the first NSF-listed plastic pegboard for commercial kitchens, a space-saving system that keeps frequently used items visible and within reach. 

With a textured, matte black finish, this ¼” thick plastic pegboard is durable, stable, and resistant to dents, rust, and corrosion—virtually kitchen-proof!


Did you know that it’s possible to print a “recipe” on the side of the prep vessel? You can with Cambro! This photo shows examples of personalization that Cambro has added to various measuring cups and containers to customize them to specific customer recipes and processes. 

Employees simply fill the container to designated fill lines according to the written or illustrated instructions to achieve a pre-set ratio of ingredients and a consistent end-product. Contact us for more information.

Mercer Rules by Mercer Culinary is a handy, stainless steel “cheat sheet” that helps new kitchen staff correctly size knife cuts, convert measurements, and cook and store foods at proper temperatures for safe serving. This durable tool has hanging holes and is also available in Spanish and mini versions.

Safety is always a top priority, but employees learning knife skills are especially vulnerable to injury. Cut gloves are a highly effective line of defense against cuts during prep. 

Mercer Culinary Cut Resistant Gloves provide excellent cut and abrasion resistance while maintaining superior dexterity and comfort. Washable and bleach-safe, all styles are made from materials that are FDA approved for safe direct food contact.

Millennia Fitand Millennia ColorsCut GlovesofferANSI Level A4 cut protection in lightweight, form fitting, cut-resistant gloves.

Made to fit either the left or right-hand, each style is offered in 5 color-coded sizes for a great fit and optimal performance.

Board Buddyz by Mercer Culinary provide an additional layer of prep safety by keeping cutting boards securely in place during cutting. 

These helpful tools are made of dishwasher safe, non-skid silicone and come in three color-coded sizes.

Kitchen Automation and Technology

A food processor is an excellent way to support high production with minimal training and consistent cuts. 

Sammic CA-31 / CA-3V Vegetable Preparation Machine models make quick, comfortable work of cutting and chopping, completing each cutting operation in a single movement. 

Sammic developed their new Force Control System specifically to train operators of ANY skill level. This one-of-a-kind system optimizes cutting results and consistency by measuring and numerically displaying the force the operator is applying to the lever. If the force is too strong, an audible warning tone sounds, so the operator knows to reduce the pressure they are applying to the lever as they load food into the hopper. 

Kitchen equipment with simple, standardized touchscreen controls can reduce training time and get employees working on their own more quickly. 

This will also result in the quality and product consistency your customers expect.

Welbilt brands such as Merrychef high speed ovens and Convotherm combi ovens have an easyTouch® icon-driven touchscreen and pre-programmed recipes, so employees of varying experience levels can create consistent results at the push of a button.

To talk more about ways to simplify training, streamline operations, and step up safety in your unique operation, contact us.