How to Offer Students Second Chance Breakfast

Most would agree that breakfast is still the most important meal of the day, especially for young, growing bodies. Even though breakfast helps students feel focused and energized, sometimes it gets missed.

Running late, not being hungry or able to stomach food early in the day, preferring to socialize before school, or wanting to avoid the stigma of “free” breakfast before school are just a few of the many reasons students miss breakfast. By mid-morning, many start to feel the effects of the skipped meal with fatigue, brain fog, a growling stomach, and even headaches setting in.

This is where second chance breakfast comes in to literally save the day.

What is second chance breakfast?

Second chance breakfast is exactly as the name implies, a second chance for students to eat a healthy breakfast before the morning slips away.

When should second chance breakfast be offered?

Between 1st and 2nd period or at least two hours between second chance breakfast and lunch are optimal and popular times to serve second chance breakfast.

How long should a second chance breakfast offering last?

Approximately 15 minutes of service is ideal.

Where should second chance breakfast be offered?

Second chance breakfast can be offered in the cafeteria or between classrooms to make it even more convenient for students.

What kind of equipment works best for second chance breakfast?

Mobile serving equipment is ideal for quickly getting food close to students around campus.

The Mobile Flex Station by Cambro is a flexible platform perfect for staging, transporting, and serving grab ‘n go snacks and breakfast items. The Flex Station makes it possible for one person to transport a sizeable quantity of pre-packaged breakfast items from kitchen to students for a convenient grab’n go breakfast during their passing period.

The unit can be set up with four or five tiers of shelf plates and/or divider bars to safely suspend boxes or pans of food. Cambro offers five different pre-packaged configurations to maximize capacity and meet changing needs.

This flexible merchandiser is built on a durable, easy to clean, mobile Camshelving Premium Series frame that comes with a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. 

These versatile units can be used for multiple dayparts or repurposed for use as mobile shelving or vertical storage organizers for kitchen or classrooms.

The Cambro CVC75 Vending Cart attractively serves second chance breakfast along with other meals, snacks, and beverages. With appealing color and design options, clear barrier safety features on the front and sides, well covers, compartment shelves, and end tables, this cart provides great operational flexibility and safety.

It also holds a lot of food. A large, insulated and open serving well fits 5 full-sized, 6″ deep hotel pans of hot or cold foods. 

Three storage compartments on the service side hold top-loading or front-loading insulated Cambro GoBoxes or Ultra Pan Carriers for speedy replenishment of foods held at proper temperature.

Pans filled with cold menu items can sit directly on Buffet Camchillers (CPB1220) in the serving well to support safe cold serving temperatures. The cart well is also equipped with an efficient drainage system for use with ice.

Made of rugged, roto-molded polyethylene, this cart is built to last through years of heavy use, whether used indoors in a hall, lobby, or cafeteria or outdoors in a courtyard or sporting complex. It’s quick and easy to keep it clean and hygienic.

We can help you serve more students more quickly to increase participation, generate revenue, and most importantly, support student nutrition and learning.

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