Bring Out the Best in Craft Beer with the Right Glass

Football. Oktoberfest. Seasonal craft brews. Beer season is open! Are you ready to make the most of it?

We’ve talked about how the shape of a glass can affect the flavor and enjoyment of wine, (click here to read the article), but did you know that the same is true for beer and hard cider? It is! And Luigi Bormioli proves it with the Birrateque Collection.

It’s ok to have a special place in your heart for traditional pint glasses and red plastic beer cups. But when it’s time for craft beer to shine and command a premium price tag, Birrateque is up to the task. Here’s how it works its magic.

Starting with the glass itself, the Birrateque collection is made of lead-free, high-tech Crystal Glass SON.hyx®. The transparency and sparkle of this innovative glass show off the real color and clarity of the beer and its foam. For help keeping beer ice cold, click here to get tips on storing and dispensing ice cold draft beer.

An anatomy of the Birrateque IPA Glass reveals how each design element of the Birrateque glass works together to improve the overall beer-drinking experience.

  1. The diameter of the rim was designed specifically to reduce the speed the beer is delivered into the mouth giving taste buds enough time to recognize the taste elements as intended by the brewer.
  2. A laser-cut fine rim (only 1.2 mm thick) guarantees a pleasant mouthfeel.
  3. A straight chimney balances the aromas.
  4. The aromatic chamber provides optimal headspace.
  5. Foam (head) of the beer acts as an “aromatic conveyer” to avoid oxidation and maintain intended level of bitterness.
  6. The bowl is curved specifically for each style of beer to capture the right aromas.
  7. The narrow stem is easy and comfortable to hold, and it reduces heat transfer from hand to beer.
  8. A laser etched circle, the Foam Control System, helps maintain a fine and steady stream of bubbles replenishing the head and releasing the aromas at the same time.
  9. The base is thick and stable.

Each glass in the collection is tailored to the perfect shape and dimensions to optimize aromas and flavors of specific beer styles. With eight styles in the Birrateque Collection, you’re sure to find the ideal glass for each of your customers’ favorite brews.

Birrateque glasses are machine-blown, so they have the features typical of mouth-blown glassware, but they are more durable. They’re also made to consistent specifications, so you won’t get any unpleasant surprises when it’s time to put them in new wash racks. 

When you choose your glassware, we can help you find the perfect Cambro Camracks for efficient washing and sanitary storage.

With all this talk about beer, we’re feeling inspired to go grab a cold one…but if you need help getting set up with the best gear to boost craft beer sales, we’re here for you any time. Contact us.