Pizza Pan Racks are most often used at pizzerias, buffets, pubs, bakeries, and catering facilities and come in a variety of types. These multi-use racks can hold, store, and transport empty pans, ready-to-bake pizzas, pre-rolled dough, proofing dough, and fresh-from-the-oven pies that are ready to be sliced and served. Pizza Pan Racks save counter and floor space by maximizing unused vertical space. These mobile racks easily transition from one task to another. Below are the three most common types of Pizza Pan Racks.

Each Adjustable Pizza Pan Rack easily adjusts by 1-inch increments to accommodate multiple pans, varying in size. They can be designed and built in various dimensions such as single, double, and triple wide.

Universal Pizza Pan Racks are speci­fically designed to store pizza pans during various stages of pizza preparation. They accept a variety of pan size combinations with single wide, single deep or double wide, double deep models available. They can ship knocked down for freight savings.

Tabletop Pizza Pan Racks hold 8 pizza pans of various sizes. These racks sit directly on tables, prep stations and countertops or can be securely fastened to the wall if desired. Their unique guide design provides more support than standard, angle type units.

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