Unless you’ve been shipwrecked on a deserted island in the last several years, you know the cost of commercial kitchen equipment is through the roof. Mixers, slicers, griddles, char-broilers, ovens, and steamers, to name a few, are at all time high prices. To make matters worse, the traditional stainless-steel stands this equipment sits on are at record high prices as well. Fortunately, we know a secret that not only saves you money on equipment stands, but also provides a variety of features that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Keep reading to learn the secret to taking a stand against high-priced stainless-steel equipment stands.The Secret Revealed Heavy-Duty Aluminum! Yup…that’s the secret. Admittedly, the secret might not sound  very exciting; however, what IS exciting, is the money you will save. Purchasing an aluminum equipment stand that is feature rich, pound for pound as strong as stainless steel, and has the ability to be customized at a price that is much easier on the pocketbook will have you jumping up and down in no time. Next, let’s introduce you to some heavy-duty aluminum equipment stands that will help you “Take a Stand” against expensive stainless-steel stands that some manufacturer’s sell as accessories or are sold by stainless fabricators.Mixer StandsAluminum Mixer Stands are a great place to start.  Not only are they made from heavy-duty, yet lightweight, all-welded aluminum, but 5” plate casters are bolted to thick metal plates welded to the stand’s frame. Stainless Steel stands that use stem casters don’t hold a candle to the durability provided by welded plate casters. The food contact surfaces on mixer stands are removable, stainless steel tops and the undershelves will keep you in check with food safety requirements. To sweeten the pot, aluminum mixer stands are available with removable mixer accessory poles and optional mounted cord wraps. If that doesn’t do the trick, have a custom stand built that does!

Slicer Stands For a fraction of the cost, heavy-duty aluminum slicer stands give stainless steel competitors a run for their money. Not only are aluminum slicer stands available with tough as nails, bolted on plate casters, but they are also available with features and options that make even the most experienced operators wonder how they ever went without one all those years. Choose from features like a pull-out work shelf with a stainless steel top or a pan rack base that holds 18” x 26” sheet pans. How about a slicer/mixer stand with outrigger channels on each side to attach various sizes of sheet pans to the stand? This will hold unprocessed product on one side while catching sliced product on the other – Brilliant!  Equipment Stands Who says equipment stands must be made from expensive stainless steel?  Well, the company trying to sell you one might be a great place to start. Heavy-Duty Aluminum Equipment Stands give you all you need to “Take a Stand” against high-priced stainless steel stands. Whether you need a stand to hold a char-broiler or griddle, or even one to support an oven or steamer, heavy-duty aluminum that is guaranteed to never rust or corrode is the cost-effective way to go. Aluminum Equipment Stands are available with a choice of removable stainless steel or aluminum tops. They can support over 1,000lbs, are easy to clean, and are available with or without casters. You can even attach an optional sandwich rail to them if you would like. Best of all, if you don’t see what you like, have a custom stand built to your exact specifications!  

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